780 Finally Showing True Colors

Chapter 780: Finally Showing True Colors

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Finally, because of her deductions about Lu Jingli's sincerity towards her firming up and the threat of Ning Xi's appearance, Yang Shirou's psychological defense completely shattered. She immediately stopped playing the piano and ran out quickly to chase after him...

By the roadside, Lu Jingli was just about to get into the car. Behind him, Yang Shirou called to him to stop while panting, "Mr. Lu...can we talk?"

In the corner, Ning Xi smiled. She could finally reap the harvest.

Lu Jingli and Yang Shirou spoke in an extra huge private room in the restaurant and within that room was a separate section.

Ning Xi had invited Yan Junhao over much earlier and at that moment, he was waiting in that separate section. She had used the identity of Yang Shirou's best friend to invite him over, saying that she had something important to tell him, so Yan Junhao rushed over immediately.

After waiting for a while, there were suddenly sounds of footsteps outside, then a familiar voice spoke. It was unexpectedly Yang Shirou's...

Yan Junhao was about to walk out to greet her when he heard another man's voice. Instinctively, he paused and observed while holding his breath.

"Ms. Yang, how may I help you?"Lu Jingli asked courteously, standing at a distance.

Yang Shirou was afraid that Lu Jingli would disappear again, so she impatiently said, "Mr. Lu, you've misunderstood! The man you saw at the carpark the other day has nothing to do with that that time, he forced me!"

"Who was he?" Lu Jingli asked intentionally.

Yang Shirou explained even more anxiously, "He was a customer I met at my previous workplace. He's a very nice person and has helped me a lot, so I feel very thankful for him but that is all. I know that he might have...other intentions towards me, but I have only felt nothing but gratitude towards him! I have also been rejecting his pursuits! He already has a wife, so there is no way I would wreck his family!"

"You don't like him?"

"How could I like him?!" Yang Shirou continued worriedly and then added shyly, "Mr. Lu, I...I actually like you...I have liked you form the moment I first saw you...but you were too far away. I never thought that you would actually be interested in me..."

"Is that customer of yours called Yan Junhao?" Lu Jingli asked.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jingli had already found out who the other person was! Yang Shirou's expression stiffened. Thankfully, she maintained her composure and said with a pained expression, " you know as well. He has power and reputation. I can't defend myself at all, I can only hide..."

In the next second, the door of the separate section was pushed open and Yan Junhao stormed out furiously. He slapped Yang Shirou without hesitating. "Bitch!"

When she saw Yan Junhao, Yang Shirou froze. " are you here?"

"If I wasn't here, how would I know that you were such a cheap bitch?! You always say that I'm your everything, that you would die for me..."

When she heard this, Yang Shirou's first reaction was to look nervously at Lu Jingli. "Mr. Lu, I can explain..."

Yan Junhao looked angrily at Lu Jingli and then was bewildered. Wasn't this...wasn't this the Second Master of Lu Corporation?

How did Yang Shirou get involved with someone like this? Could there have been a misunderstanding?

Lu Jingli just looked innocently at him and shrugged. "I always come to this restaurant for dinner and I admire Ms. Yang's piano skills, so we chatted for a bit. But Ms. Yang seems to have misunderstood me..."

Yang Shirou instantly stared in disbelief. "What? But didn't you...didn't you give me flowers...and you even treated me to dinner..."

Lu Jingli responded, "And then?"


Yang Shirou was at a loss for words...

Lu Jingli had never said anything or done anything out of line. In fact, his personality had always been to fool around. There were numerous women he had given flowers to...

All of this, could it all just be her wishful thinking?
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