807 That's My First Love

Chapter 807: That's My First Love

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Because the drama team's end was urging her to hurry, Ning Xi had only discussed with Ling Zhizhi for a short while before taking Xiao Tao with her and rushing to the set.

She was going to play the late first love of Jiang Muye in the film. She only had to shoot a scene of the two of them before her character died, so it was quite easy. If all went smoothly, they should be done within a day.

"Why are you here?" When Jiang Muye saw her, he regarded her suspiciously.

"Sis Zhizhi had me come over to help with the emergency!" Ning Xi answered.

Jiang Muye turned his gaze to Lei Ming on the sidelines.

Lei Ming cleared his throat and mumbled, "It's all because you're unsatisfied with all the other girls you've seen. I had no choice but to borrow someone from Zhizhi..."

Ning Xi was speechless. "I really admire you. This character only has one scene from the start until the end, and it was the last scene before she dies of a chronic illness. The director didn't even say anything. Did you have to be so picky?"

"So what if it's just one scene? That's my first love!" Jiang Muye said matter-of-factly.

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "Let me correct you, it's just your first love in the film."

She had no words for Jiang Muye. She had never met an actor as hard to please as him.

In such a film, many times, the main protagonists would have higher authority above the director and producers, and Chen Mian probably did not know what to do with him.

Chen Mian was not old, he was only 30-odd years old. He started to direct when he had just graduated university, and his debuting film "The Stars, The Moon and The Sun" had become famous in the entire Northern and Southern region of China. It was labeled in the American Business Weekly as "The Star of Asia", bringing fame to the protagonists in the film who were now elites in the entertainment industry.

Then, his other coming-of-age themed work titled "Love Is In The Future" topped the box office charts that year, setting the trend for a series of coming-of-age movies.

Chen Mian was a genius director who always liked to shoot the most unexpected things. No matter if it was choosing the script or the actors, he was visionary.

Sadly, even though his films in the past few years were not bad, none of it could surpass those two benchmark ones. Some outsiders said horrible things, even commenting that his talent had run out...

Ning Xi actually felt quite pitiful for him, yet she knew that such a result for a director like Chen Mian was an expected compromise upon entering the industry.

"Chen Mian, the person is here. Do you want to come and take a look?" Lei Ming ran to tell the director.

"What's the use of me taking a look? Is that punk satisfied?" Chen Mian and Jiang Muye had collaborated quite a few times, and their relationship was pretty tight in private, so the way he spoke was quite casual too.

"No more issues on Jiang Muye's end! Just waiting for your nod of approval!" Lei Ming anxiously said. Borrowing someone from Ling Zhizhi was really his last resort. It was hard for him to be stuck between Jiang Muye and the director every time.

"Oh?" Chen Mian, who had been occupied, started to walk over.

When she saw the director, Ning Xi quickly greeted, "Hello, Director Chen, I'm Ning Xi!"

Chen Mian evaluated Ning Xi, then he said, "Ning're the second lead for Director Guo's 'The World', aren't you?"

It was unexpected that Chen Mian would know her, so naturally, Ning Xi was instantly delighted.


"No wonder this guy had no opinions! I've seen that movie, it can be considered the peak of Jiang Muye's acting," said Chen Mian as he could not help but evaluate the girl before him for a few seconds more.

From the audience's perspective, they only saw the two people's suitability for the role and their collaborative chemistry, so with "The World", Jiang Muye's acting progress was seen as amazing.

However, Chen Mian had collaborated with Jiang Muye for a few times too and he could tell that to actually bring Jiang Muye's acting to such a remarkable extent, definitely required some tricks up her sleeves.
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