Chapter 105: Trouble finds them

Chapter 105: Trouble finds them

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They weren’t completely subordinate, but for right now, the two kids understood one thing: Even though their uncle’s pills were ugly, they were superior items!

They had once heard that at the highest levels of pill refinement, the medicinal properties are completely retained!

They had known this from the early stages of learning pill refinement.

However, even their teachers, the "Pill Masters" of the clan were saying that it was impossible for that to happen.

It was completely nonexistent!

This was because the pill was completely made of medicine. No matter how good the skin or the filling, it was made of medicine.

Since it was made of medicine, how could it not have the aroma of medicine?

When Chu Yu had made the pill which sealed in all the medicinal properties, the small group of people who found out were commanded to keep it a secret by the highest leadership of the clan.

This secrecy extended even to within the clan!

As such, these two kids did not know that their selection had been arranged by many of the medicinal masters in their conversations with the leaders.

Even the most qualified and experienced medicinal masters wanted to put aside their ego to learn from Chu Yu the way to seal in all the medicinal properties!

Anyways, the two teenagers were more or less respectful of their uncle and thought that he did have some abilities.

Chu Yu did not go through any professional coaching, as such, he did not have any manual as to how to teach his disciples.

It was good that Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang had solid foundations and keen self-awareness.

In the next few days, the two of them benefitted greatly!

They advanced quickly, especially in the area of Pill Bending.

Chu Yu was extremely satisfied and he did not have any selfish ideas.

He was willing to teach them all as long as they were willing to learn.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed and Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang’s Pill Bending techniques had finally advanced to an elementary stage.

After using some ordinary pills for them to train, Chu Yu retrieved the poison pill.

"This pill hides immense poison. A small bit of it over a thousandth of a hair’s thickness is enough to kill a True Lord Realm cultivator."

Chu Yu looked at the two boys sternly, "That’s why, don’t think that the Pill Bending technique is easy, and don’t disregard the poison ill. Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t touch this."

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang were both stern.

Chu Yu looked at the two boys, "Have you all internalized the sensing technique of the Pill Bending Technique that I taught you?"

"Yes I have."


Both of them nodded seriously.

"Good, now I will use it the set up a defensive line. I want you all to use your Pill Bending Technique to tell me how long this line is!" Chu yu brought the two boys to a forest about 10 miles away from the Chu Clan.

Chu Yu threw the poison pill out. The pill was broken by Chu Yu in mid air.

A wave of faint black smoke emerged, then everything quickly returned to normal.

Chu Yu used the Pill Bending technique to extend the defensive line. Finally, he made it about three kilometers long.

However, Chu yu quickly pulled up yet another line, about a hundred meters long and let it float in mid air.

He then looked at the two men, "You both can begin."

After a while, Chu Xuanzhong raised his head and looked at Chu Yu, "Teacher, it should be about three kilometers long."

Chu Yu nodded, then looked at Chu Xuanliang.

Chu Xuanliang frowned. After a while, he said hesitantly, "The horizontal one... should be about three kilometers, however, in the middle, there’s one that runs perpendicularly. It is about... 70-80m? I, I can’t really sense it."

As Chu Xuanliang spoke, his body shook and his legs softened and he nearly fell.

Chu Yu nodded approvingly. Even though the Pill Bending Technique did not need a particularly large amount of focus and mental energy, there was still a requirement.

Based on the two kids’ current cultivation stage, their talent must be strong in order to sense these all.

This way, Chu Yu could rest assured when he handed over the responsibility of guarding the clan.

"You are both pretty good, Xuanliang is slightly better." Chu Yu commended.

Then, he took out two nameless pills, "Two of you, take one each now."

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang swallowed it without hesitation.

Even though they had only been together for a few days, the kids trusted their uncle fully, a stark difference from their initial suspicion.

"Extend your wrists, let me help you harness the power of the medicine!" Chu Yu said solemnly.

He pulled the wrists of the two kids, harnessed the boundless energy in his body and broke through all the acupoints in their body!

Harnessing the power of the medicine was merely an excuse.

About half an hour later, the two kids were completely stunned, their eyes filled with disbelief.

They had both entered Acupoint Charging Stage 12!

To them, this was the full circle of Acupoint Charging!

The two of them fell to their knees and thanked Chu Yu. If they trusted Chu Yu before, now... it was way more than just trust.

As long as it was Chu Yu’s wish, the two of them would do anything for Chu Yu!

"I have already helped you all break through all of your true acupoints. I have not pushed you into the Invigorated Meridian Realm because there are still many acupoints in your body not broken through."

Chu Yu looked at the two boys solemnly, "Only by breaking through all of your acupoints can you truly achieve the great circle of Acupoint Charging!"

He told the two kids about the importance of a good foundation, and of the foundation realms. Finally, both of them decided to rush to the Invigorated Meridian Realm at this point.

