Chapter 106: Scum!

Chapter 106: Scum!

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The social media, which had been relatively silent about the Chu Clan, was abuzz with news of them again.

"Hahaha, this Chu Clan is really quite unlucky. They were living the high life, having gained a strong reputation after defeating the Xie Clan.

Yet, they had been set up and used by people afterwards, almost getting exterminated multiple times!

First, it was Fan Jian from the Thief Sect. That guy was simply shameless.

Then it was Song Hong. I do not know what you all think, but I think that Song Hong is a fake hero, he actually is scum!"

"The Song Army does not agree! Song Hong is loyal, and he would never want to bring harm to the Chu Clan."

"The Song Army does not agree! Hero Song fights for the right cause, and his character is above question! He even helped Chu Yu of the Chu Clan to regain his ability to cultivate!"

"You dare to mock the leader of the Song Army? Do you have a death wish?"

The Song Army had already become a powerhouse on the internet. Even though the legendary Song Hong was dead, he was immortal in the eyes of the Song Army.

The topics and issues that they involved themselves in were not just limited to Song Hong.

As long as it was a trending topic, they would join in the discussion and make it a trend!

They had the ability to make any topic gain traction!

Some experts surmised, after much research, that the Song Army was similar to a particular electronic message board over 50 years ago.

They had members from all corners of the world and of various backgrounds. As such, when they engaged in battle, their battle prowess could cover various fields.

They could be called an invincible army.

Today, the Song Army was similar, and some of the disciples of the ancient sects were members too.

Their curiosity and thirst for something fun had made them join.

But, after a while, they began to feel a sense of attachment to the Song Army.

This sort of attachment had reached a peak after Song Hong’s death!

It was extremely strong!

If Song Hong was still alive, such an effect was unlikely.

After all, the disciples of ancient sects were an arrogant bunch.

No matter how strong Song Hong was, they weren’t worse off!

The key was that Song Hong was dead!

It was not shameful to admit that a dead person was powerful, righteous and had good character!

As such, once news of Song Hong appeared on the internet, it would be explosive in a matter of minutes.

It made those not a part of the Song Army afraid to say anything not in line with those of the Song Army.

This time, some people had thought of adding in a little judgement of Song Hong in their comments, but were shot down.

As such, the topic returned to the Chu Clan.

"The Three Leaves Sect is overstepping their boundaries this time. In the ancient times, their clan was in the Henan area… when were they in the Northern Territories? They are just using it as an excuse to occupy other’s territory."

"Actually, what I am curious about is, are the two Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists really dead? Could it be that the Chu Clan actually already has the power to kill people in the Invigorated Meridian Realm?"

The internet was abuzz with discussion, and many were still sympathetic towards the Chu Clan.

Some of the ancient clan disciples, who are members of the Song Army, also helped speak up for the Chu Clan.

However, these voices quickly disappeared after they received warnings from their clans.

They were told not to talk rubbish.


The Three Leaves sect released a final statement that very afternoon.

On the river bank at the small valley.

Chu Yu reappeared here.

It was silent.

After so many days, it still had not changed.

The few dead Supreme Realm cultivators’ bodies still radiated with a faint aura, enough to scare the various life forms away.

Chu Yu was too heavily injured to do anything, choosing to retreat hastily.

However, with the Three Leaves Sect’s threats, Chu Yu thought of something.

There must be treasures on the bodies of the Supreme Realm cultivators!

How could he forget!

If it was that bloody fatty Fan Jian, he would not have forgotten, and would have taken everything with him.

He was alone. Using Facebook, he morphed into a tall and bulky man with sharp eyes.

His strong aura made him look like a grave robber.

As his cultivation level increased, Chu Yu could do more with Facebook.

He had already attained a higher level!

When his bones grew stronger and his energy increased, he could even morph into non-human lifeforms!

He could even use Facebook to morph into the various beasts in the 36 Heavenly Generals.

However, he could not do it right now. In order to do so, he had to be in the Xiantian realm and use the sacred art.

The crocodile body was still lying there.

It was like a hill, and the sight of it sent chills down his spine.

That day, both Chu Yu and Zhao Mantian had forgotten something.

If the crocodile was really a True Lord Realm lifeform, why did its body not have the suppressive aura of a True Lord?

It was clear that it was extremely powerful.

When it had killed the Supreme Realm cultivators of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai, it was completely invincible!

Even a Supreme Realm cultivator, not to mention a True Lord, emitted an aura that would have been extremely suppressive!

Everything within a few miles would be able to feel it!

Chu Yu would not have been able to even use his Pill Bending Technique!

However, the crocodile seemed to only know how to use its terrifying power to confront its enemies…

Furthermore, the crocodile’s mental state seemed to be rather chaotic.

Any life form in the True Lord realm should be extremely strong mentally.

As such, Chu Yu guessed that there was something wrong about the crocodile!

However, his trip this time was not to investigate this.

He wanted to do something else.

The three dead bodies of the Supreme Realm cultivators from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai were still here.

At this level, their bodies would not decompose for many millennia.

The King’s Realm cultivator was comparably unlucky; his body was completely shattered, only unrecognizable smithereens were left.

Chu Yu walked next to one of the Supreme Realm cultivators and took out a storage ring.

If this Supreme Realm cultivator was alive, Chu Yu would be unable to activate it. But since the owner was dead, the ring had lost the connection to its owner that kept it sealed.

