549 Is it out of control? Someone might die!

Chapter 549: Is it out of control? Someone might die!
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In the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

A luminous jellyfish was heading toward Fairy Chu's Celestial Pavilion, and all the plants, people, animals, and rivers it met while crossing the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were frozen in time.

The luminous jellyfish didn't pay attention to the time-frozen disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and directly passed above their heads.

The jellyfish seemed very familiar with the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and thus quickly arrived at Fairy Chu's Celestial Pavilion.

The Celestial Pavilion was Fairy Chu's resting place, and it was full of defensive barriers and mechanism that could let Fairy Chu wake up at the slightest sign of trouble.

But when the luminous jellyfish drifted through the place, none of the secret mechanisms or defensive barriers activated.

It was because Fairy Chu's mechanisms and barriers weren't programmed to guard against it! It meant that Fairy Chu had absolute trust in the jellyfish.

The luminous jellyfish quietly fluttered until arriving next to Fairy Chu.

"Sigh... she is in a deep sleep," the luminous jellyfish said with a sigh. The jellyfish spoke in a human language and had a girlish and pleasant-sounding voice.

Fairy Chu was still into a deep slumber at this time and wasn't showing any sign of waking up.

"I know you are sleeping, but I won't wait for you to wake up. Therefore, you can listen to the words I'm about to say through the surveillance system after you wake up."

After pausing for a moment, the luminous jellyfish continued, "Just as per our agreement, I've been quietly cultivating in the 'Lower City' since the day the Time City was constructed up until now. Simultaneously, I've been guarding the magical technique Slow-Witted Song left behind in the Lower City. During this whole time, seventeen cultivators were lucky enough to barge into the tree hollow I was guarding. It's regrettable that not even one of the previous sixteen cultivators was able to inherit the magical technique that Slow-Witted Song left behind in that place...

But today... the 17th cultivator, a young boy, was able to successfully inherit it after getting in there. Hence, as per our agreement, I'll leave the Time City this very day.

In addition, I'll take with me the 'Dark Night Time Ring' Slow-Witted Song left behind to pass down the technique. As per our agreement, it has to be turned over to me after the duty was completed." After saying this much, the luminous jellyfish swayed its tentacles and revealed a fluorescent black sphere. It was precisely that black sphere with the 88,888 voices inside that almost tortured Song Shuhang to death.

After it was done with its speech, the luminous jellyfish stretched out several of its tentacles and molded them into the form of a human palm, gently patting Fairy Chu's face.

"In that case... let us meet again, Chu," the luminous jellyfish said gently.

I wish you to quickly wake up from this never-ending dreamland, my dear friend.

After saying this much, the luminous jellyfish left a small tentacle next to Fairy Chu's body. The small tentacle would protect her and pass on the jellyfish's message after Fairy Chu had woken up.

After completing its duty, the jellyfish wrapped up the 'Dark Night Time Ring' and fluttered out of the Celestial Pavilion.

Then, its body flickered several times and instantly left the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"Now then, which place should I visit first? Or should I check which of my old friends are still alive?"

After saying this much, the body of the luminous jellyfish flickered again, disappearing in the vast universe...


How did it feel to be hacked into pieces by a thousand blades?

Our Song Shuhang was now aware of the answer!

At this time, he was painfully rolling all over the ground while shedding some not very manly tears. These tears were just a natural reaction of the body. For example, tears would automatically start to flow if one was punched in the nose.

Thirty seconds earlier, after getting a gist of how the appraisal technique worked, Song Shuhang took the human puppet out of his size-reducing purse. All of this while still following the scent Chu Chu left behind in the Time City.

Then, he silently recalled the content of the 88,888 voices and grabbed the waist of the human puppet with both hands, closely staring at it. He was really curious as to what the background of the human puppet was.

In the next moment, something like 10,000 wounds suddenly appeared on his body, making him trip and fall to the ground.

He literally felt as though thousands of blades were slicing him up. At this time, there was hardly any place on his body that wasn't wounded. His whole body was dyed with blood, and he was rolling on the ground in pain.

He wasn't even able to sit or stand, because his butt and the soles of his feet were covered with wounds as well.

Luckily, although the pain was absolutely unbearable, the wounds weren't too deep. They were similar to the wounds that opened on his left hand earlier. They would heal on their own after a few minutes.

The strange injuries that had appeared on his body out of nowhere were one of the 'prices' Song Shuhang had to pay for the usage of the appraisal technique.

The higher the quality of the object, the higher was the price he had to pay to appraise it.

Besides, Song Shuhang was basically ignorant as to how the appraisal technique worked. Only after he had completely recalled the content of the 88,888 voices would he attain the beginner level in regards to this particular secret technique.

After experiencing the excruciating pain, Song Shuhang got some small information about the human puppet.

A tailor-made, high-quality puppet manufactured for one of the VIP clients of the ancient Jet-Black Sect. It has many wondrous uses and needs 50,000 spirit stones of the Eighth Stage to be activated.

50,000 spirit stones of the Eighth Stage?

What kind of nonsense is that!

Even if Song Shuhang were to sell himself ten million times, he wouldn't be able to gather 50,000 spirit stones of the Eighth Stage! For Shuhang, 50,000 spirit stones of Eighth Stage were a sky-high and unaffordable price!

