806 Helping Jiang Muye

Chapter 806: Helping Jiang Muye

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The talk show aired a few days later, and the reaction to it was excellent. Aside from the debate between Zhao Sizhou’s and Jiang Muye’s fans about how much screen time both of them had, it was expected.

In the end, Ning Xi’s performance attracted attention.

[Did you guys realize Ning Xi was being really low profile? The other artistes kept on interrupting, but Ning Xi did not even say anything even when she's the co-star! She only answered when she was asked a question, and she answered all of them well. Her EQ is top notch! I think I’m becoming a fan of her!]

[That’s not the main point! The main point is her beauty, her beauty, her beauty, alright!? I have to repeat important things three times! I’m already a fan of hers!]

[Agree! I’m a shipper of Ning Xi and Jiang Muye! If you looked closely, Jiang Muye almost always looks at Ning Xi’s direction! I would never believe that there’s nothing going on between them!]

The talk show caused another bump-up of fans on Ning Xi’s Weibo. Together with the increase when she was promoting "The World", her number of fans had grown significantly.

Most of the comments asked her to post new pictures, or just to ask her about Jiang Muye. Ning Xi would never try to get famous off other celebrities, even if it was Jiang Muye. However, she felt like she was boring them by just posting selfies, so she put up some of her cosplay photos.

She only had the intent of just putting them up as a hobby, and also to soften the intense celebrity competition in Weibo, but it had gotten her a lot more fans.

At Glory World Entertainment office.

"These are some scripts that I just received. Read through them!" Ling Zhizhi passed some scripts to Ning Xi.

After "The World" aired, Ning Xi finally had something presentable in her portfolio. The secondary leading characters Meng Changge and Sun Huanqing were not any less popular than the main leads, and suddenly, various companies started sending scripts to Ling Zhizhi.

Probably because Ning Xi played the role of Meng Changge so well, the scripts sent to her were roles of either the unfortunate princess, the most beautiful lady in town, or the seductive mistress. Most of them were secondary or tertiary lead roles, but there were also some main roles from small productions.

Ning Xi kept the scripts. "Alright, I’ll look through them!"

Ling Zhizhi pinched the space between her eyebrows as she asked hesitantly, "On a side note, Jiang Muye starred in another film recently. There’s a supporting character with little screen time who was supposed to be played by Liang Biqin, but she rejected on short notice, and there isn’t anyone suitable now. I was thinking maybe you could help."

"Jiang Muye’s new film? The one by Director Chen Mian? Sure, no problem!" Ning Xi accepted gracefully.

Since it was Director Chen’s film, she would be honored to be involved, more so as a supporting character! In addition, Jiang Muye had helped her numerous times, so this was nothing much!

When Liang Biqin took on the role, she had not been famous then, but everything was different now. She had taken on a few big projects and would never bat an eye at small characters like this.

Ling Zhizhi gave her another script. "There aren't many scenes, so you should be done soon. Here, I’ve listed out the scenes that you’re involved in."
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