Chapter 11: You're Sick, I Can Cure It!

Chapter 11: You're Sick, I Can Cure It!

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It was as if a raging tornado swept through the cabin!

The sturdy pear shaped wooden dining table shattered instantly!

The cutlery and utensils on the table also turned to pulp in the blink of an eye!

Soup and drinks spilled all over the floor!

The few people on the scene staggered to their feet as they manoeuvred to save themselves.

Xie Tianyu’s was immediately sent flying and smashed into the wall with a thunderous crash, almost as if he was hit by a speeding train.

The impact was so great he was sent flying through the wall and into the next cabin, leaving a man sized hole in the wall. Fortunately, there was no one in the next cabin, else, they would have been scared half to death.

The cabin instantly became deadly silent

Everyone stared at Chu Yu in aghast. To be accurate, they were staring at the sparrow squatting on his shoulder.

Their expressions were extremely entertaining, paled as though they had seen a ghost.

Was this a spiritual sparrow?

Even though the bird did not target them, the seismic power and wind that accompanied the attack had almost been too much for them to handle.

As for Xie Tianyu who took the brunt of the impact... one could only imagine how he felt.

It didn't actually kill him, did it?

Even Chu Yu twitched as he cussed the methods of Lord Thief internally.

Then he heard Lord Thief’s next words, "That child uses more underhand methods than me!"

The action shocked the entire club, and they all gathered around the wall hastily.

Xie Tianyu lay beaten in the next cabin, unmoving.

All the youths at the scene were shocked stiff.

One of the youths with deep eye bags took a cold, deep breath and looked at Chu Yu with traces of fear in his eyes. He said solemnly, "that's too much!"

The calm youth in his late twenties also stared coldly at Chu Yu, his eyes full of hatred.

At this point, many had entered the cabin upon hearing the commotion. They were well and truly stunned by what they saw.

The boss of this private club was a middle aged man in his forties. He was relatively thin, grew a moustache and looked relatively civilised.

He looked solemnly at Chu Yu and said, "My friend, isn't this a little too much?"

Chu Yu looked at him and asked, "And you are?"

"I am the boss here." The middle aged man replied flatly.

Anyone who knew him well knew that this man had a lot of backing and influence in Yan Jing. He was also quite well trained.

More importantly, he had a bad temper!

Yet, this man was very smart and had a keen eye. He was very clear on what attitude to use to deal with different people.

Anyone who dared to confront Xie Tianyu head on, and was able to injure him without regard for the consequences, was no ordinary man!

"I'm sorry, everything that was destroyed..." Chu Yu grinned.

The rage the owner felt subsided a little. At least this man had some decency.

"Shall be compensated by Xie Tianyu." Chu Yu finished.

The cabin fell silent. Eyes widened and jaws dropped as they stared at Chu Yu.

Even the middle aged man was stunned. If it wasn't for his shrewdness, he would not have been able to resist asking, "How shameless are you?

You assault a man half to death, and you still want him to pay damages?"

"If I may, may I know where you're from? I think I've seen you somewhere before." The middle aged man took a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart, and asked solemnly.

"Save yourself the trouble." Chu Yu looked expressionlessly at the middle aged man, before saying icily, "Xie Tianyu, get out here quickly and tell the boss that you'll pay the damages. Don't just play dead, or I'll tell my Lord Thief to sh*t in your mouth."

Everyone was shocked beyond belief.

However, Lord Thief was unhappy with that suggestion, "What did you say? His face looks like the aftermath of a car accident. How dirty! And you want me to sh*t there? How pathetic?"

"..." upon hearing such an exchange, many almost fainted.

This sparrow was really courting death! He had insulted so many people.

Upon hearing the exchange, even the usually composed Xiao Yue did not know to laugh or cry. She could only chide the bird’s lack of morals internally.

"Chu Yu... I'm not done with you!" At this point, Xue Tianyu wriggled his way back through a hole in the wall. He looked pathetic, but he radiated a murderous aura.

The crowd were shocked by what they say. Half of Xie Tianyu’s face was swollen like a dumpling, his eyes were squeezed shut, and blood ran from the corners of his eyes.

The other half of his face was also swollen. His only open eye radiated a cold, terrifying glow.

"Beat him!" Chu Yu commanded.

"Hold up..." but the middle aged man was too slow.

The cabin was once again abused by a strong gust of wind, causing everyone to retreat in fear.

Amongst the crowd, only a select few could steady themselves, but they too found it difficult.


Xie Tianyu was once again knocked into the air, through the same cavity and into the adjacent cabin.

"Young man, do you really think that you can do as you please in my Flying Dragon Club?" The middle man raged as he stared coldly at Chu Yu, his eyes about to burst into flames.

Xiao Yue suddenly interrupted, "Boss Long, he is from the Northern Chu Clan and this is a personal vendetta."

"The Northern Chu Clan?"

The stares of the crowd froze. When they recovered from the shock, they regarded Chu Yu with

more respect.

Chu Yu was taken aback when he saw that this pretty girl was speaking up for him. Yet, he had no idea why she was doing it.

The middle aged man sighed, "Even if it's the Northern Chu Clan, they can't be unreasonable. I don't care about your personal vendettas, but if you thrash them out here, you're not according me the proper respect!"

"Like I said before, Xie Tianyu will compensate you for all the damages here." As Chu Yu spoke, he sprinted to the adjacent cabin, "Isn't that right?"

