777 Key Timing

Chapter 777: Key Timing

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She had just been feeling disappointed and down in the doldrums about not seeing this man today when he unexpectedly appeared in such a manner before her. The ecstasy she was feeling was about to make her heart explode.

Just like that, her heart beat faster and faster as she watched him walk towards her. Then, he handed her the bouquet of 99 white roses.

Yang Shirou watched him, stunned, before finally calming herself and revealing a surprised yet confused and doubtful expression. "Mister, thank you for your flowers the past few days but I still don't know who you are..."

"Nice to meet you, my surname is Lu. I'm very sorry that I acted so randomly but after struggling in a dilemma for a long while, I still could not control myself from being impulsive...who I am is not important. I really like the way you play, so maybe you can treat me as, your fan. I wonder if I would have this honor to have you join me for dinner?"

Yang Shirou restrained her glee and hesitated for a few seconds before she hurled out her hand to accept the bouquet, pretending to be coy about his intentions towards her. "Mister, you're far too kind. I'm no professional. Playing the piano here is just a means of survival."

Lu Jingli swiftly pulled a chair out for her while he fixed his gaze on her. "No, I'm not talking about the piano that's taken my heart, but the pianist herself."

Yang Shirou's heart skipped a beat.

In the corner, Ning Xi had been watching the scene play out with great satisfaction up to this point. However, she waited for so long and still did not hear Lu Jingli's next dialogue.

Then, she saw this guy touch his hair. This hint meant that he had forgotten the words to say.

Ning Xi then cued him, "I have never seen a girl like you before..."

Lu Jingli heard Ning Xi's reminder and continued, "I have never seen a girl like you before. The first time I saw you, I could not tear my eyes away...'

Ning Xi quickly cautioned him, "Lu Jingli, watch your body expressions! Don't act so calmly! Act like you're more nervous! Do you know what's the feeling of falling in love with someone for the first time? Act like she's your first love, okay?"

Lu Jingli's face turned slightly gloomy. First love, my ass...even though he had dated many times, he still didn't even know how first love felt! He was usually the one loved by others!

"If you really don't know, then just stutter for me, tighten your fingers, or accidentally push something over. It's the little details!" Ning Xi could only teach him step by step.

It was a good thing that Lu Jingli was pretty good at understanding her tips. He immediately gripped the cup tightly, then drank a huge swig of wine. He looked nervous and started to say with a slight stutter, "I have met many girls before, but none of them have ever been like you, it really is...very weird...I can't begin to describe what this feeling is...I think...would I be able to understand...if I moved closer to you? I...I don't know what I'm saying you understand what I mean?"

When she saw Lu Jingli, who had always been someone superior to others, act unexpectedly like a young, green lad discovering love for the first time, Yang Shirou's initial nervousness suddenly calmed down. She felt the satisfaction of having everything within her control. In fact, her conceitedness and confidence had been boosted.

She laughed lightly and said ambiguously, "We are probably destined to meet then."

The conversation progressed considerably smoothly and the entire dinner was filled with a flirtatious vibe, basically achieving the effect Ning Xi had wanted.

Then, it was time to find the next key timing.
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