878 My Devil Sure Is Impressive!

Chapter 878: My Devil Sure Is Impressive!

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Zhuang Keer and Ning Xi both looked at the door at the same time and they saw Lu Tingxiao’s face of disbelief.

Ning Xi covered her face guiltily. Why did she feel like she was being caught cheating!?

As if the magical effect just disappeared, Ning Xi switched back from her wild wolf modI into her white bunny mode and she quickly went to Lu Tingxiao. "Lu Tingxiao, why are you here?"

Lu Tingxiao thought it was difficult for her to explain, so he decided to tell Zhuang Keer personally, but it looked like it was unnecessary…

"You’re...really him?" Zhuang Keer stood up and felt that she was still in a dream. She was still excited from the moment her idolo had pushed her down onto the bed, and the last sentence still lingered in her mind. Her heart was racing fast.

It was a girl right in front of her. How could it be..? Impossible…

Seeing Zhuang Keer glance towards Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao pulled Ning Xi behind him. "Since the misunderstanding is cleared, we’ll be leaving now."

He then brought Ning Xi downstairs without any hesitation.

Zhuang Keer was not able to stop him from doing so. The idol she had been longing to meet had finally appeared before her, yet the very same idol was brought away by another man…

Outside the house, Ning Xi turned towards the direction of her car. "Hold on...Lu Tingxiao! I drove my car here!"

"I’ll have the driver drive it back."


In the car, Lu Tingxiao remained silent with his lips shut tight, obviously angry, and really angry at that.

Ning Xi was having a headache.

Why did it really feel like she had actually been caught cheating?

"Hey, are you angry?"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything.

" can’t blame me! I was just trying to clear your name! If you didn’t kiss me in public that night, would Zhuang Keer have misunderstood us? I’m trying to help you, alright...? If not, people would really think that you like men and have been cheating on me…"

Lu Tingxiao still kept quiet.

"Zhuang Keer is a girl. Are you really being jealous of a girl?" Ning Xi mumbled.

At a red light, Ning Xi suddenly fell backwards with her seat adjusted to a reclining position. Before she realized what had happened, the man's face was hovering above her and his arms were pressed by her side, his gaze and tone oddly dangerous. "Yes, even if it’s a woman, it’s still the same."

He then kissed her lips wildly…


The light had turned green and the cars at the back started honking.

Ning Xi pushed the man away and tried to get up. "Hey, it''s turned green! Who was the one who told me to not try anything funny when driving?"

Still leaning over her, Lu Tingxiao lowered his foot on the accelerator gently, then continued kissing.

The car moved on its own.

Seeing the view outside whizzing past, Ning Xi was surprised. Did this car have automatic driving?

Could he have installed this after what happened the last time?

My devil sure is impressive…
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