Chapter 554: Rush to the Exquisite Sound Sec

Chapter 554: Rush to the Exquisite Sound Sect

At Han Li’s current cultivation, even without the use of the blood-red cloak or the Thunderstorm Wings, he was capable of flight at an astonishing speed. In less than half a month, Han Li had arrived at the desolate island that was once the location of the Exquisite Sound Sect’s hidden city. After sweeping his spiritual sense throughout the island, he didn’t find a single soul. It seemed he would have to search for humans and acquire the information from them.

Han Li glanced around and casually chose a direction, before disappearing in a streak of azure light.

Since the Exquisite Sound Sect had already moved after establishing their city on this island, they shouldn’t have moved far away. Additionally, these seas should be an area where human cultivators gathered. He was confident that with his vast spiritual sense, he would be able to find some human cultivators without much effort. As expected, about half a day later, Han Li discovered traces of human cultivators on a medium sized island. Not only a single human cultivator, but many.

Looking down from the sky, he saw many male and female cultivators being besieged by two grade four demon beasts from the nearby seas.

When Han Li spotted a few familiar faces among them, he faintly smiled.

Soon after, Han Li used the appearance exchange art to assume the form of a dark-skinned middle-aged man. He then casually launched two azure swordstreaks with a wave of his hand. With a flash of light, a hole appeared through the heads of each of the demon beasts as they fell to the ground.

This display had alarmed the many cultivators below. They immediately turned their heads towards the sky to discover Han Li. An uproar had risen among the cultivators at the appearance of the newly arrived expert.

After consulting among themselves, a large man with an embroidered robe flew towards Han Li.

“Many thanks for Senior’s assistance. Is there anything that us Juniors may help you with?”

Although the large, embroidered-robed man spoke with a respectful tone, a trace of unease could be seen from his face. Just why did this Core Formation cultivator suddenly appear at this island?

Han Li didn’t immediately respond upon seeing Yi Jing, the embroidered-robed man that Han Li had teleported with to Profound Depths Island. Han Li narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze past the rest of the cultivators, only to recognize the scar-faced man Xu Yun. There were none of the other cultivators that had arrived at Wondrous Depths Island along with him.

As for Yi Jing and Xu Yun, it seemed they had failed at forming a core, since they were still at late Foundation Establishment despite the many years that had passed.

Yi Jing grew somewhat nervous upon seeing Han Li looming in silence. After a moment of hesitation, he was about to speak when Han Li had cut him off , “I am looking for the Exquisite Sound Sect’s hidden city. Do you know the next time it will be open and where it will be?”

With an indifferent expression, Han Li gazed intently at Yi Jing’s face.

When he heard Han Li’s question, Yi Jing’s expression relaxed and he tactfully replied, “Senior, the Exquisite Sound Sect’s city will be opening in about a month. The city is set to open at Twin Peaks Island. It is several days west of here. If Senior wishes to go, Junior can bring him there.”

Han Li shook his head and mildly said, “There’s no need for that. It’ll be fine if you just give me a map.” He had no interest in reminiscing about times long past with this person.

The man was quite lucky. He managed to survive through the Beast Torrent, but the others likely didn’t share the same fate as him, causing Han Li to feel a slight sadness.

“Yes! Senior, here is a map of the sea and the location of the hidden city.”

Yi Jing revealed slight disappointment, but he still hoped to forge a friendly relationship with the Senior before him. With each passing day, the Outer Star Seas became increasingly dangerous. It would be greatly advantageous to be acquainted with a Core Formation cultivator.

But after taking another glance at Han Li’s detached expression, he could only drop the matter and take out a jade slip from his robes. He recorded the location of the Exquisite Sound Sect into the jade slip and offered it to Han Li with both his hands.

Han Li received it with a nod and took a quick look through it with his spiritual sense. Then without the slightest intent of staying, Han Li rushed through skies in a streak of azure light.

The low grade cultivators that were left behind gazed at him with envy. In the Outer Star Seas as of current, cultivators at Foundation Establishment and lower didn’t have the freedom to stray too far from their cave residences.

