Chapter 464: Weeping Soul Pearl

Chapter 464: Weeping Soul Pearl

Han Li glanced at her and calmly said, “It was but a minor effort! Now that Fellow Daoist Yuan is out of danger, I will be taking my leave.” He then turned around and walked away without any intent to stay.

Still shaken from her near death encounter, Yuan Yao turned pale at this and was incapable of staying reserved. She hastily said, “Brother Han, I still haven’t expressed my thanks for saving my life.” The gorgeous woman’s delicate appearance tugged at the hearts of those who saw it.

However, Han Li didn’t turn around and merely gave an indifferent response, “I don’t need your thanks. I merely assisted you for a moment and cannot help you the entire way through. Do your best, Lady Yuan!”

After this was said, Han Li was already forty meters away, walking at a breakneck speed.

This only caused Yuan Yao’s pale face to become even more panicked. She no longer possessed the strength to resist the scorching heat, let alone any more Ironfire Ants she may encounter. She was unable to give up as Han Li held the string that her life hung upon!

But as a result, her charming pleas were completely ignored as Han Li further walked away.

She revealed apprehension at Han Li’s indifferent response and could only say what Han Li expected to hear.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Please wait! So long as Fellow Daoist Han is willing to protect me on this path, I will bestow a grand treasure to you. Your magic power won’t be used in vain.”

“A grand treasure?” Han Li stayed still, revealing slight hesitation.

Seeing that Han Li appeared interested, she didn’t dare to be negligent. “I still have many Green Flameblasts that I am willing to give Fellow Daoist.”

“That was the green pellet that you had used a moment ago? It is quite the uncommon item.” Han Li slowly turned around with an expression of deep consideration.

Since he had acted to save the woman, he naturally didn’t intend on truly abandoning her. Besides, he had saved her with another reason in mind. His previous act was merely taking one step back so he could take two steps forward. Now that this woman took the initiative to request his aid, his objective was fulfilled. He reckoned that if he were to demand greater concessions, she could only begrudgingly accept.

This beautiful woman clearly understood this. Regardless of whether it was for paying Han Li for his previous rescue or his continued protection, Yuan Yao had no choice but to continue with a helpless expression, “The Green Flameblasts are firebombs secretly refined by the Devil Dao’s Pure Yang Sect. Not only does each one require a great quantity of rare resources to refine, but it also consumes a great amount of time. Their might is equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator’s Yang Essence Flame. I still have three of them and will give them to you.” The woman’s expression grew more determined as she spoke. She extended her snow white hand to reveal three pellets shining with a gentle green light.

At that moment, Han Li unhurriedly walked back over and glanced at the three pellets. He calmly said, “These Green Flameblasts truly are an exceptional treasure, but it isn’t enough for me to take such a large risk. Bringing you through this path will double my magic power consumption at the very least. Does Fellow Daoist Yuan truly think this is worth that level of danger?” Han Li’s words faintly concealed a trace of mockery.

Yuan Yao’s beautiful expression fluctuated for a long while before settling on a charming smile.

“Brother Han, please don’t hesitate to state your conditions. This young woman doesn’t wish to continue speaking in circles. Could it be that Fellow Daoist wishes for me to give my heart to you?” Yuan Yao turned her hips and puffed up her soft chest, showing off their exceptional plumpness. Her bright eyes were filled with a peculiar haze that was beyond flirtatious.

Han Li was somewhat stunned by the woman’s gorgeous beauty. But he soon narrowed his eyes and sized up her dainty, well-rounded body. The woman blushed at his unrestrained gaze. Her beautiful eyes became increasingly bright and captivating as if capable of enrapturing the deepest depths of a man’s heart.

Han Li stroked his chin and calmly spoke with a radiant gaze, “As expected, Yuan Yao’s full use of her charming technique along with her beautiful appearance is without match! However, since it has no effect on me, Fellow Daoist had best save her magic power for survival instead.”

Tearing off her beautiful guise and halting her charming technique, she flusteredly said, “Humph! What a crude, uncultured boor! You don’t hold the compassion for women in the slightest.”

Han Li insincerely smiled, saying, “How could Lady Yao say that? If this weren’t such a place as dangerous as the Heavenvoid Hall, I definitely wouldn’t have refused your seductions. But, here we are, hehe….”

