221 A pekingese flying an airplane!

Chapter 221: A pekingese flying an airplane!

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Song Shuhang left the space station with ‘Instructor Li Jr.’.

Outside the space station, Venerable White was holding a spacesuit in his hand. As soon as he saw Song Shuhang, he waved at him.

Just now, it was thanks to Senior White’s long-range technique that all the people in the service module had fainted, allowing Song Shuhang to bring out Instructor Li Jr. without problems.

However, he didn’t go with Song Shuhang. He said he needed to take care of something else.

Song Shuhang secretly shot a look at the spacesuit in Venerable White’s hand. The matter Senior White was talking about shouldn’t require getting hold of a spacesuit, right?

"Since we’ve found him, let’s leave. It would be embarrassing to stay in this place any further." Venerable White said via secret sound transmission. After all, they had bumped into someone else’s space station, creating a huge hole within it.

Then, Venerable White activated a sword art. The ‘helicopter-style flying sword’ came over with a whizz and steadily stopped in front of Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang dragged Instructor Li Jr. along and entered the helicopter. Afterward, he used a rope to firmly bind Li Jr. to the seat—this time, he wouldn’t let him float away!

Next, he sat in the backseat and asked, "Senior White, do you want to delete the contents of the surveillance system?"

Sound couldn’t spread in space, but Senior White could understand Shuhang’s words through mental energy.

On the other hand, he could directly deliver his voice in Shuhang’s mind via secret sound transmission.

Therefore, it wasn’t a problem to communicate in space for these two.

Song Shuhang and Venerable White were protected by a magic art and couldn't be discovered by surveillance cameras, but the same couldn't be said for Instructor Li Jr… the process of him floating closer to the space station and getting dragged inside by the other two astronauts should have been recorded.

"Haha. Just now, I went and deleted one hour worth of video records from the space station. However, I have no idea at what intervals they communicate with Earth. If they maintain a connection at all times, that footage might have been already sent to Earth. Actually, even if the footage has reached Earth, it doesn’t really matter." Senior White said with a smile, "When I knocked out those guys in the service module, I also erased their memories. They won’t remember anything that happened in the last one or two hours. Therefore, they won’t remember meeting Instructor Li Jr. when they wake up. At that point, even if the surveillance video has reached the people on Earth, the astronauts will have no recollection of it; it will be ultimately classified as ‘space’s strange events’. Therefore, let them rack their brains and come up with whatever they want."

After all, there were already many similar mysteries regarding space.

For example, a few years ago, the picture of a human silhouette captured on Mars was very hot. There were some other rumors too, such as astronauts seeing something similar to alien spaceships passing by or the moon being an artificial satellite.

Many of these rumors were coming together with pictures and videos as proof. But so what? How many people on Earth were believing them?

After a while, they would be treated as jokes. Maybe the members of some country wouldn’t be satisfied and would invest money to reach the heart of the matter, but they were doomed not to find any valuable information.

"Alright. Let’s search for a place to have fun. Right, you can put on this spacesuit. With that, you’ll finally be able to feel like an astronaut." After saying these words, Senior White delivered the spacesuit to Song Shuhang.

I’ll finally be able to feel like an astronaut?

Song Shuhang took the spacesuit. Right now, he felt both touched and guilty.

He was touched because Senior White still remembered his dream of being an astronaut.

And, he was guilty because this dream was actually a lie.

Well, it wasn’t a complete lie either! Deep down in his heart, he had always wanted to wear a spacesuit and take a stroll in space. This time, he’d just take advantage of the opportunity!

"Thank you, Senior!" Song Shuhang said gratefully.

"You’re welcome." Senior White narrowed his eyes. It seemed he was in a good mood.


Song Shuhang wore the spacesuit. Even if it was cumbersome, it was still very comfortable.

Senior White rode his flying sword, shuttling back and forth in space.

More than thirty minutes later, they finally found an asteroid of a suitable size.

They parked the helicopter on the asteroid, and Song Shuhang, who was wearing a spacesuit, tightly held onto the asteroid with one hand, displaying various poses. In the meantime, Senior White took many pictures.

Then, he exchanged positions with Senior White. Senior White sat with his legs crossed and a hand supporting his chin.

Song Shuhang also took many photos.

Unknowingly, they spent an hour on this small asteroid.

At last, Senior White narrowed his eyes in a smile and said, "Did you have fun?"

"Yes, it was very enjoyable." Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"That’s good. Then, let us return." Senior White faintly smiled and squinted his eyes.

Without him noticing, he had already been with Shuhang for quite some time. In the meantime, he had grasped most of the modern world knowledge too. After instructing Shuhang about a few cultivation-related problems, he was planning to take his leave.

