954 Charmed By The Little Bun

Chapter 954: Charmed By The Little Bun
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"It’s not about being cute or not! Bro Xi, wake up and listen to me, it’s not easy being a stepmother. There're countless examples before you. Let me tell you, Bro Xi, I knew a pretty lady who was young and beautiful before marriage but ever since she got married to a man and became a stepmother, I almost couldn’t recognize her! Another pretty lady also told me that she couldn’t do anything right after getting married. No matter how kind she tried to be, she was taken for granted. The kid was really naughty and he destroyed her relationship with her husband. There’s also this other lady…"

Annie kept on rambling on and making one wonder how she knew all these stepmothers. It sure was difficult to find so many real examples…

Ning Xi just sat there quietly and listened.

Suddenly, the bathroom door was opened and the sounds of flip-flops coming out was heard.

Ning Xi and the rambling Annie looked over. They then saw the little bun in his fluffy cartoon pajamas…

"Ah! So cute!"

Annie’s scream almost popped Ning Xi’s eardrumS.

The girl swiftly ran to Little Treasure and hugged him. "Oh my gosh! So cute! How could he be so cute?! Why is there such a cute boy at your house, Bro Xi!? Ah! Too cute! I’ve never seen anything cuter! He’s even cuter than all the fluffy animals put together!"

Ning Xi pinched the space between her eyebrows as she saw Annie’s exaggerated reaction.

Annie loved everything that was fluffy and cute. For her, being cute was justice enough, so it was no surprise that she would be this excited when she saw the bun.

"Bro Xi, Bro Xi! Where is this kid from!? Why is he here?" Annie asked.

"He’s Lu Tingxiao’s son," Ning Xi replied.

Annie went silent. She was dumbfounded. It was game over for her.

The little bun took this chance to escape from this weird lady and he went up to Ning Xi.

Ning Xi held the little bun up and introduced him, "Don’t be afraid, Little Treasure, she’s a good friend of mine! Call her Aunty Annie!"

The little bun blinked and nodded with an expression of doubt.

Why does Aunty Annie look like she was suffering? Was it because I pushed her away?

Ning Xi smiled at him, understanding his uncertainty. "She was probably a little sad after being pushed away from you just now. Do you want to give her a hug?"

The little bun nodded obediently.

Ning Xi put the little bun down. Go on."

The little bun took a glance at his mother, then walked towards Aunty Annie, with his arms wide open and he hugged her.

Since you’re Mommy's good friend, I’ll hug you a little more. Don’t be sad anymore.
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