Chapter 103: Ancient Life Form

Chapter 103: Ancient Life Form

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This Kings Realm cultivator was absolutely terrified and a little lost, and he was unable to treat the Supreme Realm ancestor the first chance he got.

Afterwhich, he quickly bent over, retrieved various pills and fed them to this ancestor.

However, this ancestor of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai suffered injuries that were too severe. He had previously taken various superior pills, but to no avail.

The King’s Realm cultivator felt an aura of death around the ancestor’s chest.

He tore open the ancestor’s clothes, his face filled with aghast.

His chest was covered by a black palm print. The aura of death was being emitted from this print.

It felt like it was squashing all the life essence!

"Ancestor! Wake up, you can’t die!"

The King’s Realm cultivator screamed.

The ancestor awoke, his voice weak, "Quickly... leave this place... inform the sect... immediately... that... that there are people from the ancient times... who are still alive... existing..."

After the ancestor stumbled through his sentence, his head cocked and he died instantly!

This was a Supreme Realm cultivator!

Even before his Nascent Soul could escape, all of his life essence was completely snuffed out, causing his Nascent Soul to die with him!

This King’s Realm cultivator felt an icy chill down his spine!

At this point, another two men rushed out of the magical formation.

Once they got out, they spit out mouthfuls of blood.

The King’s realm cultivator was about to collapse. The two men who exited were the other two Supreme Realm cultivators!

"Quick... quickly inform the sect, don’t ever come here, don’t ever come her!"

One of the Supreme Realm ancestors shouted whilst spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

"The five King’s Realm cultivators... are all dead... all dead!"

The other Supreme Realm ancestor cried out.


A loud sound echoed out.

The powerful magical formation behind them exploded instantly!

A terrifyingly powerful wave of energy could be felt, throwing the two injured Supreme Realm cultivators some distance away.

The King’s Realm cultivator suffered a worse fate. Even before he could react, his body shattered!

It was smashed to smithereens on the spot!

Even Chu Yu, who was some distance away, and Zhao Mantian, who was hiding in the darkness, were scared stiff.

What was this?

There was someone inside the ancient monument?

Someone who had survived from the ancient days?

Isn't that a little ridiculous?

Other than saints, who could live for 6000 years?


When he thought of such a possibility, Zhao Mantian immediately became much more solemn.

He then raised his head and looked in that direction.

A huge figure, radiating with limitless power, was enveloped by a layer of light, a spear in his hand.

That spear shot out rays of light in all directions and it was impossible to see it's original color.

This man exited the ancient monument with slow, measured steps.

He walked over to one of the Supreme Realm cultivators, raised his spear, and attacked!

This spear was like a bolt of lightning!

It penetrated the forehead of that Supreme Realm cultivator.

A powerful cultivator died on the spot.

This figure then walked over to the other Supreme Realm cultivator.

This Supreme Realm cultivator had a strong defensive magical equipment to protect himself. Even though he suffered serious injuries, they were not life threatening.

He looked at the approaching figure and cried, "Why? We had no intention to disturb you, we were just treasure hunting, we have alr apolog..."

Apologizing was clearly useless.


A hole instantly appeared in his forehead.

It was pierced by a single strike from the spear!

It was completely terrifying!

Chu Yu saw this from afar. He didn't care about anything else, instantly sent out a message to Zhao Mantian, asking him to get to a position about a mile away.

"I will guide you in!"

Zhao Mantian was extremely quick. Like a bolt of lightning, he appeared at a position 500m from Chu Yu.

Chu Yu used his Pill Bending technique to spread the poison mist and guide Zhao Mantian inside.

Only when he was in the safe zone did Chu Yu sigh and wipe the sweat off his forehead.

He looked at Zhao Mantian apprehensively.

Zhao Mantian also looked solemnly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Zhao Mantian, "As long as the person isn't past the True Lord Realm, they would be unable to enter!"

Zhao Mantian nodded, he believed Chu Yu wouldn't lie.

Even though he had no idea how Chu Yu did it.

During the time that Chu Yu guided Zhao Mantian over, that figure merely glanced in this direction.

But he did not come over.

After killing that Supreme Realm cultivator, this figure held the spear in his hand and disappeared.

Only then did Chu Yu relax. His expression was still one of aghast as he looked at Zhao Mantian, about to speak.

Zhao Mantian immediately yanked him behind.

At this point, a ray of light could be seen from a long distance away!

Almost like a shooting star!