Chu Xuanzhong said, his expression serious, "We understand master’s intention. Thank you for telling us this, but our talent lies in pill refinement. We do not have much talent in cultivation, and thus, we do not have high expectations."

Chu Xuanliang nodded in agreement.

Chu Yu nodded, it was not easy for a teenager to understand the concept of give-and-take.

Many a times, even middle aged adults may not be able to make such a decision.

"Good, then I will pass more of my Pill Refining techniques to you. As for how far you can go, and how successful you will be, it will be all up to you." Chu Yu said seriously.

When they returned home, Chu Yu spent the next half month teaching them.

He had basically passed to them all the knowledge from the Crane Saint’s teachings that he could see at the current moment.

Both teacher and student were completely focused.

With many years of foundation, the two boys advanced quickly, even shocking Chu Yu.

He felt that the Crane Saint’s legacy could really flourish in their hands!

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang also used this time to wrap the entire Chu Clan border with six layers of the poisonous gas – three inside and three outside.

The Chu Clan lay down orders to prevent people from going out of the clan’s borders wilfully, for fear that their lives may be in danger.

Many ordinary life forms had already tasted the poisonous gas potency.

This place had already become a danger zone. News had reached the furthest corners of the forest, and no beasts and animals approached the border.

It had become a complete blank zone.

The medicines to make the poison pills could be found in abundance in the Chu Clan warehouse. The two kids could make a lot of them when practicing.

There was one point which made the two kids proud, their pills… looked much better than those refined by their uncle.

In the blink of an eye, it had been a month since Chu Yu returned to the Clan.

Things in the Dragon City had also died down.

However, the recovering world was still abuzz.

Firstly, The Rainfall Ancient Sect and the Truth Ancient Sect had opened their schools.

In this cultivation world, once the schools were opened, many youths joined them.

The two schools quickly became competitors.

For now, it was still healthy competition.

Other than this, a large number of ancient sects had begun to re-enter society.

Many of these ancient sects set up camp at the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.

In the Northern Territories, there were also about seven to eight clans.

The closest ancient clan to the Chu Clan was no more than 300 miles!

This distance was nothing for an ordinary person, about an hour of driving.

For a high level martial artist, this distance could be covered in minutes.

The Chu Clan welcomed their new neighbours.

However, this neighbour did not extend the same hospitality to the Chu Clan.

They had visited the Chu Clan before. Even though they seemed friendly on the surface, it was clear that they had an ulterior motive for setting up camp here.

They wanted the Chu Clan’s land!

As one of the earliest clans to enter society, the Chu Clan had chosen one of the best places.

Having been here for over 30 years, they had made this place a treasured land, despite it being an ancient forest.

This ancient sect was known as the Three Leaves Sect.

6000 years ago, it was a relatively influential sect.

Their disciples were dispersed throughout the world.

Based on what they said, the Chu Clan’s land belonged to the Three Leaves Sect back in the ancient days.

This made the Chu Clan gag.

This place was good, but when the Chu Clan chose it, they had done their research.

After consulting the annals, as well as scouting the field, they had made sure that this entire area was void of ancient monuments before settling here.

This Three Leaves Sect was probably in the Henan region.

Clearly, they had eyed the land of the Chu Clan. The only reason why they didn’t take it away forcefully was because they didn’t want tongues to wag.

Thus, they decided to set up camp some 300 miles away, but did not undertake many construction projects.

In the past month, they had visited over three times!

Something had happened the last time they came!

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang had used the poison pills to form a defensive barrier around the Chu Clan.

Even though they could only last a day, they could produce a lot of the poison pills!

As such, the Chu Clan’s defences had become stronger than steel!

The two kids were not satisfied with just sealing the land, they even sealed the air with thin layers of the poison.

When Chu Yu observed it with his vertical eye, the entire Chu Clan airspace was like a giant spider web!

Even though there were gaps, how would outsiders know where those gaps are?

Furthermore, those gaps were small. Only something like Lord Thief could get through. Even Old Yellow… would not be able to go through.

The Chu Clan set up warning signs at the border, warning outsiders not to wander around.

However, why would the people of the Three Leaves Sect care? They barged straight in.

As a result, two of their Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists died on the spot.

This caused the Three Leaves Sect to be angered. They were still thinking of an excuse when the reason presented itself.

"I give the Chu Clan three days to hand over the murderer, else, don’t blame the Three Leaves Sect for not showing mercy."

This was a declaration of war!

Furthermore, someone posted this on the internet.

The entire China knew about this incident.

Those who did not like the Chu Clan were laughing behind their backs.

Their conflict with the Xie Clan was a small matter compared to this.

Now that an ancient sect is on your tail, I would like to see how you react!

When Chu Yu saw the announcement from the Three Leaves Sect, he only thought of one thing, "How many people do I need to poison? How many is enough to make them scared?"

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