Han Li wasn’t about to meekly wait for another month. He feared that if he didn’t leave by then, Feng Xi would come knocking at his door. As a result, he was prepared to pay a significant sum to quietly teleport. Of course, if they refused or became too greedy, he wasn’t going to shy away from force.

Several days later, Han Li arrived at Twin Peaks Mountain. The island was quite expansive and had two huge mountains that were nearly the same in height.

After flying several times around one of the mountains, he found the entrance to hidden city as described on the map. After a moment of hesitation, Han Li changed his appearance back to that when he had last visited the city. He then descended at the center of the mountain and took several steps towards a tree that was ten meters wide and about a hundred meters tall.

He expressionlessly glanced at the huge tree and he couldn’t help but scoff. He lightly flicked his finger, sending three orbs of white light to directly knock against the tree’s bark.

A short moment later, azure light flashed and an opening appeared from the tree bark. A white-clothed old man at late Foundation Establishment walked out. He was the same gatekeeper that was in charge of the city the last time he was here.

The old man recognized Han Li at a glance.

After all, there were very few Core Formation cultivators that had attended the meetings of the hidden city. Additionally, he caught a few rumors in the last opening of the market city that this single cultivator had managed to suppress over ten Core Formation cultivators. It was very likely that this person was a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Upon seeing Han Li, the old man lowered his head and hastily gave him a deep salute, “So it was Senior Li. I hope Senior won’t take offense, but may I ask what is your business for coming? There is still a month before our hidden city convenes. There are no treasures for Senior to browse.”

The old man spoke with a respectful tone, but his eyes appeared puzzled.

Han Li examined the old man and raised his head, speaking in a deliberately arrogant manner, “I haven’t come for the hidden city. I’ve come to meet Sect Master Fan or Elder Yun.”

“You wish to see the Sect Master or Elder Yun?”

The old man paused for a moment before revealing a trace of hesitation.

“What? Can’t I?” Han Li’s tone was void of emotion and his expression grew eerie.

When the old man saw this, he shivered and immediately smiled, saying, “Of course you can!” A trace of cold sweat could be seen from his brow.

After some thought, the old man sincerely said, “Were it anyone else, it wouldn’t do. But since Senior personally arrived, Then it must be about something important. This little old man will report back. Just as it so happens, Sect Leader Fan recently arrived to take care of arrangements for the hidden city. Senior, please wait for a moment!” He decided to hand off this troublesome matter to those above him. He couldn’t afford to offend such a fearsome character!

Han Li was happy to find that Lady Fan was present and his expression relaxed. He then said, “Then please be quick about it. I don’t have much time.”

The old man felt relief and hastily replied, “Yes, Junior will use a voice transmission talisman to inform the Sect Master. It will take just a moment!” If Han Li decided to force his way through, he would only be able to watch him helplessly. There would be no way he would throw his life away to block him. As a result, he took out a sound transmission talisman in front of Han Li and sent it into the tree’s opening.

After seeing the the sound transmission talisman disappear, Han Li expressionlessly asked, “Where is Elder Yun? Why isn’t he with your Sect Master?”

The old man’s expression grew unsightly. He hesitated for a moment before muttering, “This… Junior truly doesn’t know about the whereabouts of Sect Leader Yun. Matters regarded this recent market city were all handled by the Sect Master alone.”

Upon seeing the old man’s expression, Han Li undoubtedly knew what the old had meant. With a cold chuckle, he no longer continued to ask the old man any questions, much to his relief.

A short moment later, the white clothed cultivator received a sound transmission talisman. After quickly examining it with his spiritual sense, he respectfully said, “Senior Li, our Sect Master invites you inside for a chat. I will lead the way.”

Han Li indifferently replied, “Go ahead.”

The city down below the tree was largely the same as the last hidden city. There were two floors of a large underground expanse. But this time, apart from the many low grade Exquisite Sound Sect disciples preparing the city, there were no others inside.

The old man quickly brought Han Li to a stone wall that was attended by two outstandingly beautiful female cultivators.

The two female cultivators both respectfully bowed to Han Li with a flushed complexion and charmingly said, “We pay our respects to Senior Li. The Sect Master welcomes you! She is honored by your presence.”
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