649 No Ordinary Businessman

"My wife is in their hands."

When he heard Lu Tingxiao's words, the minister exclaimed, "What?! The audacity of these people!"

Lu Tingxiao was one of America's most important investors and he had a close relationship with the American government. Now that his wife was actually kidnapped within the borders of America, if anything happened, the consequences would be...

However, the situation in Philadelphia was complicated. A single tiny move would cause a great ripple. It was only half a year away to the next elections and he had only wanted to focus on being a politician for the next six months without wanting to take credit for anything else. Who'd have expected something like this to happen?

Lu Tingxiao naturally understood his concerns and assured, "Don't worry, Minister, I will do my best to resolve the issue in a peaceful way."

Try his, would that exclude the possibility of using violence to resolve the issue?

The minister broke out in cold sweat.

However, this person still had to be saved!

At the American border.

The night was lit up brightly and a loud rumbling sound was heard.

A helicopter slowly descended from the sky.

The door opened and Lu Tingxiao walked out, clad in his tuxedo. Cheng Feng followed behind him. Because the news was too sudden, he had got onto the helicopter as soon as he received the call, not bringing anyone else with him.

In the rural area, the white-haired elder had waited for a long while.

When he saw Lu Tingxiao appear, the elder smiled and walked up to shake his hand. "Mr. Lu, who would have known that something like this would happen? Please do accept my apologies."

Lu Tingxiao courteously replied, "Minister Naka, my apologies for disturbing you so late at night."

Usually, he would not trouble the minister because getting too involved with the government was not necessarily a good thing.

But now, he was not sure whether Ning Xi was dead or alive. For such an emergency, he did not care much about politics at the moment.

Minister Naka sighed, "Recently, Philadelphia has been taken over by a group of Italian gangsters. Even though my department has intentions to take them down, the current situation in America is very tense and I have not found the time to deal with it yet. We would never have expected Mr. Lu's wife to suddenly appear in Philadelphia or that something like this would happen..."

Lu Tingxiao was a huge figure in the Chinese business and he had a powerful influence in the economy. At the same time, he was also America's important investor in several aspects. He had a close relationship with the government and they really valued Lu Tingxiao too.

Rumour had it that Lu Tingxiao also had huge investments in several other countries. His capabilities were extraordinary; he was no ordinary businessman.

Or else, he would not be this anxious in the middle of the night to have a minister personally received him.

If anything happened to Lu Tingxiao's beloved wife in Philadelphia, his reputation as a minister would be at stake because if this issue caused Lu Tingxiao to hate America and stop his investments, it might even cause other disputes to follow...this was a very difficult issue to handle.

Cheng Feng silently followed Lu Tingxiao. All the while, his hand had not stopped working on his phone as he continued to track Ning Xi down.

Even though America was relatively poorer compared to other second world countries, they had a decently-sized military. The power of their military forces came to light especially recently when a war was incited between America and another small country. It was then that many potential investors saw America's true capabilities.

However, even though America's military force was not considered small, the economic aspect of it was a headache. After all, especially following a war, they would need even more money to support the troops. America's economic infrastructure was severely lacking, so they valued big tycoon investors such as Lu Tingxiao.
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