720 Will She Get Eaten Up Once She Healed?

It was snowing -- the best kind of day to have steamboat.

Sadly, she was wounded and spicy food was on the no-no list, so they decided on making a clear soup base. From washing the vegetables to preparing the soup, Lu Tingxiao handled everything while Ning Xi just sat there quietly.

Lu Tingxiao noticed her obedient behaviour. "I will not do it again" was written all over her face, but he was not going to be easily fooled again.

She always sounded genuine when she apologized but...every single time, she would just repeat it again!

"Right, Little Treasure, do you want Mother to find a master to teach you how to figh...I mean kung fu?" Ning Xi asked for Little Treasure’s opinion while they were eating.

Little Treasure tilted his head to the side. Kung fu?

"That’s right! If someone bullies you, you can protect yourself! And you can protect me too!" Ning Xi explained.

Little Treasure nodded.

"Great!" Ning Xi patted Little Treasure’s head. "But it’ll be tough and tiring. Promise me you’ll not give up halfway!"

Little Treasure nodded again with a determined face. He was not afraid of tough training!

After getting Little Treasure’s permission, Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao. "So, I’ll talk to Tang Lang when I’m free, alright?"


It was decided.

Little Treasure grew bigger during the time he was with her. Otherwise, she would not let him learn kung fu. For Little Treasure’s sake, she had to do this.

However reluctant she was, Ning Xi had to let Lu Tingxiao bring Little Treasure home after dinner. She was getting busier lately and she had to go to work early in the morning, so it would be inconvenient for Little Treasure to stay with her. Fortunately, it was easy for her to see Little Treasure nowadays.

Ning Xi sighed in relief when the both of them entered the car. Finally, the big bad wolf was leaving and she managed to avoid a calamity.

As she was about to celebrate, the driver’s door suddenly opened again and Lu Tingxiao walked towards her.

"Uh, Boss, did you forget something?"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded, he swiftly grabbed her by her hips and kissed her.

"Mmm...stop…" She felt pleasure and pain on her lips at the same time. Reacting, she covered her mouth and pulled away. "Why did you bite me?"

Lu Tingxiao pointed his fingertips at her lower lip. "This is your punishment."

Ning Xi was speechless.

The calamity eventually happened anyway…

Ning Xi squinted her eyes as she pulled Lu Tingxiao closer by his neck and kissed him, surprising him immensely. She murmured, "If this is the punishment, are you trying to make me do it again?"

Lu Tingxiao felt heat enveloping his body and he grabbed Ning Xi even harder, growling, "Don’t tempt me."

Ning Xi backed away, acting innocently as if she had not done anything to tempt him. "I’m just kidding! I won't do it again. Go now! Little Treasure is waiting!"

"Ning Xi, get well soon," Lu Tingxiao told her before leaving.

Ning Xi watched the black car leave and thought about the devil’s words, she felt like something...something was wrong.

As if she would get eaten up once she healed...
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