719 Cruel Big Bad Wolf

Damn it! How did he find out about her wound? She had only used one leg to kick! Could he have X-ray vision?

What a big mistake!

She should have seeked medical attention for her wound when she came back. Now, she had such an obvious telltale on her…

"! Why is the wound bleeding? I didn’t realize at all! I’ve been really careful today! I only used one leg to attack that guy. Could it have happened when I slipped on the snow?" Ning Xi decided to fake her innocence.

However, when she saw Lu Tingxiao’s scepticism, it was apparent that he knew everything already…

She gave up struggling and said in a small voice, "It’s my fault."

Lu Tingxiao looked at her blood-soaked bandage and frowned. "Where’s your first aid kit?"

Ning Xi mumbled, "In the cupboard."

Lu Tingxiao went to get the kit.

He carefully removed her bandage and as expected, her wound had opened up.

Although she had only used a leg when she fought, it did not mean that her other leg was not using any strength. On the contrary, the more force the attacking leg used, the supporting leg would contract even more. Under the circumstances, it was no surprise that her wound opened up.

Lu Tingxiao thought she was alright as she was acting cheerful in front of everyone and the circumstances prohibited him from checking under her skirt, so he could only wait.

When he checked, the wound had really opened up!

Ning Xi was putting her hands on her skirt to avoid an upskirt accident. She wore white knee-length socks with pretty lace around it. With her fair skin and the red blood, she emitted a strange, perverse kind of seduction…

"Ah…" The moment the ointment waa applied on her wound, Ning Xi felt it sting but she did not say anything. She was too afraid to speak!

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything, but his gesture became gentler. His fingers would sometimes brush against her skin and his back straightened rigidly.

After he applied the ointment, Lu Tingxiao let out a sigh of relief as he took some new bandages adn commanded, "Lift your leg up."

"Oh." Ning Xi cooperated obediently and lifted her leg.

Lu Tingxiao carefully wrapped her wound up, looking as cold as ice during the whole process.

Ning Xi was a little anxious and she said quietly, "Boss, what are you thinking? Talk to me…"

Lu Tingxiao glanced at her as he was putting the first aid kit away. "I was thinking about breaking your other leg as well. Maybe you’d heal faster that way."

She would finally stop since she would not be able to move. With one leg, she could still hop everywhere!

Ning Xi was so shocked that tears welled up in her eyes. "I think your idea is're too cruel…"

As expected from the devil…

After he was done with her wound, Little Treasure came over and Ning Xi lifted him up. "Little Bun! Your father scolded me!"

Little Treasure looked at Lu Tingxiao with a serious expression.

"She hurt herself when she fought today."

Little Treasure turned to Ning Xi with a serious look on his face.

"’s my fault…"

Little Treasure looked down, feeling like he was also at fault. He realized that...there would be times he should not listen to Mother…

Lu Tingxiao looked at his son, guessing that Little Treasure was reflecting on himself.

It was remarkable.
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