875 Could I Have Eaten Her Up?

Chapter 875: Could I Have Eaten Her Up?

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As he heard the loud yelling, he caught the word "general", then he remembered the useless son from the Zhuang family. Lu Tingxiao asked in surprise, "The person you rescued was Zhuang Zongren?"

Ning Xi scratched her head. "Yes, I only realized it after I sent him home and saw Zhuang Keer and Zhuang seems like Zhuang Rongguang made a mess again and the elder heard about it from a phone call, which then caused him to have a heart attack! I was about to leave right away, but they insisted…"

"I’ll go and get you tonight."

"Huh? It’s alright, I drove here."

"Do you think I can leave you alone at Zhuang Liaoyuan’s place?" Lu Tingxiao’s voice sounded cold.


She remembered that Zhuang Liaoyuan had mentioned introducing guys to her…

Did the devil always hold grudges?

Dinner soon started.

The table was a lavish spread of traditional Chinese dishes, but there was only Zhuang Zongren, Zhuang Liaoyuan, and Zhuang Keer.

"I’ve asked Aunty Zhang to make a few more dishes, I hope you like them!" Zhuang Zongren kindly told her.

"They taste great!" Ning Xi replied.

"Then, eat more! You’re way too skinny!" Zhuang Zongren said.

"Grandfather, she’s an actress and she's got to be careful about her diet!" Zhunag Keer interrupted.

"How can that be? It’s bad for her health!" Zhuang Zongren said, unsatisfied.

Ning Xi quickly butted in, "It’s alright, I don’t stay on a diet and I just eat normally, I exercise quite a lot."

"Mmm, that’s right! Nothing’s more important than keeping a body healthy!"

"I’m hungry! Really hungry! I want to eat! I want to eat! Can anyone hear me!? Are you guys starving me to death? Am I really your son?" Another round of yelling came from the room.

Ning Xi coughed lightly, feeling a little awkward.

Zhuang Zongren did not bat an eye as he put some vegetables into Ning Xi’s bowl. "Just ignore him."

Zhuang Keer probably felt he was really overdoing it this time, so she ignored him as well.

Zuang Liaoyuan pinched the space between his eyebrows and looked a little embarrassed. "Sorry to let you see this...I can tame even the wildest soldier, but I can’t even teach my own son!"

The atmosphere went a little stale when Zhuang Rongguang was mentioned.

It was their family matter, so it was not Ning Xi’s place to comment. She thought carefully about what to say when she saw Zhuang Liaoyuan’s defeated expression. "Teaching a kid is much more different than training a soldier, especially boys. They are usually in a rebellious phase at this age…"

Zhuang Keer sighed, "He’s really too much, he’s only 18, but he's already started drinking, smoking, fighting, skipping classes, and even gambling. He always picks up all the bad habits. We’ve tried all we can, but he just won't change…"

"Don’t talk about him anymore, let’s eat!"

"Yes, let’s eat! Try some fish, Little Girl Xi, it’s really fresh…"

As the dinner was about to finish, a soldier came by and whispered to Zhuang Liaoyuan. Zhuang Liaoyuan then looked at Ning Xi, then gave the soldier some instructions.

A while later, there was the sound of familiar footsteps. Ning Xi turned around to see the soldier from earlier lead a man in; it was Lu Tingxiao.

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked at Lu Tingxiao and said coldly, "Why are you in such a rush? Could I have eaten her up?"
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