Zhao Mantian bellowed and offered a powerful magical weapon.

It was a tortoise shell, about the size of a huge wheel!


A dull echo resounded throughout the space.

Zhao Mantian’s body shook as he fought hard to keep his position, however, a stream of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

The huge tortoise shell was still unmarked and unharmed.

That ray of light immediately returned to the hand of that figure.

That was the spear!

For some reason, that man had returned to kill the two of them.

Chu Yu was furious and he bellowed, "We have no feud with you, and we didn't disturb you, why are you attacking us?"

The figure did not reply, he simply grabbed his spear and lunged straight for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu grit his teeth, spreading out the poisonous mist and running out. He then threw a handful of the poison pills a long distance!

With his current power, throwing the pills miles away was no problem.

Bang bang bang!

Seven poison pills exploded in the distance.

But this figure was way too fast!

He quickly burst out of the poisonous mist and reached a position within 500m of Chu Yu.

At the same time, he raised his arm and threw the spear at Chu Yu once again.

The spear... was much scarier than the arrow!

Zhao Mantian controlled the Turtle Shell to shield Chu Yu and bellowed, "Stand back!"

Chu Yu felt that death had already locked onto him!

It felt like the spear was going to fall on his head at any time.

That sort of spiritual feeling made his hair stand.


A wave of power from his forehead gave him a sudden burst of energy and focus.

Chu Yu bellowed and used the Pill Bending technique to direct the poisonous gas to surround that figure!


That spear still flew towards Chu Yu.


The turtle shell in front of Chu Yu echoed out again.

Zhao Mantian screamed at spat out yet another mouthful of blood.

Even Chu Yu was impacted by the force and spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, his mental fortitude had already reached a maximum!

He directed that cloud of poison, enveloping that figure.


That figure began to fly into the sky.

However, a small amount of the poison still managed to find its mark.

This man screamed horrifically.

That was unbelievably harrowing, like a wild animal dying a horrible death.

In that instant, the figure morphed into its original form, a gigantic crocodile!

It was over 30 meters long!

It fell from the sky like a rock.

It kicked up a cloud of sand and dust as it made a crater when it landed.

Zhao Mantian was shocked.

"Is it... dead?"

He looked at Chu Yu in complete disbelief.

He found it difficult to believe that such a strong cultivator would die just like that.

"Pui!" Chu Yu spat out yet another mouthful of blood and said viciously, "Good riddance!"

The power if the poison pill was indeed not exaggerated.

Even though he seemed aggressive, Chu Yu was extremely nervous and afraid.

He had never expected something like this to happen.

All of the powerful individuals in the Wu Clan of Qing Hai... seemed to have been annihilated.

This terrifying crocodile was likely past the Supreme Realm. It was likely to be in the True Lord Realm!

Without the poison pills, Zhao Mantian, not to mention Chu Yu, would have been dead.


Chu Yu sighed, then sat on the ground.

"Damn it, that scared me to death!"

Zhao Mantian followed suit.

"Damn it, that scared me to death!"

Then, the two brothers looked at each other and burst out in laughter.

"What kind of poison is this? Why is it so vicious?"

"The teachings of a saint are extremely powerful..." Chu Yu fell to the ground and murmured, "Is this the power of an ancient beast?"

A huge crocodile, morphed into a human, holding a spear and killing Supreme Realm cultivators with ease.

This made Chu Yu feel weak and insignificant.

He thought of the beast he met at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars. Chu Yu thought that this beast was even scarier.

He had barely escaped the doors of death this time.

Thank you master Crane Saint, thank you baby poison pills...

"How could an ancient life form survive till today?" Chu Yu asked.

"Sealing." Zhao Mantian was solemn. He said sternly, "It would seem that the recovery of the world had become quicker!"

"Hmm?" Chu Yu glanced at him.

Zhao Mantian continued, "The most powerful in the ancient world could have some pretty incredible powers. They could use a type of divine fluid to seal various life forms. Then they would be activated after a fixed time."

As he spoke, he took a deep breath, "It would seem that the sealed powerful cultivators are more than we expected. Once these life forms break the seal and appear in the world, it would cause a catastrophe!"

At this point, Lord Chu’s body radiated with two rays of energy.

He then opened his eyes and smiled, "Xiao Yu, I’ve broken through to Stage Eight... eh, who is this? What happened?"

Chu Yu sat up, visibly exhausted, "Congratulations brother, come on, let’s go home... right now!"
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