120 Is There Anything to Eat?

"Sir, can you drive faster?" Song Shuhang looked in the direction of the hospital, worried that the uncle of Immortal Farming Sect would catch up with them at any time.

In a flash, the taxi driver imagined a lot of outdated love stories, such as ‘boy and girl fell in love with each other, but their love was not allowed by their parents; the young lovers arranged a date at the hospital and decided to elope’ and so on.

"Sit tight!" the taxi driver stepped on the accelerator and the taxi dashed forward...

At the hospital, Dr. Li just finished her work and was returning to the lounge. Just then, she saw Song Shuhang jump into a taxi, holding Sixteen in his arms.

‘Ah? Isn’t it Zhao Yaya's brother? Is he holding someone in his arms? That sheet belongs to our hospital, right? What's going on?’ Doctor Li looked puzzled.

As she was wondering, a salaryman uncle jumped down the stairs. He jumped down in one go despite the long flight of a dozen of steps.

"Hey, don't jump around in the hospital. It's dangerous." Dr. Li tried to stop him.

However, the uncle had no time to listen to her. Gnashing his teeth, he was chasing the taxi swiftly.

Along the way, there were many obstacles in his way, such as flowerbeds, railings, and parked cars. But, none of them could stop him. He was like a Parkour expert, running and jumping, moving forward in a straight line.

"Oh, cool!" many pedestrians took out their cell phones and recorded the brilliant and wonderful Parkour show of the guy.


Within three minutes, the taxi had stopped at Auspicious Street Area.

Song Shuhang, holding Sixteen in his arms, got out of the car. He took out a fifty RMB note and handed it to the taxi driver. "Thank you, keep the change."

He dared not to waste any time. God knew when the uncle of Immortal Farming Sect would catch up with them. Without waiting for the reply of the taxi driver, he held Su Clan’s Sixteen tight and darted into the depths of Auspicious Street Area.

"Turn left, the nineteenth floor of Building Ande A. I live there, there is a place where we can hide in my room," said Sixteen.

She had concealed her scent on the way—she couldn’t even conceal her own scent due to great pain before, so the uncle had managed to lock her position.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang didn’t know how to conceal his own scent.

Song Shuhang entered Building Ande, carrying her. Luckily for them, the elevator just opened. There was only one elevator in the building, and they would have to wait for a long time if they got bad luck.

As the elevator reached the nineteenth floor, Sixteen opened the door and said feebly, "Put me down and stand still."

Then, she went into the room, took out a bottle of potion from the wine counter, went back and spilled some of it on Song Shuhang.

It was a liquid medicine that could temporarily conceal one’s scent. With it, Song Shuhang’s scent would disappear at the door. However, it would last for only several minutes.

"Come with me." Su Clan’s Sixteen went to the bedroom, opened the closet and pushed the clothes aside. After she tinkered with the closet for a moment, a secret door was revealed.

Here was a compartment between the bedroom and the toilet. It was designed so cleverly that nobody would easily find out that there was a secret chamber.

"Come on in," said Sixteen.

Song Shuhang followed her and went into the chamber.

Sixteen made the closet look exactly like before, pressed the switch, and closed the secret entrance.

Then, she took a small scroll from the chamber, unfolded it and pasted it onto the door. There was a formation on the scroll that could mask any smell and sound, and thus created a perfect hiding place.

It seemed that Su Clan’s Sixteen had been well prepared. Song Shuhang asked doubtfully, "Did you already know that that uncle was looking for you?"

Sixteen shook her head and said, "As a big clan, we have a large fortune as well as a lot of enemies. This secret chamber was designed for contingencies. It used to be a warehouse of the previous owner. I just changed it a little bit."

Song Shuhang nodded—it seemed that being a member of a large cultivation clan was not easy.

The chamber was not large, and the two could hear each other breathing when they were sitting face to face in it.

"Will the uncle find us here?" asked Song Shuhang, lowering his voice.

"I concealed my scent midway... still, he'll find this place if he's not a fool." Su Clan's Sixteen looked at Song Shuhang.

As Song Shuhang did not conceal his own scent on the way, the uncle could still find them along with the smell of Song Shuhang even if he had lost Su Clan’s Sixteen’s scent.

So, here came the question... was the uncle really a fool?


The answer was that he might be silly, but he was not a fool.

He successfully found Building Ande A, tracing the scent of Song Shuhang.

‘Here it is, there is the smell of the swindler!’ the uncle sneered. As a cultivator, his sense of smell was even keener than dogs’, and he would never forget the smell of the swindler.

He pushed open the door of the suite with force. Although the security door was strong enough to prevent theft, it was just like a piece of paper for cultivators.

"You can't get away, you nasty swindler, and you too, Su Clan’s junior!" the uncle rushed into the suite, his angry voice deafening.

However... the suite was empty and there was no one inside it.

The smell of the swindler disappeared at the door—he could still smell a special potion in the air.

"Was I cheated again?" the uncle was furious.

He started frantically searching the room, smashing things, pulling off the ceiling. He searched all the places where they could hide, but he still couldn't find them.

"Damn, where have you gone to?" the uncle roared and rushed out of the suite, galloping on the way.


After hearing that it quieted down outside, Song Shuhang asked, "Has the uncle gone?"

"It’s not that easy... Now, I just wish he won’t tear down the house." Sixteen shook her head.

She took too few of her things with her when she escaped from Su Clan this time.

As long as she carried several talismans, magical treasures, or some pills that could temporarily suppress her wounds, the uncle from Immortal Farming Sect would be no threat to her.

As she had expected, before long, there came a slight sound from outside.

The uncle of Immortal Farming Sect had come back.

Though he was silly, he still knew how to try to outsmart them.

"Damn, did they really escape?" the uncle muttered.


After a long time, it quieted down outside again, without any special sounds.

"Has the uncle left again?" Song Shuhang asked. He dared not to use his mental energy for detection as he was afraid that the uncle might sense it.

Sixteen shook her head, she had the means to monitor the situation outside the chamber. "The man from Immortal Farming Sect is now in the living room, waiting for a windfall."

"So what should we do now? Wait for the uncle to leave?" Song Shuhang smiled bitterly.

"It would be best if he left. But, if he keeps staying here, let’s wait until the evening when my wounds can be temporarily suppressed, and then I will be able to drive him away with a single palm," Sixteen said calmly.

God, how could I forget that the girl is a genius not inferior to Soft Feather? She has already experienced the thunder tribulation for Third Stage Acquired Realm despite her young age.

According to the classification of some ancient cultivation sects, First Stage Realm was called Body Tempering, Second Stage to Fourth Stage Realm was called Qi Tempering, and Fifth Stage Realm was called Golden Core Great Way. The girl had already reached the final stage of Qi Tempering, and was going to reach the peak of Qi Tempering. She was literally a great master who was going to condense a Golden Core.

As long as she could temporarily suppress the wound from the heavenly tribulation, taking care of that uncle would be as easy as playing a game for her.

Anyway, for the time being... both parties were waiting for the right time.

Getting bored, Song Shuhang began to exercise ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯ and tempered his mental energy.


Time flew, and it was noon soon.

Song Shuhang's stomach began to rumble. He just started cultivating, and his body needed a lot of qi and blood for cultivation. So, he ate like a horse and got hungry soon.

"Is there anything to eat?" Song Shuhang asked.

Since it was a secret chamber, the owner should have prepared some food here.

"I can fast." Sixteen slightly raised her eyes and said coolly.

Then how about me, girl? I cannot fast yet!
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