Chapter 104: You Don't Know how to Refine Pills

Chapter 104: You Don't Know how to Refine Pills

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Chu Yu rose and used the Pill Controlling Technique to concentrate all the poisonous gas onto the thirty meter long crocodile body.

Since it was dead, and its meat was tainted by the poison already, there was no harm making it worse.

Zhao Mantian picked up the spear left behind from the crocodile, toyed with it, and exclaimed, "Good spear!"

Chu Yu looked at him.

Zhao Mantian said, "True Lord magical equipment!"

Chu Yu was momentarily stunned, "That’s very powerful!"

Zhao Mantian smiled, "Not as good as your replica Divine Punisher Blade."

"That blade is of such a high level? Isn’t it a replica?" Chu Yu asked quizzically.

"The real one is a legendary weapon, but if the replica is of too low a level, it wouldn’t be called a replica." Zhao Mantian looked at him, "Even though it is a replica, its materials are also difficult to get."

He then laughed, "I like this spear, I’m taking it!"

He waved it around and the spear glowed with a glaring light. An icy killing aura was emanating, disrupting the minds and hearts of people.

"This is perfect for brother." Chu Yu said, "Do you want to come over to my place and be my guest?"

Zhao Mantian shook his head, "Never mind, it’s not very convenient for me to be seen around you, it may incite misunderstandings..."

As he spoke, he glanced at Lord Chu.

Chu Yu nodded, "Lord Chu is my cousin, and is my most trusted confidante."

"That’s good." Zhao Mantian nodded, "I have to rush back to prepare."

Without saying more, Chu Yu understood what his brother was worried about.

The three of them said their goodbyes and Zhao Mantian flew back.

Lord Chu looked at Chu Yu, visibly worried, "I’ll carry you back."

Chu Yu wanted to refuse, but he had suffered too many injuries in battle. His injuries were too severe and he consumed way too much energy.

After thinking about it, he nodded and agreed.

Lord Chu carried Chu Yu and rushed back to the clan like a lightning bolt.

After returning home, Chu Yu recounted the incident to leader Chu Tianyu and deputy Chu Tiannan.

Then he retrieved a large number of poison pills and taught them how to use it.

Chu Yu let them choose two of the most loyal and talented people in the clan to study the pill controlling technique.

Only that technique can control the poison mist that emanates from this poison pill.

They ended up choosing their grandchild, people in the core of the clan, who could also be considered Chu Yu’s nephews.

The two kids were in their teens, and had been learning pill refining from the clan’s medicinal masters.

However, with a single command from their two leaders, they began their tutelage under Chu Yu.

Based on the idea of Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan, these two kids were to be Chu Yu’s disciples.

Chu Yu knew that the two leaders were very sharp and had hoped that he would pass his knowledge to those in the clan.

Chu Yu was no adverse to it.

He would have dont so even if they didn’t ask for it.

However, these two kids seemed... unwilling to learn from him.

Chu Tianyu’s grandson was called Chu Xuanzhong, and Chu Tiannan’s grandson was named Chu Xuanliang.

Chu Xuanzjong was only fifteen this year, but was nearly 1.8m tall. He was handsome, despite his youth, he had a mature aura about him.

Chu Xuanliang was fourteen, about 1.75m tall, and he was very handsome too, with huge eyes and thick eyebrows.

They were sizing Chu Yu up. They knew much about this uncle of theirs.

He was an unbelievable talent back when he was young. However, he was ruined at age six and deemed as uncultivable.

However, his name was brought into the limelight again recently, with many incidents being linked to him.

He had become a celebrity on the internet!

However, as heirs to the Chu Clan, Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang had many matters to attend to and did not pay much attention to it.

The Chu Clan was extremely big and it had many hairs. With the other factions, they had at least a hundred people in each generation.

Many of them did not know each other, some of whom had never even seen each other.

The two youths would have never thought that one day, they would be placed in the hands of their once talented uncle.

Even though the house rules prevented these two boys from being too rude in front of their uncle, their distrust was still revealed behind his back.

"How many years have you all been refining medicine?" Chu Yu glanced at them and asked flatly.

He could understand their thoughts completely but he was too lazy to acknowledge it.

Since first and second elder were comfortable in recommending them, it showed that they were of decent character.

"We were learning to refine pills, uncle Chu Yu!" Chu Xuanliang said in all seriousness, "including this year, I have been learning for seven years, brother Xuanzhong has been learning for eight years."

"Can you recognize all the medicines?" Chu Yu asked.

Chu Xuanliang’s mouth twitched, "Of course! Memorizing the entire manual of medicines was the first order of business when we started learning!"

"Do you know how to firebend?" Chu Yu asked.

"Isn't it just lighting a fire?" Chu Xuanliang was confused.

"Oh." Chu Yu nodded, then he looked at Chu Xuanzhong, "Do you know the Pill Bending Technique?"

"What is the Pill Bending Technique? We were learning to refine pills!" Chu Xuanzhong frowned. He was visibly unhappy, feeling that uncle Chu Yu was exaggerating things with this performance.

