463 Suddenly Forgot His Words

Li Yueling sipped on the fruit juice her assistant had delivered and she said beyond delight, "Pfft, this was even more entertaining that I'd imagined! Since she knew she would fail, why did she still try her luck? Did she really think a miracle would appear?"

As Li Yueling finished, she picked up her phone and casually made a call, "Hello, Xueluo!"

"Yueling, is your audition over? How did it go?" a gentle voice asked from the other end of the line.

"Mmm, it just ended! Obviously, I did not disappoint you!" There were some tough rivals within the previous 13 candidates but none of the others after her were a competition to her, so she was completely confident to win the spot.

"I knew you definitely won't have a problem!"

"Haha, I want to thank you for letting me have this chance too, or else, this endorsement would definitely be yours!"

"Look at you, we're sisters. What are you saying all this for?! Besides, you've helped me a lot, especially in the big deal with my father's company the last time, it was all thanks to you for introducing your mother!"

"Just a small matter! Oh, right, you know who I saw earlier?"


"Your family's village foster child, Ning Xi!"

"How did she end up there for the audition?"

"Who knows what shit luck she had that she actually got through the preliminaries? But it's a good thing that she had luck because there is a good show going on right now, you know? Our advertisement's theme is 'noble', yet she came over looking as shabby as a beggar!"

"What? Is she crazy!?"

"I think she must be! You don't have to be afraid of someone like her, she can just ruin herself! Okay, I will get off the phone now. Wait for my triumphant return!"


At the same time, inside the audition hall.

As she faced Cook's face of disbelief and ridicule, Ning Xi stood there quietly without any change in her expression, clarity shining in her eyes.

Instead of her turning her head away in shame, it was Cook, who when faced with those pair of clear eyes, he suddenly had a kind of guilty illusion...

Actually, the girl's dressing today was nothing that had gone too overboard. It was only when compared to those luxuriously accessorized artistes outside that she seemed to be nonchalant and casual.

The dress she wore seemed very dirty and old but it was actually very clean and neat. Her porcelain makeup-free face made him think of a Chinese prose: "The clear water revealed a lotus, engraved by nature".

However, facing a candidate that had not prepared wholeheartedly at all, Cook still felt insulted and insisted on immediately rejecting her.

"You! I'm talking to you, don't you understand Chinese? You've been eliminated, please leave immediately and don't affect everyone else after you!" He did not even bother to look at her name!

Ignoring Cook's roaring scoldings, Ning Xi walked over to the Guqin that Li Yueling had played earlier. She casually plucked several of the strings.

Cook was even angrier when he saw her actions and he growled, "Please don't simply touch..."

Before he could finish, the sound of smooth and skilled playing of the Guqin started to enrapture him...

"This...this is... you actually know Guang Lin San!" Cook looked slightly shocked. This was one of the Guqin tunes that was famous for being notoriously difficult. Earlier, Li Yueling had only chosen the song 'Wu Leaves Dancing In The Autumn Wind' which was elementary compared to this.

Ning Xi did not say anything. Instead, she slowly sat down in front of the Guqin and continued to play.

Cook was increasingly drawn in by the music and suddenly forgot what he wanted to yell out earlier...
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