180 Branch Leader Jing Mo’s trump card

Chapter 180: Branch Leader Jing Mo’s trump card

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When True Monarch Yellow Mountain sent this message, Song Shuhang hopped onto Senior White’s flying sword and they were going to use it to get home.

After the car crashed, Senior White dug a deep hole in the ground and prepared to bury the car in it. Next, he used the ‘Ground Leveling Spell’ to cover up the hole, reverting the ground to its original state—without any marks or signs of anyone digging there. He had used this spell countless times before, hence he was very well-versed at it!

Thereafter, Senior White activated the blue flying sword, and they started their travel home.

On their way back, Song Shuhang took out his phone and entered the Nine Provinces Number One Group chat to take a look, and learned about True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s idea for him to learn how to fly a plane.

Song Shuhang was immediately covered in sweat, his hair standing on ends. He quickly, but sneakily, turned his body to block his phone in order to prevent Senior White from seeing the message.

You gotta be kidding me? When Senior White learned how to drive, he sharply increased the speed of the car through magical arts and we ended up falling off a cliff, completely destroying the car. If we allow Senior White to operate a plane… won’t we end up flying to space?

By then, the ‘airplane’ would become a ‘crashed-plane’!

No, this won’t do—I definitely must not allow Senior White a chance to come in contact with an airplane; I should reject Senior Yellow Mountain first. After all, learning how to fly a plane right now would be too dangerous.

Song Shuhang made up his mind and was preparing to send a private message to True Monarch Yellow Mountain to reject him.

But at this time, in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’, someone with the ID ‘Venerable White’ suddenly sent a message: "Eh? Yellow Mountain, you can send someone directly for flying classes? When are you gonna arrange it? I’ll go together with little friend Shuhang to take the classes. I just learned how to drive today—it was really interesting! Come to think of it, learning how to fly a plane would be much more interesting in comparison."

Seeing this, Song Shuhang felt like fainting on the spot. He turned his head and realized that while Senior White was operating the flying sword, he was also using his phone.

It is forbidden to use a phone when driving—are you sure you should be using your phone while flying on a sword, senior?

Senior White seemed to have felt Song Shuhang staring at him, hence he raised his head and made eye contact with Song Shuhang. Then, as though he knew what the other was thinking, he said, "Haha, don’t worry. I set the destination as Medicine Master’s multi-storied building. The flying sword will automatically bring us there, just like a self-driving car. I just have to be a little careful, making sure that we don’t bump into any flying objects during the journey, and that will do."

Senior White’s words put Song Shuhang’s heart at ease.

Flying swords actually had an autopilot function; modern people thought it a recent invention, but in fact, it had already been used so many times by cultivators that it was considered as something ordinary.

But suddenly, Song Shuhang started to panic—’I just have to be a little careful, making sure that we don’t bump into any flying objects during the journey, and that will do’?

Based on Senior White’s personality, it wouldn’t be surprising at all for him to fall into a daze and end up bumping into flying objects like planes or UFOs and such.

He could only pray and hope with all his heart that such a disaster would not happen.

"Oh right, Shuhang, earlier in the group chat, Yellow Mountain mentioned arranging lessons for you to learn how to fly a plane. When are you free? Let’s go together!" Senior White said eagerly.

"Haha, actually, I just saw the message from Senior Yellow Mountain as well. But these couple of days I’d be having my final exams. After they end, I’ll have to prepare to make a trip to the neighboring town, Luo Xin street area," replied Song Shuhang calmly and firmly.

Since he could not avoid it, then he shall just delay it as long as possible… until he had sufficiently prepared himself mentally. He would accompany Senior White to take the flying classes then. Or rather, learn how to wreck a plane.

"Neighboring town, is there anything you need to do?" Asked Senior White out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang said, "I need to look for a group of people—the underlings of ‘Altar Master’ who tried to steal my things the last time. This time, when Limitless Demon Sect’s ‘Cultivator Sunflower’ tried to steal the Blood God Crystal, he hired them. Since Cultivator Sunflower cooperated with them, you’d never know if they know a thing or two about his origins. If they know which branch in the Limitless Demon Sect he was from, then that would be great."

If I could get hold of the address of the branch Cultivator Sunflower was in, I would be able to send the information to Senior Seven and raze that branch to the ground!

"Hm, alright then. Let’s take flying classes next time then. No worries, we’re not in a rush," Senior White smiled. "After all, there are still so many cars in the garage for us to play with for a long time."

"Haha, Senior, as long as you are happy." The cold sweat on his forehead became a waterfall—was Senior White planning to wipe out a garage full of cars?


Approximately three minutes later, within the Instant Messaging Program, True Monarch Yellow Mountain secretly sent a private message to Song Shuhang, "Little Friend Shuhang, did you bring Senior White out for driving lessons today?"

"Yup," replied Song Shuhang.

"Was it safe?" Asked True Monarch Yellow Mountain—the question was short and snappy, straight to the point!

"Senior Yellow Mountain, I can only say—I survived!" Song Shuhang said emotionally. "Did you know? Senior White added three formations to the car—invisibility formation, soundproof formation, and ‘aura concealing’ to avoid being detected! Lastly, he even added the ‘Green Breeze Speed Boost’."

The corners of True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s mouth twitched.

"In the end, the steering wheel broke and the brakes stopped working. We went off a cliff—but luckily, I received a purple bamboo shoot, which clears one’s nose and enhances one’s sense of smell—very useful for opening the Nose Aperture. Hehehehe."

