932 Don't Randomly Hook Up With Girls

Chapter 932: Don't Randomly Hook Up With Girls
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As Ning Xi took out the high-quality customized apparels from the studio, she proudly announced, "These are the next season's latest products from my studio. They're not on the market yet but I've set one aside for you. If you don't think it's too shabby, feel free to take it home and wear it anytime!"

"Oh my' pretty!" Zhuang Keer took the dress out to have a look and her eyes shone, full of pleasant surprise. "Why would I find this shabby? This dress is so beautiful! But I don't have anything to return the favor with. I wanted to buy you some clothes the last time but that didn't even happen..."

Jiang Muye did not know how to make sense of this ridiculous situation unfolding before him. He was not as good at coaxing girls as Ning Xi. Zhuang Keer was just here to visit and she had a carefully prepared present for her! Why did he not get any!?

Fine! Good thing! Good that he got nothing! Good thing that Ning Xiao Xi had always been this mean to him!

Or else, hahaha...

"Ning Xiao Xi, I'm leaving now. You'd better act well, don't attract any moths, don't smoke or drink, don't get into fights, and most importantly, don't randomly hook up with girls again, not even unintentionally. Just be good, alright?" Jiang Muye offered his sincere and earnest advice, being extremely benevolent.

It was not that he did not want to tell her about his suspicions but from the start, he had prickles crawling on his back and he knew without a doubt the consequences if he leaked anything out...

"Blondie, why are you acting all crazy?" Ning Xi had nothing to say to him. She felt like Jiang Muye was being weird.

"Nothing, nothing. Whatever it is, remember your bro's words. I'm really going now! Bye bye!"

The ominous presence behind him felt increasingly intimidating, so after bidding Ning Xi farewell, Jiang Muye practically whizzed out of the place.

He had finally left a certain person's line of sight and walked briskly to the car park.

At last, he had just felt fantastically relieved when he saw that a person was standing before his car — it was Ke Mingyu.

"U-uncle..." Jiang Muye turned pale and almost wet his pants as he rushed to address him with a stutter.

He subconsciously looked around, then noticing that the underground car park was dimly lit and that there was no one around, he suddenly felt like he was about to be silenced forever...

The man was silently leaning on the bonnet as his long fingers gently pinched a cigarette. The cigarette butt was glowing and his expression was hidden in the shadows. His silence only made one panic even more.

"Cough, cough...Uncle...I...I didn't really think it really was you! I swear that I'll definitely keep it a secret. I'll definitely not tell Ning Xi! You saw me earlier. I didn't say anything and, of course, when I get back, I'll definitely not secretly tell her either!"

Jiang Muye swore on his life, yet the man did not respond.

At that moment, "Ke Mingyu" had an eerie aura around him and Jiang Muye felt his forehead break out in cold sweat. He almost could not bear it, so he gritted his teeth and continued to say, "When it's necessary, I'll help you cover up!"

The moment he said that, that unseen tense pressure that had been gripping onto his neck suddenly vanished.

The man looked down and crushed his cigarette, his low and hoarse voice instantly returning to the one Jiang Muye was familiar with. "Good."

Then, he turned around and left.

That one word had practically frightened Jiang Muye till he had goosebumps.

Damn it! If he had said something wrong earlier, would he have really been killed? Even if he was not his real nephew, surely he did not have to be this cruel! Did he have to scare him like that!?

It was a good thing that even though he had a million questions in his heart, he had restrained himself from asking...
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