633 Lu Tingxiao, I Like You!

Ning Xi nodded honestly. "Yeah!"

But then, she remembered something. "Oh, there'll be quite a lot of people and it's pretty childish. Boss, if you don’t like it, then…"

"I like it." Lu Tingxiao put down his documents instantly, standing up to take his coat from the hanger.

Ning Xi’s eyes shone. She had been afraid that Lu Tingxiao might not go and did not expect him to agree so easily.

Little Treasure was a little closer to Lu Tingxiao now, so he was quite pleased to know that his father was going together. His eyes were gleaming with excitement.

This was the first time he was going out with both Aunty Xiao Xi and father together!

Looking at the happy family, a dead fish lay on the sofa in despair. "Leaving me all alone again!"

Ning Xi patted Lu Jingli's head. "Be good and stay at home, I’ll bring you back some candy!"

"Hmph! Do you think I’m some kid? I don’t want candy!" Lu Jingli looked upset. "I want cotton candy! The rainbow-colored one!"

Ning Xi was speechless.


The three of them reached the theme park by car.

Because there would be a grand firework display happening at night, there were a lot of people today, mostly families and couples.

"I’ll hold Little Treasure!" Lu Tingxiao said.

Ning Xi was worried that Little Treasure might get squished in her arms, so she handed him over, "Okay."

Lu Tingxiao held Little Treasure in one hand and guided Ning Xi’s shoulder with another as they walked towards one of the attractions together.

Lu Tingxiao liked to the quiet. He hated this kind of environment with crowds, but he was not showing his discomfort at all. He accompanied Ning Xi and Little Treasure patiently the whole day, even cooperating and taking a lot of selfies with them. To Ning Xi's delight, he set one of it as his phone wallpaper.

As the night fell, Lu Tingxiao had Little Treasure’s bag on his back with a few zodiac masks hanging on his neck. In one hand were a few packets of snacks, while the other was holding the cotton candy Lu Jingli asked for. He followed them around without any complaints at all…

"Quick! Lu Tingxiao let’s go there! The firework display is going to start soon!" Ning Xi held Little Treasure’s hand and ran in front, but she came back after a while and clung onto Lu Tingxiao’s arm.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her in surprise. It was as if they were really a family...

Finally, the firework show started.

A bright light rose up from the horizon and exploded in the air, with a boom and the sky was beautifully lit up.

Numerous fireworks started popping. During the firework show, Ning Xi turned her head towards the man standing beside her, looking at his side profile which was illuminated by the fireworks.

Lu Tingxiao noticed her gaze and turned to her.

Ning Xi opened her mouth and said something but the sound of the fireworks was too loud for him to hear anything, so he gave her a confused look.

Under the sky full of fireworks, she closed in and said it again. She repeated her words, although she knew he would not be able to hear it: "Lu Tingxiao, I like you!"
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