Furthermore, in order to ensure convenience, such powerful cultivators, being so confident about their abilities, usually did not seal their storage rings with such powerful seals.

The more powerful the seal, the more mental energy they needed to use to open it.

That was rather inconvenient.

Chu Yu’s mental energy was way higher than any ordinary human. As such, he opened it with relative ease.

Inside was a treasure trough of items!

Chu Yu gasped, he had almost missed out on this!

The wealth of a Supreme Realm cultivator was probably more than that of the entire Chu Clan.

There were all sorts of magical equipment, weapons, superior medicines and reined pills… along with some valuable annals and techniques.

There were over several acres of land and the things were arranged neatly.

It was no exaggeration to say that Chu Yu had struck the jackpot!

Chu Yu tried to suppress his excitement and he took a deep breath.

He did not move any of these things, instead, he went straight for a switched off messenger.

Even though the messengers were technologically advanced, however, they were still powered by batteries!

As such, when they entered ancient monuments or secluded areas, they would switch them off.

This ensured that they had enough battery to contact their family when they turned them on.

Then, Chu Yu found two other storage rings on the bodies of the other two Supreme Realm cultivators.

Each one was richer than the previous one!

Just the superior medications they possessed made Chu Yu ecstatic.

He had never seen so much superior spiritual medicine in the Chu Clan.

These medicines could allow him to refine even more pills.

Chu Yu even found a spiritual medicine that was required to refine the Nine Transformations Golden Pill

However, there was only one pearl. It was kept in a translucent yellow jade box with an amulet to seal it.

"Hehehe..." Chu Yu snickered, then frowned.

This would be difficult to retrieve!

He really wanted to take all of these loot with him.

Then he thought about the predicament the Chu Clan was in and calmed down.

This was the reason why he was here today!

He was going to smash these two clans!

Especially the Three Leaves Sect!

They were extremely shameless!

The Wu Clan of Qing Hai was also an ancient sect. Their powers could be felt simply by the delegation they had sent here. They were definitely no weaker than the Three Leaves Sect!

Chu Yu searched through the storage rings, using his vertical eye to observe the loot carefully.

He took the most valuable things.

Then he left about three to four Supreme Realm weapons and another three to four Supreme Realm magical equipment.

Even though he did not really want to leave them behind, it was necessary to ensure the success of what he was about to do.

Then, he helped put the rings on the fingers of the dead Supreme Realm cultivators.

"Guys, thank you for your contributions after your death! I will not forget you!"

Chu Yu bowed deeply to these Supreme Realm cultivators.

Then, he switched on one of the Supreme Realm cultivator’s messenger.

He still remembered the furious and terrified scream of the Supreme Realm cultivator when he rushed out from the ancient monument.

He could imitate it!

The moment he switched on the messenger, a large number of messages flooded in.

There was probably someone trying to constantly contact the owner of the messenger. Even before a minute was up, Chu Yu received an incoming call.

Chu Yu glanced at the Supreme Realm cultivator and used Facebook to assume the face of that cultivator.

After thinking about it, he forced out a stream of blood. Then he ruffled his hair and made his face go pale, looking extremely weakened.

The messenger kept ringing.

Chu Yu picked up.

"Ancestor, how are you? Why are you injured? Where are you now? How is it? If you all don’t come back, the ancestors here are about to send people to find you. Just before you set off, you said you were going to the north..."

The young voice kept going on like a machine gun.

It should be a disciple of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai, in charge of keeping in touch with them. His standing was probably not low.

This was great, just what he wanted!

Chu Yu aimed the messenger at his face and said rather forcefully, "Tell the ancestor... that in the monuments... are great loot, but... there is something very scary, we... are badly injured, but we finally managed to defeat it, but the damned... Three... Three... sneak attacked us..."

Then as he spoke, Chu Yu’s head cocked and he fell to the ground along with the messenger, and he positioned the camera to the ground.

The other side couldn’t see anything after that.

A voice still transmitted from the other side, "Ancestor... ancestor, what happened to you? Please reply, don’t scare me..."

The messenger kept ringing, but Chu Yu stood up silently and wiped away the blood on his mouth.

His eyes filled with an icy glow.

He came to the crocodile’s body and circled it a few times. He realized that there wasn’t anything on it.

Then he thought that Lord Thief and Old Yellow, non human life forms, all have unique ways to keep their items.

It would seem that it would be difficult to find anything from the crocodile.

But... there!

Chu Yu’s gaze landed on the ball of energy under the huge rock. He could feel that it was not a simple place!

When he attained a higher cultivation level, he would go take a look.

Chu Yu thought about it, then left quickly.

That messenger kept ringing.

The other side must be going crazy.

However, that was none of his business.

Then, Chu Yu assumed the appearance of an ordinary man and sprinted towards the Three Leaves Sect.

The Three Leaves Sect definitely had set its eyes on the Chu Clan property.

Their infrastructure was rather shoddy, and it did not look like a huge ancient sect.

It looked like a small town.

The infrastructure was sparse, almost as if no planning had gone into it.

Chu Yu entered silently, using half a day to figure things out.

Then he killed one of the Invigorated Meridian Realm disciples specializing in intel gathering and hid his body.

Then he took on this disciple’s appearance and left the Three Leaves Sect.

This was the second day since the Chu Clan had issued their warning.

Chu Yu, disguised as that Intel gatherer, sprinted to the Three Leaves Sect’s camp.

He shouted, "I request an audience with the leader, I have... major news to report!"
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