After that sentence came a string of ‘hehe’ laughs—Song Shuhang wasn’t sure what those ‘hehe’s were supposed to mean, but if he didn’t add them, he would have felt very uneasy.

"…" True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

"Hang in there!" After a while, True Monarch continued, "After this mission is completed, Venerable White will give you a reward. Also, a few of us in the group had discussed it before as well—once you complete the mission, we would also reward you, I guarantee that you’d be satisfied!

After all, Venerable White’s strength and abilities had increased, and so did his destructive powers. Hence, the difficulty level of the mission had also correspondingly increased. A compensation was pretty much necessary.

Song Shuhang hurriedly replied, "I was waiting for you to say that, Senior Yellow Mountain!"

"Also, when you’re free, bring Venerable White along for flying classes." Then, True Monarch Yellow Mountain advised, "Everything else aside, if you take flying lessons with Venerable White, it would definite increase your safety. Think about it, if anything happens on the plane… if you’re alone, you would be dead. But if you learn piloting with him, at least he will be able to use the flying sword to safely escort you back! Am I right?"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s words sure made sense, Song Shuhang felt that he couldn’t reject the idea of bringing Senior White along!

It was true, at least when things went wrong on the plane, Senior White could bring him to safety with his flying sword.

If he thought of it that way, it didn’t seem like a bad idea to take flying lessons with Senior White after all.

"When I’m done with my final exams and settling a personal matter, I will take flying classes together with Senior White," replied Song Shuhang.

After that, he looked enviously at the flying sword beneath his feet.

Being able to operate a flying sword was such a good thing, it was a pity that one had to be in the Fourth Stage Realm in order to be able to do it.

At least for now, this is my biggest goal—to step on the flying sword and soar right up into the skies, how cool is that!

Oh, right, when I have my own flying sword, I definitely must make it slightly bigger and add a guardrail, that way it would be much safer!

Song Shuhang thought to himself.


At the same time, at the Limitless Demon Sect’s headquarters.

After Branch Leader Jing Mo dealt with Mahoraga Peak’s trivial matters, he got on his flying saber and departed towards Jiangnan at high speed.

On his way, he contacted Manager Chen from his branch.

"Manager Chen, how is it going with your investigation on ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’?" Asked Branch Leader Jing Mo in a deep voice, his spiky silver hair fluttering in the wind.

"Branch Leader, a few days ago, we arranged for ‘Cultivator Sunflower’, whose position was the closest to the target, to investigate Stressed by a Mountain of Books. But today, we suddenly lost contact with him, I’m afraid something might have happened and he may’ve met with a calamity. I’ve sent an additional group to investigate the target, they should’ve almost arrived at the location near Jiangnan College Town by now. At least they would be able to find out if and why Cultivator Sunflower was killed before making any decisions," Manager Chen carefully answered, afraid that if he accidentally made a mistake in his reply, it might infuriate Branch Leader Jing Mo.

After listening to this, a ray of lightning flashed through his eyes with a booming sound. He was deep in thoughts as he said, "I somewhat have an impression of that Cultivator Sunflower; if it was really him, he would have proceeded with caution. That ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ is nothing but a newbie who just opened his Heart Aperture—he definitely wouldn’t have been good enough to be his opponent. If Cultivator Sunflower really got finished off, it just means that there was an expert next to Stressed by a Mountain of Books."

While they were talking, the underling next to Manager Chen passed him a document which Cultivator Sunflower sent to the branch before his death with much difficulty via several middlemen.

Manager Chen opened it—it was the information report on ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’, coupled with that on the formidable expert next to him.

"Branch Leader, we just received the information report sent by Cultivator Sunflower a day ago. There is indeed an expert next to that ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’. He is a formidable Cultivator who can create a crater of 30 meters in diameter just by accidentally falling onto the ground," Manager Chen promptly reported.

"A crater 30 meters in diameter, could it be that he is a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor like Su Clan’s Seven?" Branch Leader Jing Mo pondered for a moment and replied, "You guys think of a way to lock onto ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ and that expert’s positions; wait for my return from the branch and then we will go to meet ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ and that senior."

Branch Leader Jing Mo’s tone was full of confidence; he secretly held the protective talisman hanging on his chest between his fingers.

Due to the fact that recently Su Clan’s Seven had been aggressively attacking the different branches of Limitless Demon Sect, he requested his master to give him a protective talisman before he returned to the branch.

This was a ‘Blood Evasion Technique’ protective talisman. Once it was used, not to mention a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spirit Emperor, even a Sixth Stage True Monarch wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on him! Even if he bumped into Su Clan’s Seven, he would still be able to protect his life.

With the protective talisman, he could discreetly close in and observe the expert next to that ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’.

If the expert next to ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ was a Fourth Stage Cultivator, he was confident that he would not lose to him. Seizing the ‘Blood God Crystal’ by force would not be a problem.

If that Cultivator was a Fifth Stage Golden Core expert or stronger, then he would swiftly run for his life. If the other party could sense him and therefore make his move first, at least the protective talisman could protect his life.

After all, the senior next to that Stressed by a Mountain of Books couldn’t be a Seventh Stage Venerable, right?

Of course… if he could meet Song Shuhang one-on-one, it would be so much better. He would be able to avoid a direct confrontation with that expert cultivator and save a lot of energy.
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