As if that wasn't enough, the puppet was a tailor-made object for one of the VIP clients.

The fact that it was a tailor-made item implied that it possessed unique properties. Perhaps there was some unusual way to control it and only its rightful owner could make use of it.

Such being the case, there was a chance that he might not be able to use it even after spending the 50,000 spirit stones of the Eighth Stage necessary to activate it.

"I'll seal up this damned thing forever!" Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and threw the human puppet back into the size-reducing purse. He wouldn't let that thing come in contact with his spirit stones ever again.

50,000 spirit stones of the Eighth Stage were just too much of a scam.


Around five minutes later, the wounds on Song Shuhang's body finally cicatrized, allowing him to reluctantly move again.

The only problem was the buzzing sound reverberating in his head. It should be the aftereffect of using the appraisal technique several times in a row within a short period of time.

"If possible, it's better not to use this masochist secret technique at all." Song Shuhang still had a lingering fear at this time.

He had to experience the pain of being cut into thousands of pieces just to obtain some small information about the human puppet. His whole body was covered with wounds as a result.

If he were to chance upon something of the same level as the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber and were to appraise it in a fit of retardation, wouldn't he directly lose his life?


Once he slightly recovered from his wounds, Song Shuhang kept looking for Chu Chu.

After half an hour, Shuhang finally managed to find Chu Chu. Miss Chu Chu was currently sitting cross-legged inside a daoist temple, meditating.

After hearing the sound of the approaching footsteps, Chu Chu immediately opened her eyes. Immediately after, she saw Song Shuhang, whose whole body had been dyed with blood. Needless to say, our Shuhang looked extremely pitiful at this time.

At first, Chu Chu was still a little angry. After all, Song Shuhang suddenly disappeared after the activation of the 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique' while they were in the 'Lower City' a few days ago, leaving her to fight against the 108 bronze statues all alone. That day, the bronze statues bullied her until making her miserable, and she had to use two precious talismans in order to get away from their encirclement.

Therefore, Chu Chu was planning to complain to Song Shuhang as soon as he saw him.

But after seeing Song Shuhang's blood-soaked figure, who looked like someone that had just come out of hell, the anger in Chu Chu's heart vanished without a trace.

From the looks of it, Song Shuhang suffered even more than her during the past few days! As a result, Miss Chu Chu's heart became peaceful once again.

Chu Chu stood up and approached Song Shuhang, asking, "Fellow Daoist Shuhang, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. The wounds I received aren't too deep." Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said, "Right. Miss Chu Chu, did you obtain any clue about the exit during the past few days?"

Chu Chu shook her head.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said, "Sigh~ It seems we'll have to keep looking for an exit until Pavilion Master Chu finally remembers about us and comes to pick us up."

"Yes, we should try our best." Chu Chu faintly smiled and nodded. This coincidentally conformed to her wishes. After all, she really wanted to keep practicing inside the Lower City for a few more days.

Thereupon, the two stretched out their arms and gently shook their hands with an understanding smile on their faces.


But just as Song Shuhang shook hands with Chu Chu, thirty or so wounds appeared on his right hand, and fresh blood spurted out! The blood spurted out vigorously, and even Chu Chu's hand was completely dyed with blood.

F*ck, what's happening? I didn't even use the secret appraisal technique... why did these wounds suddenly appear on my hand? Song Shuhang was likewise dumbfounded.

Next followed an intense pain that made Song Shuhang clench his teeth. The number of wounds was much inferior to when he accidentally appraised the mirror, but the thirty or so wounds that had opened just now were both deeper and painful! The quantity of blood that had spurted out was also higher.

"Fellow Daoist Shuhang, your wounds opened again!" Chu Chu quickly took out a bandage from behind her body and dressed the wound for him.

Just as Chu Chu was dressing his wound, runes flowed out of Song Shuhang's eyes and fell onto Chu Chu's back, forming the picture of a clock.

The hands of the clock turned counter-clockwise once again.

After a few breaths, the clock had managed to successfully collect the information related to Chu Chu's life and background.

Immediately after, the runes returned to Song Shuhang's eyes as though they were the running water of a river.

During the whole process, Chu Chu didn't react one bit to the changes that were happening. She didn't notice the runes flowing out of Song Shuhang's eyes or forming of the picture of a clock on her back.

Ultimately, pieces of information related to Chu Chu were transmitted to Song Shuhang's mind.

It's a young female cultivator. Age: 28. Cultivation level: Second Stage Fifth Dantian 'Dragon Palm Dantian' Realm. Height: 1.68 cm. Weight: 48 kg. Her potential is huge, and her innate talent is also pretty good.

Song Shuhang felt that he had been scammed. He already knew all of this!

As if that wasn't enough, he knew way more than that!

After all, he once experienced Chu Chu's life while dreaming. One could say that he was one of the people that understood Chu Chu the most in this world. He understood her even more than her own mother!

However... this wasn't the problem!

The problem was that he clearly hadn't activated the appraisal technique, neither he tried to recall the 88,888 voices!

Why did blood suddenly spurt out of my body?

Is it possible that the secret technique is out of control?

That's bad... if it's really out of control, I might die! Even a cultivator of the Second Stage will end up dead if they lose too much blood!
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