859 The Devil Is Here!

Chapter 859: The Devil Is Here!

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Did she misunderstand him?

What did Zhuang Liaoyuan mean by that…?

As Ning Xi was contemplating how to reply Zhuang Liaoyuan, a firm grip suddenly held her waist, then she heard a cold voice, "General Zhuang, it’s not very gentleman-like to interfere with someone’s relationship, don’t you think?"

Ning Xi had no words to say.

The here...

He even heard what Zhuang Liaoyuan just said…

Ning Xi gulped and suddenly felt chills down her neck, feeling colder and colder. She tried to get away from the source of the coldness, but she was being held back even tighter around her waist, causing her to almost be unable to breathe. She decided to stay obedient and not move anymore.

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked at the brooding man calmly. "I’m just saying that in case she changes her mind."

Ning Xi did not even need to look to know how scary the devil’s expression would be right now, so she quickly interrupted, "Thank you for your good intentions, Chief Zhuang, but we’re in a happy relationship right now and I would never change my mind…"

Lu Tingxiao’s grip softened a little as she said that.

Zhuang Liaoyuan sighed and looked at her. Without saying anything, he left her with a sentence, "If there’s anything you need help with, do contact me. Drop by the shooting range for some fun when you’re available."

"Oh okay, thank you, Chief Zhuang!"

Ning Xi let out a sigh of relief after Zhuang Liaoyuan left. As she turned around to talk to Lu Tingxiao, her lips were blocked unexpectedly, the man’s refreshing scent wafting through the air to reach her…

Ning Xi felt the air inside her getting thinner, and the worst part was that this guy was not kissing. He was totally biting her. She felt a sharp pain on her lips and her tongue went numb…

His kiss became gentler once Ning Xi moaned in pain, and he gently caressed the spots he tortured just now, but when she tried to struggle, he became wild again…

She noticed that someone was coming. Ning Xi anxiously pushed his chest away, blocking his next kiss. She spoke in a serious tone, "No! What if people saw us?!"

It was not a private dinner tonight and there were a lot of people around. A few maids had actually recognized her and asked if she was the actress Ning Xi.

In the dark, the man stared at the girl in the maid outfit, his eyes emitting beast-like rays. "So what if they see us?"

"If they did...I’ll bite you to death!" Ning Xi glared at him.

She would not give way to her principles!

The man’s dangerous gaze turned to hurt. He hugged her tightly and laid his head on her shoulder, "When can I tell everyone that you’re mine?"
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