Chapter 108: The child is mature!

Chapter 108: The child is mature!

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Everyone was floored!

This kid was so mature!

And he was smart!

What is hiding one’s intelligence?

This was it!

Everyone understood this logic, but if they were in his shoes, it was unlikely that they would have done the same.

Very good!

How great!

Extremely great!

The leader said loudly, "Yang Xiaofeng, you are the pride of the Three Leaves Sect! You are our role model! Bring him into the Spiritual formation for three days, does anyone have any objection?"

"None, Sect Leader is wise!"

Everyone shouted their approval.

Just like that, Chu Yu was brought into the spiritual formation.

The one who had sent him here was the same Supreme Realm elder that had followed him on the expedition.

The elder smiled widely at Chu Yu, his expression extremely fatherly, "Xiaofeng ah... you must cultivate properly, don’t waste the effort of the Sect. You should know that even people at my level can only enter the Spiritual formation once every month. And we can only enter for one hour each time! Before today, it has never been opened to anyone below the King’s Realm. Hehe, you little fella... your luck!"

Then he shook his head, "You are really a fortune to the sect, and you are now the blue eyed boy of the sect!"

Chu Yu smiled and said rather embarrassingly, "Actually I didn’t do much, it was all thanks to the cultivation and upbringing of the seniors!"

"Good! You are mature!"

The Supreme Realm elder brought Chu Yu to the entrance of the house.

"Go on in, in three days... you should be in the Xiantian realm!" The Supreme Realm elder smiled.

Chu Yu entered the room and realized that there was an entrance inside!

There was a ball of energy there.

Upon opening his vertical eye, he found that this ball of energy was vastly different from the ancient monuments he entered previously.

It was relatively easier, but the fact that they managed to form such an entrance here was testament to the power of the Three Leaves Sect.

"I will come and get you after three days!"

The Supreme Realm elder then left, laughing.

If an ordinary Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist like Yang Xiaofeng could get such a reward, what would the reward be like for him, the expedition leader who so selflessly gave up the two storage rings?

As such, this Supreme Realm elder was probably the happiest amongst all, bar Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was in no rush to enter. Instead, he took out his messenger and sent a message to the Fatty, Fan Jian.

Then he sent a message to Zhao Mantian.

Then, he sent a message to leader Chu Tianyu and his parents.

Finally, he logged onto his social media account.

This account was one that had been verified.

The name was Yang Xiaofeng, and it was verified as a - disciple of the Three Leaves Sect.

"Today is the happiest day of my life, I am ecstatic, I will train hard to repay my sect and my sect leader! The Three Leaves Sect is powerful, all hail the Sect Leader!"

Then, Chu Yu took out a new messenger and used an account that had been unused, but registered a long time ago, to log onto the social media site.

Then, he used this account to send a message.

"It is no wonder that senior Yang is our role model. That purplish golden abacus was clearly a superior Supreme Realm magical equipment. If it was me... I would not be willing to give it back. As such, next time, I will train hard and aim to be like senior Yang and bring glory to the Sect! Onward, Three Leaves!"

After sending this, Chu Yu chuckled to himself and strode to the energy door.


The sentence that Chu Yu used his sub account to send went unnoticed.

However, the statement that he posted using Yang Xiaofeng’s account was quickly spotted by the others in the Three Leaves Sect.

They immediately brought it to the attention of the Sect Leader.

The Sect Leader smiled and said softly, "Why didn’t we spot such a talent last time?"

She looked at the crowd, "We must be more careful when choosing our talents. We definitely have no lack of people as loyal as Xiaofeng, people who only want to do good for the sect! Look, we have such ethical elders like Elder Ye over here..."

The Supreme Realm Elder Ye smiled and nodded humbly.

"On the ground, we have people like Yang Xiaofeng contributing quietly. They show their faultless character at critical moments..." The Sect Leader was confident, "Why do we need to worry about the Three Leaves Sect?"

