65 An Unreal Meeting

"How long will you be staying?" Lu Tingxiao’s tone was like that of both an elder and a boss.

Jiang Muye sat straight, and answered like a good student. "If all goes well, I’ll stay back in the country this time. Even though a lot of people in the industry are pushing overseas this year, our local film industry has been growing quickly these past few years; plus, the market is extremely big. Going abroad to learn is necessary, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I think I still need to come back to my roots and principles here in the country."

"Mm." Unexpectedly, Lu Tingxiao nodded at his words in agreement.

Jiang Muye relaxed a bit, then asked concernedly, "How’s Little Treasure?"

Lu Tingxiao: "Not bad."

"Ah, right, I brought him toys and some small gifts for you. I was going to visit you tomorrow, I didn’t expect you would come see me first…" Jiang Muye went to grab the gifts from the suitcase.

Lu Tingxiao: "Thanks."

And then… then it was followed by silence.

Hence, in that moment, the sound of running water in the bathroom could be clearly heard…

Feeling a bit awkward, Jiang Muye scratched his head.

Lu Tingxiao seemed to understand the situation, and stood up with a few more words. "I’m leaving, if you have time, go home and see your mother."

"Sure, sure, I’ll walk you out."

Feeling like he had been given a reprieve, Jiang Muye was about to walk Lu Tingxiao out, when suddenly there was a furious voice behind them —

"Jiang Muye — what kind of shitty clothes are these?! How can I wear something with such a big hole in the back?!"

Lu Tingxiao, who had been about to leave, froze like he had been pierced by acupuncture needles when he heard the voice. A second later, he slowly turned around, and shot a sharp and icy look in the direction of the voice.…

The girl was bare-foot, her hair damp and her cheeks flushed from the hot shower. She stood outside the bathroom door, exasperated; there was a big hole near the waist on the right side of the large men’s T-shirt she was wearing, which exposed her white, smooth skin…

Not paying attention to Lu Tingxiao’s expression, Jiang Muye just felt like dying. The man had been about to leave, why couldn’t that damn girl have waited a little bit longer to come out? 

"I forgot to throw it away after I tore it when I fell from my bicycle. There were so many to choose from, why did you pick the one that was ripped?!" Jiang Muye felt like he was at his wits’ end with Ning Xi. He then turned in embarrassment to face Lu Tingxiao and make introductions. "Cough… this is my friend, Ning Xi…"

After saying that, Jiang Muye suddenly noticed the weird look on Ning Xi’s face.

She stood still as a statue as she stared at Lu Tingxiao...

This damn girl, even if Lu Tingxiao was pretty good-looking, she didn’t have to stare at him like that…

Jiang Muye was very unhappy seeing Ning Xi act like this, and he said stiffly, "Ning Xi, this is my uncle, CEO of Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao. Why are you standing there like a rock? Say hi!"

In that moment, her hair dripping water and her hand clutching the sides of the hole in the T-shirt together, Ning Xi finally found her voice. With a mystified expression, she dropped the syllables blankly. "Un…cle…?"

While Ning Xi said the word like a question, to Lu Tingxiao, it sounded like an affirmative tone, as if she was calling him uncle., Instantly, Lu Tingxiao’s face looked like that of a big demon king who had just doused all 18 levels of hell in blood. His whole body emitted a cold and frightening air, scaring the two of them so much they shivered…

Who knew how long that strange atmosphere lasted for, before Lu Tingxiao’s icy gaze landed on Ning Xi. "The person you said you were going to pick up, it was Muye?"

Standing next to him, Jiang Muye was shocked at his words. " Ning Xi, you know my uncle?"
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