763 Along Came A Bear

Chapter 763: Along Came A Bear

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At the old residence.

"Hmm, the both of you, if I didn't call to rush you guys, you would forget to come home, wouldn't you?"

In the living room, Lu Chongshan had been annoyed when he saw his sons, but when his gaze fell onto the little baby holding onto Lu Tingxiao's hand, his expression instantly turned gentle. "Little Treasure, you're here!"

Yan Ruyi did not pay any attention to her sons at all. She immediately ran to Little Treasure.

"Little Treasure, we haven't seen you for so long! Do you miss Grandmother?"

"What about Grandfather? Do you miss Grandfather?" Lu Chongshan immediately asked too.

Ever since Little Treasure had a high fever the last time, they promised to leave Little Treasure in Lu Tingxiao's hands without intervening. They had not seen the little baby since and they had long missed him terribly.

Little Treasure looked at his grandfather, then at his grandmother and started to write on his writing board: [Miss, miss]

Two "miss", one for Grandmother, one for Grandfather. The little bun was being very fair.

When the two oldies saw Little Treasure's writing, their hearts were instantly soothed; it was even more effective than any miraculous medicine.

At the dinner table, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were eagerly picking dishes for Little Treasure and shortly, his bowl was piled up with a mountain of food.

Lu Tingxiao had been asked a few questions about Little Treasure's daily life, while Lu Jingli had become entirely invisible.

"Mother, I'm saying...why did you ask me to come home? You've never even looked at me once since I came home!" Lu Jingli complained,

Yan Ruyi was watching Little Treasure eat obediently, not even looking up to say, "Why would I look at you? What's so nice to look at!?"

Lu Jingli was speechless. Was this really his mother?! Did she just dare say that he was merely a complementary character?

A son without a really like duckweed...

After they finished eating, Lu Jingli finally had the chance to steal some limelight.

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan let Lu Jingli bring Little Treasure to play in the garden, leaving Lu Tingxiao to stay back with the oldies.

The two elders did not look happy at all. They were obviously prepared to instigate him.

Yan Ruyi said disappointedly, "Tingxiao, if Xinyan had not called to tell us yesterday, how long were you going to keep it a secret from us?"

"I already said then that we should not have been so kind to let them take Little Treasure. Isn't this great now?" Lu Chongshan looked at Yan Ruyi lamentably.

That woman must have used this period of time to get close to his son through Little Treasure. It was the only way the two of them could have progressed so quickly...

"Can you blame me? Little Treasure was already like that at that point!"


Just as the two of them were arguing, they suddenly saw Little Treasure running over. Along with him, he had a huge, furry teddy bear with him.

Lu Jingli popped his head from behind the bear and said, "Oh my God, this is so heavy! I'm so tired!"

"This is..." Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi looked at each other, confused.

"Little Treasure joined the parent-child event in school for the first time and won the first prize. It's very memorable to him. He wanted to bring over to show Grandfather and Grandmother," answered Lu Tingxiao carefully.

The moment he told them that, the two elders who had been upset earlier instantly looked over the moon. "Ahhh, really?! Our Little Treasure is so awesome!"

"And even brought here especially to show Grandfather and Grandmother..."


Lu Jingli had nothing to say.

Good, now he finally knew the use of this bear...

Father and mother were obviously prepared to instigate him after knowing he was dating Ning Xi, at last, before they could ask anything, they had been thrown a bear...
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