Chapter 107: Oscar Winning Acting Skills!

Chapter 107: Oscar Winning Acting Skills!

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Chu Yu was quickly brought to the leader of the Three Leaves Sect.

She was a lady in her late thirties, and she looked... rather, manly.

If one wasn’t looking carefully, it would have been easy to mistake her for a man.

She had short hair, thick eyebrows and large eyes.

Even though she did not have wide shoulders and a bulky build, she did have a male body figure.

Chu Yu wanted to say: Good day, muscle man.

However, he had known of this before, so he was not shocked to find out.

Normally, when seeing the Sect Leader, one had to kneel, but Chu Yu did not want to kneel.

As such, when he saw the female body builder... haha, the Three Leaves Sect’s female leader, he began to shout - the person he chose was not a calm person usually.

"Leader, big news, I have big news to report!"

Then, he pretended to kneel.

"Don’t have to kneel, just tell us what the news is." The female Sect Leader frowned.

She had an impression of this disciple, but it wasn’t deep.

She knew that if it wasn’t truly major, such low level disciples would not dare to find her, screaming and shouting.

As a sect leader, she must be magnanimous enough.

"Leader, I found something... very valuable!"

Chu Yu’s eyebrows danced as he gestured wildly.

At the beginning, the Three Leaves Sect leadership were all frowning, visibly annoyed.

Who was the master of this unruly disciple? How did he teach his disciples?

However, as Chu Yu described it, the entire group became more solemn.

The sect leader’s eyes glowed as she looked at Chu Yu, "You are telling us you found a thirty meter long crocodile body, and you found some human bodies with auras that made you afraid to go near?"

"Exactly exactly, that is the case, they must have killed each other!" Chu Yu was extremely agitated and his voice trembled, "If you don’t believe me I’ll bring you there now!"

The female sect leader looked at those around her. These men were the Three Leaves Sect leadership.

"Leader, he is one of our disciples, he will not lie. This is probably a true story. However, this is the key period for us to attack the Chu Clan..."

"Damn it, what key period, they are just a small little clan, we can snuff them out in minutes. Let us go take a look at this crocodile!"

Chu Yu smiled coldly: Killed in minutes? Who is doing the exterminating?

He did not like this sect at al, and he did not feel any tinge of guilt.

This was a sect of robbers!

Even though the cultivation world is ruled by the strong, this sect’s actions were completely ridiculous.

There were extremely evil!

If the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had come to attack the Chu Clan, Chu Yu would not be so furious.

There was a case to be made if they wanted revenge.

However, if they wanted to rob us, then don’t blame us for retaliating!

The female sect leader took a deep breath and said, "Anyone who could make our Invigorated Meridian Realm disciple feel suppressed should be at least in the King’s Realm... let’s do this, what is your name?"

She looked at Chu Yu.

"My name is Yang Xiaofeng..." Chu Yu replied immediately, his expression excited.

He had done his homework a long time ago, and he even knew that Yan Xiaofeng had wet his bed when he was 12!

"Mm, Yang Xiaofeng, well done, now, you will lead the way, bring a few executives... no, and another two elders!"

The female sect leader was extremely decisive in sending a delegation over. Then she looked happily at Chu Yu, "When this is all over, I will reward you handsomely!"

"Thank you leader, thank you leader!" Chu Yu said excitedly.

"Go quickly!" The female sect leader smiled widely.

"That’s right leader, that crocodile is huge, should we bring more people to carry it back?" Chu Yu suggested.

"Mm, that makes sense, bring more people!" The sect leader ordered.

A few hours later, a large crowd of Three Leaves Sect people stumbled along as they carried the huge crocodile carcass back!

All of them were extremely excited. That feeling of excitement and hype was even better than during New Year’s.

The loot was too great!

One of the Supreme Realm elders who went there was almost driven crazy with excitement!

He immediately said that this huge crocodile was a puppet beast who had lived from the ancient days!

This was the first time Chu Yu had heard of this, and he finally understood why the crocodile had the battle power of a True Lord but it didn’t have the suppressive power of a True Lord.

This wasn’t a complete life form, but just a puppet!

This was something made using the sacred art in the ancient days, specially used to guard their treasures!

"Any sect which could make a puppet of such level were very likely to have saints! At least... they would have cultivators in the Legendary Emperor Realm!"

The Three Leaves Sect Supreme Realm elder also took two of the storage rings from the three dead cultivators. He even took off the armor from the three cultivators.

That Supreme Realm elder was extremely excited, even Chu Yu felt that he was extremely shameless.

Chu Yu had thought that he was about to make it, only now did he realize that his cultivation was no where close.

The female sect leader of the Three Leaves Sect was waiting. Whilst Chu Yu was leading the expedition, someone was constantly updating her using a messenger.

When the expedition returned, the entire Three Leaves Sect went crazy.

Almost all of the people in the Three Leaves Sect were here, including some of the ancestors.

They surrounded the gigantic crocodile carcass and gasped.

"Is this the doing of an ancient power? How great, how magical!" One of the Three Leaves ancestors stretched out a trembling hand to touch the carcass.

"A puppet with the battle power of a True Lord... how powerful!"