“You sure like to dream. If it weren’t this place, how else could I have possibly thrown myself into your arms?” Yuan Yao glared at Han Li with a resentful gaze.

“It seems I’ve saved the wrong person. Since this is the case, I don’t wish for Fellow Daoist Yuan to give her heart to me. And there is also no need to express your thanks for my rescue. I’ll be taking me leave.” As if to deliberately anger the woman, he cupped his hands to her as if he were about to set off.

Seeing this, Yuan Yao’s words immediately grew soft and she returned to being lovingly pitiful. “Brother Han! It was my wrong, please don’t be angry. Please don’t hesitate to say what must be done to receive your assistance through the Path of Molten Rock. I will absolutely do as you ask! Could it be that Daoist doesn’t wish to help this poor woman despite being her acquaintance for a hundred years and a fellow companion that accompanied you through the ghost mist? As for treasure, apart from these Green Flameblasts, I have no other treasures to give you.”

Although Han Li was wearing a mysterious smile, he inwardly felt astonished.

Yuan Yao was a truly fickle person. Standing tall one second, and submitting the next! From her currently powerless pleads, her recent mature, flirtatious charms, to her proud, elegant impression from the very beginning, all of them had given Han Li a distinct, unique impression. How truly strange! As this woman was capable of cultivating to Core Formation stage from Qi Condensation stage in only a hundred years, she was by no means ordinary.

With this thought, Han Li started to mutter himself. Yuan Yao revealed a hopeful expression as she nervously stared at him.

After a short moment, he looked up and spoke with seemingly great reluctance, “Since Lady Yuan is an acquaintance I had met over a hundred years ago, I would appear truly heartless if I do not protect you. However, I was never someone to work for free. If Fellow Daoist Yuan Yao wishes for me to take her through the Path of Molten Rock, then how about she gives me the Weeping Soul Beast? I am extremely interested in the beast’s soul absorption abilities.”

After walking around so many pretenses and plots, Han Li finally stated what he wanted from the woman from the very start. With this strange beast, he’d be more confident in working together with the old ghost Bone Sage. From what he had seen, this Weeping Soul Beast was by no means weak.

“You want the Weeping Soul Beast?” Yuan Yao eyes widened after hearing Han Li as if she couldn’t believe what he had said.

“What? Will it not do?” Han Li’s expression sunk, and his voice grew cold.

“If I give the Weeping Soul Beast to you, you will take me through the Path of Molten Rock?” Yuan Yao asked Han Li this question word by word as she stared him with a strange expression.

“That’s right!” Han Li frowned but still spoke with certainty. He faintly felt that that there was something amiss.

“That’s good. Then I will give it to you.” After Han Li confirmed this, he immediately took a spirit beast pouch at her waist and gave it to Han Li without the slightest hesitation.

Han Li blinked with a nervous heart. Why was it that it appeared that she was so impatient to give the Weeping Soul Beast to him. Could it be that there is something wrong with the Weeping Soul Beast?

After thinking for a moment, he calmly took the spirit beast pouch into his hand. He swept his spiritual sense inside to see the Weeping Soul Beast soundly asleep.

Han Li nodded his head and put the spirit beast pouch at his waist. Just as he thought to say something, Yuan Yao opened her mouth and spat out a dark grey pearl into her palm.

“This is the Weeping Soul Pearl. It is the item used to control the Weeping Soul Beast. If you refine this like you would with an ordinary magic treasure, the Weeping Soul Beast will be forever yours. I haven’t owned the beast for long and haven’t completely refined its pearl. You can forcefully erase the traces of my spiritual sense from it without problem.” Yuan Yao chuckled and gave it to Han Li.

Han Li looked at the Weeping Soul Peal with interest and didn’t move to take it. This pearl was something that he had known about from Fairy Violet Spirit when he inquired about the Weeping Soul Beast.

He later realized that she was incapable of smoothly controlling the Weeping Soul Beast because she hadn’t fully refined the Weeping Soul Pearl during that time. This had raised his interest in acquiring the strange beast.

But seeing as she had so quickly gave it to him with delighted expression as if she ridding herself of a demonic plague, Han Li grew greatly hesitant and didn’t hurry to take the pearl.
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