881 Still Confused About Whether I Like Men or Women?

Chapter 881: Still Confused About Whether I Like Men or Women?

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"Zhuang Keer is an outsider but you're an insider! We're much more intimate with each other, aye?"

Could Lu Tingxiao say no?

Lu Tingxiao stiffened his expression and tensed up his thin lips, then he said with a cold expression, "Yes."

Ning Xi instantly nipped his chin like a happy little cat and said, "I know Big Boss loves me the most!"

Lu Tingxiao was helpless at the sight of the girl's mischievous little face.

He had already pampered her to this extent. Who could he blame?

However, when he thought about how her act of unruliness like that of a spoiled child pretty much only belonged to him, he felt very satisfied.

"You can meet her, but you can't do anything out of line." At last, Lu Tingxiao mentioned his criteria with a serious expression. He was obviously referring to the incident of her pushing Zhuang Keer onto the bed the other day...

"Mmm, don't worry, I definitely won't! Actually it's normal for girls to be close to each other, so you don't have to be so worried. There's no way I would like girls!" Ning Xi said.

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. He only looked at her and maintained an obviously suspicious attitude.

When she noticed Lu Tingxiao's disbelieving expression, Ning Xi squinted, then pushed the man onto the sofa. She lowered her voice to say, "Are you still confused about whether I like men or women?"

Lu Tingxiao held the back of her head and kissed her hard...

"I need some clarity..."



The next morning, Ning Xi made her way out 20 minutes earlier than the agreed meeting time based on her principle of punctuality when on a date with girls.

When she was about to reach the meeting point, she received a call from Zhuang Keer. On the other end, Zhuang Keer's voice sounded nervous. "Xiao Xi, are you there yet?"

"Mmm, I just reached," answered Ning Xi.

"I'm sorry, Xiao Xi, there seems to be an accident up front and it's really congested. I'll probably be late, I'm very sorry..."

"No worries, I'll shop around nearby and wait for you. Don't rush, be careful on the road. Safety first, okay?"

"Mmm, okay!"


After she hung up, Ning Xi started to shop around the mall. This was the largest premium outlet mall in Imperial with rows and rows of luxury brand shops. They practically had all the huge brands you could think of. On the contrary, brands that could afford the rent on an outlet there were definitely reputable ones.

Just as she was casually window shopping, a shop with a vintage style caught her eye.

Ning Xi stood before the store and could not help but pause in her step. This was...History's new branch...

As she looked at History's shop sign, Ning Xi felt slightly rueful. Even though her studio had begun to reap profits, it was still relying on private orders; they did not have a single boutique of their own yet.

With the aim of learning and observing, Ning Xi prepared to walk in to shop around.

"Welcome to History!" There was the sweet sound of greeting from inside the store.

"Miss, what style are you looking for?" One of them had enthusiastically walked over to attend to her.

Ning Xi propped up her sunglasses on her head and said, "I'm just looking around, don't bother about me."

"Okay, if you need anything, please feel free to call me."


After all, this was prime location. History's store front had obviously cost quite a bit. From the exterior to the interior, it oozed with luxury. To fit with the style of the apparel, the interior design was inclined towards an oriental style, using the classic screen with paintings of flowers and birds. Mahogany seats, rattan sofa sets, and ancient vases were as decoration, giving one the vibe of travelling back in time...
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