Nothing lasts forever. This trip to space was to compensate Shuhang for the trouble he had caused during the past few days.

"Fine, let’s go!" Song Shuhang stretched himself.

Once he was engrossed in it, he had stopped worrying about this and that. This trip to space had been quite a good experience in the end.

After getting inside the helicopter, Venerable White covered it with a protective barrier.

Afterward, the ‘helicopter-style disposable flying sword’ took off as sword qi erupted from it, finally heading toward Earth.

When the sword qi erupted, the asteroid they had been standing on was split into two pieces.

One of the pieces kept floating in space, but the other one strayed off from its orbit and slowly started to go toward the Earth. Perhaps it would be attracted by the gravitational field of the Earth one day and change into a meteor.


China, True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s immortal cave.

Fairy Lychee was smiling as before as she said, "Then, Senior, let us meet again!"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain in the back also had a bright smile as he waved his hand, "Be careful on your way home. Hahaha."

Fairy Lychee smiled shyly. Then, she rode her flying sword and quickly disappeared from True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s line of sight.

Once Fairy Lychee was gone, True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s bright smile twisted, "DOUDOU!!! You’re dead! Let’s see who is going to save you once I get my hands on you!!"

Just as he was clenching his teeth in anger, his mobile phone rang.

He looked at the phone and discovered that it was Caselli from the Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center.

Why would she call him?

Was it because little friend Shuhang and Senior White caused some problems?

True Monarch Yellow Mountain answered the phone, "Miss Caselli, do you need something?"

"Mr. Huang Wenzhong." Caselli had a sobbing voice, "I need to report you something. It’s about Mr. Song Shuhang and Mr. Song Bai."

"What kind of disaster did they give rise to? Did they destroy some of your aircraft? Don’t worry about that. No matter how much damage they caused, I’ll compensate for it later." Said True Monarch Yellow Mountain with the air of a nouveau riche.

"N-no, it’s not about that." Caselli said somewhat worried, "More than three hours ago, our flight instructor Li Jr. took Mr. Song Bai for a test flight, but we lost contact with the helicopter midway… even up till now, there was no reply from their part. I’m starting to get worried. Maybe they had some problems with the flight? Should we widen the area we’ve been scouring?"

"..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s corner of the mouth twitched. They haven’t returned after three hours, and they even lost contact with them?

Did Little Friend Shuhang’s fears come true and Venerable White sent the aircraft into space?

It can’t possibly be this bad. After all, it was only a helicopter. It’s unlikely that it will end up in space, unless Venerable White magically changed it...

"Cough, cough. You don’t need to worry about them. I’ll try to get in contact with them in a while, and even if something were to happen, I won’t hold you responsible. Leave everything to me." True Monarch Yellow Mountain assured.

After True Monarch’s words, Caselli felt a little more at ease.

"Ah, yes. Mr. Huang Wenzhong, there is another matter that I need to report." Caselli said, stuttering.

Another matter? Except the calamity known as Song Shuhang and Venerable White, what else could have afflicted the training center?

"It happened ten minutes ago… one of the aircraft of the training center suddenly took off without our flight instructor in it." Caselli stopped after speaking these words.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain had a bad premonition after hearing her words.

"Maybe you won’t believe what I’m about to say, and actually, I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. However, I still feel that I should tell you. The one piloting the aircraft wasn’t a person but a pekingese! Mr. Huang Wenzhong, you must believe me. We’ve got no intention of purposely ruining the aircraft and ask you for money, but this pekingese is still smoothly flying the aircraft as we speak! We can even make a video to prove that we’re not lying!" Caselli felt like crying.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, who would believe that a pekingese could fly a helicopter? Moreover, even doing so smoothly?

"..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain clenched his teeth. DOUDOU!! I’ll peel off your fur!!


In the sky, Doudou was very satisfied as he was using his paws to fly the helicopter in circles. He was getting better with every circle.

"Hahaha! I bet Yellow Mountain would be stunned! He didn’t want me to drive a car, so I decided to directly fly a plane! Hahaha!" Doudou said self-satisfied.

The dog fur he had given to Song Shuhang was the main body, and that ‘Doudou’ that had shed the dog fur was the clone.

Doudou, who was in the form of dog fur, had quietly listened to the theoretical lesson while in Song Shuhang’s pocket. Afterward, he had carefully watched Song Shuhang in the flight simulator room.

He had also learned many things while Li Jr. was teaching Song Shuhang.

He waited until Song Shuhang changed into his spacesuit and left. Next, he seized the first opportunity he got and boarded a helicopter.

Then, all the above described things happened...
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