Wasn't he just trying to flaunt his professional knowledge to put us down? The issue was, how long has he been training?

They head from their grandfather a few days ago that the batch of pills he refined looked like a pile of ostrich poop... okay, like a bird.

Extremely abstract!

The manners taught to them by the Chu Clan prevented them from saying this, but they were definitely thinking it.

"Okay then, let me teach you the Pill Bending Technique..." Chu Yu did not have any time to waste.

He needed them to breakthrough to a higher level as well.

Before, he did not feel the urgency, but with recent events, Chu Yu was sure that the world was about to become a whole lot different.

Maybe the future generations would use flowery languages when describing this era.

However, the people living now were lucky... and unlucky at the same time!

They were lucky to be able to advance immensely if they ran into good opportunities!

However... if they didn't, they would be mercilessly eliminated and turned into scum.

"Uncle Chu Yu, can I ask something that could be slightly rude?" Chu Xuanzhong looked at Chu Yu.

"Mm, go ahead." Chu Yu nodded.

"Do you know how to refine pills?" Chu Xuanzhong asked.

Chu Xuanliang also looked at Chu Yu.

"If I don't know how to refine pills, why would I be teaching you the Pill Bending Technique?" Chu Yu said flatly.

"I was thinking, if you don’t know anything about pill refining, then let’s not bother with this Pill Bending Technique." Chu Xuanzhong’s tone was flat, but one could hear the frustration in it.

"Do you think so too?" Chu Yu looked at Chu Xuanliang.

Chu Xuanliang nodded vigorously.

"Okay, then I will refine some for you to see now." Chu Yu retrieved the pill furnace and a few spiritual wood.

He then took out a few pill medicines from his storage ring.

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang looked at each other, and pursed their lips in synchronization.

It was just a healing pill...

"Really, I think that uncle Chu Yu is bullying us." Chu Xuanliang used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Xuanzhong.

"Yes, he’s actually trying to buy us over with a healing pill." Chu Xuanzhong was also speechless.

Chu Yu did not bother about them. He threw the spiritual wood into the fire chamber, took out a lighter and lit up the wood.

This action was despised by the two children.

Spiritual wood is the most common ingredient in pill refining. It had a low ignition point, and could burn strongly for a long time.

In order to light up spiritual wood, one only needed to rub the wood pieces together.

Chu Yu actually used a lighter?

How much worse could he get?

Then, Chu Yu began to throw the medicines into the pill furnace.

This uncouth action caused the two kids to frown even more.

If they refined a pill this way, they would be killed by their teachers.

"Watch carefully, I will tell you what is the Firebending technique!"

Chu Yu’s voice gave the two kids a fright.

Then, they saw the fire in the fire compartment of the pill furnace burn stronger.

It was almost as if someone poured a tank of gasoline over, fueling the fire.

Then, the furnace began to emit a sizzling sound.

After controlling the fire to burn strongly for quite some time, Chu Yu began to make the fire a little less intense.

He said flatly, "Different pills require different intensities of fire. If you don’t know how to firebend, the pill you refine will not be of standard."

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang were stunned. This skill of uncle Chu Yu was unknown, even to their masters!

"Now do you know why I say you all are refining medicine? That is because, the random things that you refine, are not actually considered pills." Chu Yu controlled the fire expertly whilst he spoke.

The two kids began to concentrate. They were beginning to feel that their little uncle seemed to know something about pill refining...

Very quickly, the pills were refined. When Chu Yu opened the cover to the pill furnace, the two kids could not help but crane their necks to take a look.


"How ugly!"

"Insanely ugly!"

Given, the last sentence was said by Chu Yu.

It really was disgustingly ugly, like a pile of bird poop.

"But you can’t just look at its appearance, the key is in the insides." Chu Yu put his hands behind his back and said solemnly, "Pill refining, is actually still foreign to you!"

The two kids’ mouth twitched, not knowing how to reply.

Chu Xuanzhong reached in to retrieve a pill and looked at it. His expression stiffened and he asked, astonished, "How is there no medicine aroma?"

Chu Xuanliang added, "Exactly, how can it be a pill... if there is no aroma? What, what is this thing?"

"This is why I say, you all don’t know!"

Chu Yu calmly pointed at the healing pill.

The pill followed Chu Xuanzhong’s hand and flew into the sky. It suspended itself in the air and started spinning like a gyro.

"Is this magic?" Chu Xuanzhong mocked.

Chu Yu replied, "This is the Pill Bending Technique!"

As he spoke, he used the Pill Bending Technique to cause the healing pill to explode.

The medicinal properties instantly radiated and the medicinal aroma filled the entire room.

The two kids were dumbfounded.

In mid air, even though the healing pill had exploded, it did not shatter.

It was like a constellation, its million and one tiny pieces floating in the air. It formed and S, then it formed...

Okay, the two kids were completely stunned, their eyes filled with awe.

Immediately after, Chu Xuanzhong kneeled on the floor and shouted, "Master, please accept me as your disciple!"

Chu Xuanliang’s eyes filled with confusion and he too kneeled down, "Master, please accept me as your disciple!"
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