"F*ck you..." came the faint reply from the other side.

"It seems like you haven't learnt your lesson." Chu Yu rummaged around. Even though the furniture in this cabin have been shattered by the strong gusts of wind, the adjacent cabin was in pristine condition.

Chu Yu went through the hole in the wall and into the next cabin, switching on the lights as he did so. He looked around before picking up a vase almost two feet tall from the display stands.

He glanced at Xie Tianyu before turning to Lord Thief to berate it. "Why did you hit him twice on the same side? Don't you know that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? When things are unequal I feel very uneasy."

As he spoke, he walked in front of Xie Tianyu and raised the heavy vase.

"What... what are you doing?" Xie Tianyu lay on the floor as he looked at Chu Yu in horror.

"I'm helping you equalize things." Chu Yu replied.

The middle aged man who followed behind was also shocked. "Don't... don't do it!" He hollered.

Xie Tianyu was on the brink of tears, and cursed the inaction of the people around him internally. Why was he still talking to Chu Yu instead of restraining him?

Why weren't the rest, Castellan Dong, Lu Feng... why weren't they restraining Chu Yu?

And then there was Xiao Yue. Haven't I treated you well? Why weren't you doing anything? Xie Tianyu sulked and complained internally, his hatred for Chu Yu reaching a new high.

Previously, he had only wanted to kill Chu Yu because he was an obstacle.

Now, he had a deep seeded hatred against Chu Yu.

It was obvious that news of this incident would spread across the entire city tomorrow. His reputation would be ruined!

Chu Yu... I will never let you off! Xie Tianyu gritted his teeth and swore to himself.

Chu Yu raised the two feet tall ceramic vase. That required quite a some effort, to the point that some were worried the vase would fall on his own head.

Just as the middle aged man was about to step up to restrain Chu Yu, everyone shook their head slightly and he stopped in his tracks.

The bird... was way scarier than the man!

In the next moment, Chu Yu brought the vase down to bear, smashing it onto Xie Tianyu’s head.

Everyone gasped!

What a vicious attack!

Just as Castellan Dong and Lu Feng were about to step forward to break up the engagement, Lord Thief on Chu Yu’s shoulder let out a terrifying aura.

The two of the paled instantly and retreated.



This firm and heavy ceramic vase smashed onto Xie Tianyu’s head viciously.

The vase shattered and Xie Tianyu began bleeding from the head.

Looking at his face, there was no resemblance to a human,even his parents could not recognise him.

No matter how high Xie Tianyu’s cultivation level, no matter how tough his flesh, he could not take the abuse from so many hits. He finally caved, eyes rolling to the back of his head, and fainted.

"I thought someone with such high cultivation was supposed to have tough flesh, why is it not resistant to smashing?" Chu Yu muttered to himself, his expression confused.

"How weak!" Lord Thief mocked.

Everyone who had followed into the adjacent cabin were on the verge of collapsing!

If it was you lying there, that hit would have been sufficient to kill you and smash your brains! They thought to themselves.

Xiao Yue looked and Chu Yu and said, "He made two attempts on your life. What you did to him today, was not unreasonable."

Everyone stiffened briefly, especially those who were just with Xie Tianyu. Castellan Dong, Lu Feng and the pretty girl all looked at Xiao Yue, speechless. Was this girl insane or stupid? How could she say such things in public? They thought to themselves.

Xiao Yue, oblivious to how others regarded her, continued, "However, even if you kill him, it is of no benefit to you."

Chu Yu looked at her, "What do you suggest?"

"Why not just forget about it." Xiao Yue said, her tone serious.

Forget about it?

Everyone stood around speechless, but they were all thinking the same thought. Even if Chu Yu was willing to forget about it, Xie Tianyu was unlikely to let bygones be bygones.

Chu Yu frowned and stared at Xiao Yue, "Are you pleading for mercy on his behalf?"

Xiao Yue replied flatly, "I am doing this for your own good."

Lord Thief chimed in, "Seeing how handsome you are, she must be in love with you!"

Having been schooled thoroughly by Chu Yu previously, Lord Thief resorted to pandering.

Xiao Yue’s beautiful eyes momentarily burst into flames.

However, she had seen the character of this bird, and knew that nothing good ever came out from its mouth.

She could only pretend she heard nothing.

"Are you ill?" Chu Yu frowned at Xiao Yue.

"Do you have the cure?" Xiao Yue replied expressionlessly.

A wave of speechlessness came over the crowd once again as they thought to themselves, this scion of the Chu Clan is indeed one of a kind.

Anyone who met him hated him!

Indeed, the bird takes after the owner.

And then there was this beautiful girl who looked so cultured on the outside, but she was also one of a kind.

All of a sudden, the crowd seemed to feel that Xiao Yue and Chu Yu matched each other rather well...

At this point, Chu Yu replied, "Follow me, I can make you better."

Without a second glance, Chu Yu left.

Those who were dining with Xie Tianyu hesitated for a moment, but none dared to restrain Chu Yu.

They were not scared of Chu Yu, he had no aura about him. Just by the amount of effort he required to lift up that vase, they could tell that he was a trash that couldn’t cultivate.

The key was that Lord Thief, it was too terrifying!

Just the aura it radiated was sufficient to scare people from approaching it. If not for its foul mouth, that bird would be a great master!

What surprised everyone further was that beautiful Xiao Yue actually followed Chu Yu out after a brief moment of hesitation

Seeing this, their eyes fell to the floor.
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