"Anyone who can kill such a powerful being, is also a real powerhouse!" The sect leader gasped, "Look, it doesn’t even have wounds, clearly, he had used the sacred art of a superior magical equipment!"

As she spoke, she looked at the Supreme Realm elder, "Have you found out the identities of the dead Supreme Realm cultivators?"

That Supreme Realm Elder shook his head, "They did not have any items to prove their identities, we also did not see any technological items like messengers..."

"Mm, I guess it was a covert operation and they wanted to hide their identities. This is good." The sect leader was relieved and she nodded.

Then, she looked at Chu Yu approvingly, "Yang Xiaofeng right? You have done a great service to the sect, tell us, what reward would you like?"

Chu Yu blushed and murmured, "I... I am a disciple of the Three LeavesSect. It is a given that I should contribute to the sect, how can I ask for a reward?"

"Look! Look at the character of our disciples!" The sect leader was extremely happy and she looked at the surroundings, satisfied. "With disciples like that, we don’t have to worry that the Three Leaves Sect will not rise! With the opportunities out there, the world is our oyster, this is the perfect time for us to showcase our abilities!"

"Sect Leader is wise!"

"Sect Leader is strategic!"

"Sect Leader is farsighted!"

The bootlicking immediately commenced.

Even the ancestors of the sect looked approvingly at the sect leader. They were extremely satisfied.

At this point, that Supreme Realm elder smiled and said, "Leader, actually Yang Xiaofeng has done more than just this."

"Oh?" The leader looked at him.

This Supreme Realm elder immediately took out the two storage rings... the third one was with Chu Yu and it contained the real treasures.

"Look!" As the Supreme Realm elder spoke, he opened the storage ring and the items fell out one after another.

Then, he used his technique to suspend them in midair.

"My gosh... Divine Troops!"

"F*ck me, it’s magical equipment! Supreme Realm magical equipment!"

"What is that? A manual?"

"Superior medicine!"

"Superior metal..."

Chu Yu had left a fortune inside both rings!

Even though Chu Yu felt his heart bleeding inside, he kept smiling.

Happy? Excited? Ecstatic?

You all will know the meaning of tragedy very soon!

The sect leader was trying her best to remain calm, but her wide smile betrayed her emotions.

The Three Leaves Sect did have its fair share of treasures, but who would complain about having too much good things?

She took a deep breath and looked at one of the Superior Supreme Realm magical equipment. It was a purplish gold abacus.

No one knew what metal it was made of, but it radiated with strong waves of energy.

This magical equipment could be considered superior, even when compared with other Supreme Realm magical equipment.

Chu Yu had struggled internally before finally deciding to leave it behind.

"Yang Xiaofeng, you are very honest and loyal to the sect, I bestow this magical equipment on you!" The sect leader smiled at Chu Yu.

Everyone in the crowd gasped and they looked at Chu Yu with envy.

The sect leader was also very conflicted. Giving an Invigorated Meridian Realm disciple such a precious piece of equipment pained her.

But Yang Xiaofeng had done too much for the clan!

If she did not reward him, tongues may not wag, but the hearts of the people would not be with her.

If so, who would ever do anything for the sect ever again?

Chu Yu’s eyes glimmered and he revealed his excitement. He said loudly, "Thank you Sect Leader for the gift, thank you Sect Leader!"

Then, he took the magical equipment and caressed it. He looked completely absorbed in admiring its beauty.

Everyone looked at him in envy, and only envy.

They knew very clearly that none of these could be theirs if not for Yang Xiaofeng!

At this point, Chu Yu’s expression became conflicted. Finally, he decided to bring this Supreme Realm magical equipment to the female Sect Leader.

"What are you..." The Sect Leader was stunned.

"Leader, I have been trained by the sect since young. Without the sect, I would never be where I am today. I am only an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist, it would be a waste for me to wield such a powerful Supreme Realm magical equipment!"

As Chu Yu spoke, he looked straight at the sky, "I think that such a piece of equipment should be wielded by a Supreme Realm senior! Only then can its full power be brought to bear! And bring glory to our sect!

The entire crowd was stunned!

They all looked at Chu Yu in awe, they could not believe that this world actually had people with such ethics.

The sect leader was also stunned and she looked at Chu Yu with a soft gaze.

Chu Yu continued, "As for me, I do not want any reward, these are heartfelt words!"

The Three Leaves Sect was silent, what else could they say? They couldn’t possibly say that Yang Xiaofeng was insane.

Who would ever reject such a Supreme Realm magical equipment?

They could only look at him and feel respect!

"My talents are limited, and my abilities are too. As such, I only wish to be a brick, a foundation stone to be controlled by the various elders and seniors. I will be where you require me to be."

Chu Yu’s eyes glimmered and he said softly, "Other than this, I have no other request!"


The Sect Leader’s eyes glimmered as she shouted her approval!

She then looked at Chu Yu solemnly, "Yang Xiaofeng, from this day on, you will be one of our core disciples!"

"Leader is wise!"

Everyone shouted their approval.

They were completely convinced!

"Immediately send Yang Xiaofeng to the spiritual formation to cultivate for three days!"
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