882 Pack Them All Up

Chapter 882: Pack Them All Up

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Of course, apart from that, the most important thing was the clothes...

Zhuang Keer had not arrived, and Ning Xi was so focused on studying the competitor that she lost track of time. Seeing that Ning Xi had been browsing for a long time and did not seem to have any intention of purchasing anything, some of the shop assistants were starting to become upset. When they evaluated the way Ning Xi dressed, they started to look unfriendly towards her., "Excuse me, Miss, it's the weekend and the peak of business in our store. There are too many customers in the store, so if you're not interested in buying anything, could you please go elsewhere and not disrupt our business?"

Ning Xi was just about to say something when the shop assistants' gaze passed her, before they practically skipped towards the entrance. "Miss Ying, Miss Jin! Quickly come in! The two of you have come at such a good time. Some stock have just newly arrived today, you will definitely love them!"

Ning Xi subconsciously turned around and saw that it was Ning Xueluo's close girl friends, Ying Fanglin and Jin Xuanxuan.

The shop assistants knew that the two were the close friends of their boss, Ning Xueluo. Plus, they were socialites with high spending power, hence they were extraordinarily friendly.

When Ying Fanglin saw Ning Xi, she instantly looked as if she had seen a fly. "Xiao Chen, why are you guys receiving trashy visitors?"

"What happened earlier?" Jin Xuanxuan asked.

The shop assistant looked towards Ning Xi and said, "Do you both know her? This customer has been looking around for a long time without buying anything. In fact, she was wearing Spirit's clothes. I suspect that she is intentionally nitpicking, so I just advised her to go elsewhere..."

Ning Xi thought her words were funny. Could she not walk into a Hermes store if she wore Chanel?

However, this did reveal a message to her...

It looked like History was watching Spirit rather closely, to the point of taking strict precautions, or else, a shop assistant would not have such enmity towards Spirit and even recognized that her outfit was from Spirit.

Ying Fanglin crossed her arms and insulted, "Huh, this kind of person, who can't afford higher end items and can only buy imitation goods, is obviously here just to nitpick!"

Jin Xuanxuan looked like she suddenly thought of something and said in an exaggerated tone, "Aiya, Ning Xi, where's your Black Card?"

"Right, didn't you swipe it rather coolly the last time? Why don't you take it out now to continue swiping? Why? Have you been ditched?"

"What are you guys talking about? Eh, Ning Xi you're here too..." At that moment, Ning Xueluo walked in from the outside.

"Miss Ning!" All the shop assistants greeted Ning Xueluo when they saw her.

Ying Fanglin walked over and intimately clung onto her arm, "Xueluo, you're here! This woman is so annoying. She shamelessly came here to contaminate your shop..."

Ning Xueluo said gently, "Fanglin, don't put it that way. Anyone who walks in is a guest. The motto of our service is that customers are God."

"Well, you should still see what kind of customers those are. You are a higher end brand. If other customers see that you have random people here buying your brand, it would ruin the reputation of your brand..."


At that very moment, a firm voice was heard from behind. "I want this, this, this...all of this to be taken away."

When she heard the familiar voice, Ning Xi instinctively looked up and saw Zhuang Keer talking to a shop assistant as she pointed to the row of clothes with a cold expression.

"Okay, okay, I'll help you pack them! You want all of this?" The shop assistant did not think that she would suddenly close such a huge deal without a single word and she was obviously excited. 

"Mmm, all of it."

"Miss Zhuang..." When Ning Xueluo saw who it was, her eyes brightened and she immediately ditched Ning Xi and the rest to walk up to her. "I didn't think that you would like History's clothes too, Miss Zhuang. This is a huge honor."
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