813 Flamboyant Entrance

Chapter 813: Flamboyant Entrance

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Wang Taihe replied, "I just called to confirm. Second Master said that he would come soon, as for Mr. Lu...he's probably not coming!"

Even though Guo Qisheng was regretful about it, he still nodded and said, "To be able to invite the Second Master is already not bad! The other Master is so busy, how could he come to our small little celebratory banquet?"

Fifty million dollars in investment was considered huge to them, but it was nothing to Lu Tingxiao; he might have even long forgotten such a thing happened...

"Who's Director Guo and Producer Wang talking about?" from the corner of the room, someone asked with curiosity.

"Who else could it be? It's obviously about our movie's investor!"

"It is Ning International?"

"What Ning International? I think you've drank too much. Because Ning Xueluo caused that trouble, Ning International and Starlight Entertainment had withdrawn their investments midway. At last, because of Lu Jingli from Glory World Entertainment threw fifty million here, then Lu Corporation threw in another fifty million! That's how our movie managed to continue shooting!"

"Oh, oh right, look at me! Now that 'The World' is so popular, the investors have managed to profit quite a lot from their investment. Ning International and Starlight must be regretting?"

"Of course, when they withdrew investments to exert power and threaten the crew, it turned out all good in the end. All their wasted efforts..."


As she listened to the discussions surrounding her, Ning Xueluo looked obviously miserable in the shadows.

If it was not for Ning Xi, the huge number of profits earned from this movie should belong to Starlight and Ning International, then her status in the company and at home would have been one level higher.

Sadly, now, she had gotten nothing. When they were promoting, she had to be suppressed as the female lead, and they had to bring Ning Xi the co-star, letting her harp on her popularity as she wished!

"Huh, Xueluo, actually we aren't losing either. Think about it, they have spent double the amount of money and aren't they still making you famous in the end?" Chang Li could immediately see Ning Xueluo's unhappiness, so she quickly consoled her.

Before this, Ning Xueluo would have listened to words like these, but now she found it annoying. "Making me famous? They're obviously using my popularity to make Ning Xi famous!"

From the start, "The World" had indeed paid the most attention to her as the female lead, yet as the movie continued to show in theatres, Ning Xi had been gaining more and more attention. From the Internet to the expert reviewers, they offered Ning Xi great comments, and some even commented that Ning Xi should be the real female lead in the movie.

In fact, Ning Xi was now in good relations with Glory World's higher management, Lu Jingli, and Jiang Muye. Her pathway to stardom was paving could she just take all this in!?

Chang Li's expression stiffened as she thought about how Ning Xueluo's skills were not up to par with the other person. As the female lead, she could not even stop Ning Xi from taking the limelight, but could she blame anyone else?

"Right, I'm almost done discussing with Director Zhou about his literary film for you. The contract will be done next week!" Chang Li changed the topic, and only then did Ning Xueluo's expression start to soften.

After a round of drinks, the door was suddenly pushed open.

"Oh, how happening!"

The person who walked in was clad in a flamboyant tuxedo in pastel blue with a messy and unruly fringe, and a pair of eyes that seemed to be electric. When he smiled, his entire being was radiant, and the moment he appeared, he attracted everyone's sight like a strong force of energy.

"Aiya! Second Master is here! Quickly, come in and sit!" The producer and director rushed forward to greet him.

"Oh! It's the CEO of Glory World, Lu Jingli! He's even more handsome in person than on the magazines!"

"If Second Master entered the entertainment industry, other male celebrities would be nothing!"

"I'm so jealous of Glory World's artistes. Do they always get to see him in person?"

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