768 Watch Me Kick Your Balls

Chapter 768: Watch Me Kick Your Balls

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The next day at Platinum Palace.

Ning Xi led Tang Lang to the house the first thing in the morning. They had just reached the door when they saw that Little Treasure was already waiting for them.

When she saw Little Treasure, Ning Xi forgot about Tang Lang and ran straight to him with open arms. "Ah, Little Treasure, my baby! I miss you so much! Quick give me a super big kiss!"

Little Treasure's eyes shone like the morning sun as he ran over and gave Ning Xi a kiss on the cheek. Ning Xi naturally returned the kiss happily.

On the side, Tang Lang looked at the delicate little doll in front of him and was stunned. "My God! Is this Lu Tingxiao's son? This little guy is actually so cute? This is illogical! No wonder he kidnapped you too!"

Ning Xi glared at the shocked Tang Lang. "The first rule of being a teacher is no vulgarities."

Then, she held Little Treasure's hand and introduced him in a gentle voice, "Little Treasure, come here, this uncle will be your teacher. You will learn how to protect yourself, understand?"

Little Treasure blinked, then nodded earnestly.

"Also, if you don't like anything about this teacher, or if he's bad at teaching, make sure to tell me too, I will change to someone else for you..."

"Okay, okay, okay! Enough of the crap! If I don't teach well, then no one can teach well!" Tang Lang had initially been indifferent about having a student, but the more he looked at the little glutinous rice ball, the more he felt antsy. He wanted to just snatch Little Treasure and start talking to him.

"Dear student, let me tell you, the most important thing about fighting is to never let yourself be at a disadvantage. If you really can't fight him, kick his balls, or just kiss them unexpectedly..."

"Hey! Tang Lang! What are you teaching!"

Ning Xi kicked him and said, "Watch me kick your balls till they explode..."

Once she said that, Ning Xi suddenly took precise, small steps. She walked unusually gentlewoman-like to the devil and cooed, "Big Boss, you're awake, have you eaten your breakfast?"

When he saw Ning Xi's 180-degree change in attitude, Tang Lang almost puked blood...

"Have you prepared what I told you to?" Lu Tingxiao patted the girl's head and then looked at Tang Lang to ask.

"Prepared! Boss, please go through them." Tang Lang quickly delivered a document folder to him. There was actually a detailed class plan inside.

Ning Xi's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she saw that. Tang Lang actually knew how to prepare things like a class plan...

Obviously, the two of them who were usually wild and reckless were completely obedient in front of the devil...

"Big Boss, you and Senior Brother discuss first. I'm going to go next door to look for Lu Jingli, I'll be back very soon."

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded.

When Ning Xi ran over, Lu Jingli was humming and watering his baby cabbages in the garden. When he saw Ning Xi, he immediately stood alert. "You...what are you doing? Want to steal my vegetables again? It's not that you can't steal them, but I want to eat them too!"

Ning Xi felt her mouth twitch. "Who's here to steal your vegetables now? Can't I have some official business to talk to you about?"

Lu Jingli looked at her in alarm. "What official business would you have?"

Ning Xi hopped over and clung to his arm like he was her bro. "My dear koi fish king! Hook me up with a girl, please!"

Lu Jingli was speechless for a moment.

"What did you say???"
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