"The Three Leaves Sect is invincible!"

"The Sect is powerful!"

"We must place more emphasis on the upbringing and cultivation of our talents!"

The Sect Leader raised her hand to quieten the crowd, "When we exterminate the Chu Clan, leave no survivors! We must let the entire world know that the Three Leaves Sect... is not to be antagonized!"

Elder Ye nodded, "Exactly, they are just a small clan, yet they dare to antagonize a tiger like the Three Leaves Sect? They must be exterminated!"

"Tomorrow, at this time, we will attack the Chu Clan!" The Sect Leader waved her hands and said confidently.

Social Media.

Fan Jian of the Thief Sect, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly shared the statement from Yang Xiaofeng of the Three Leaves Sect.

His mouth was just as dirty as before.

"Aiyoyo, this show of loyalty is revolting! Are you being kept by that female bodybuilder you call your sect leader? Let me warn you scums of the Three Leaves Sect, if you dare to touch the Chu Clan, I will exhume the graves of your ancestors!"

Just this sentence was enough to cause the web to explode into discussion.

Countless people shared and followed the news.

"Hahaha, this bloody fatty is at it again?"

"Have some face, what has the Chu Clan got to do with you?"

"Are you trying to let the Three Leaves Sect ancestors see the sun again? Please set up a live stream and send a few pictures over..."

"Fatty, haven’t you been hunted recently? You look like you are still enjoying life?"

A group of friends on the web managed to hype up the discussion within moments.

A senior in the Chu Clan also released a statement, but it was a formal reply.

"Even though the Chu Clan is small, we will fight to the death! The Three Leaves Sect is being greedy, and we will fight with our lives!"

Zhao Mantian, the Sect Leader of Qing Qiu, also released a statement, "I admire Song Hong, he is a real hero! Whoever he wants to protect, I will protect too. Three Leaves Sect, listen good, I do not care about the Chu Clan, but if you dare to touch Chu Yu, I will fight it out with you!"

No one would have expected that a Three Leaves Sect disciple’s statement of loyalty would result in such a heated discussion.

This caused Yang Xiaofeng’s name to also become a hot topic for discussion.

The Three Leaves Sect official account issued a reply slightly later.

"The Chu Clan had murdered the disciples of the Three Leaves Sect. The evidence is overwhelming and we treat this as an open challenge. The Three Leaves Sect is a member of the ancient alliance, and is an ancient sect, we will not be humiliated like this! We are warning the Chu Clan to hand over the murderer, else, at noon tomorrow, we will attack. We will make sure your blood runs like a river and your lives turned to ashes."

Powerful, domineering and vicious beyond belief!

Any discerning person could see that this wasn’t just a warning by the Three Leaves Sect, it was clearly an announcement to the world!

It was telling everyone that the Three Leaves Sect... was not to be trifled with!

Even the Northern Wolves would be trampled under the elephant that is the Three Leaves Sect!

This was the sad truth of being a small clan!

The Chu Clan had existed for many decades, but they would be snuffed out in a matter of minutes when facing a gigantic power like the Three Leaves Sect.

Other than those with feuds with the Chu Clan, many of the underworld clans felt sympathetic towards the Chu Clan.

With the rise of the cultivation world... blood and carnage was bound to follow!

The Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

The leaders sat solemnly in the conference room.

The mood was solemn and dull.

Outside was the spiritual altar, and the remains of the three Supreme Realm cultivators had been retrieved and left there.

The entire sect was grieving!

Three Supreme Realm, six King’s Realm and a promising Invigorated Meridian Realm marksman...

This time, the losses to the Wu Clan were too great!

Wu Dong’s death at the Immortal Fox Cave had only angered the Wu Clan; however, this drove everyone in the Wu Clan of Qing Hai crazy!

"The storage rings on the three elders are all missing."

The chairman was an aged man in his seventies. He was the leader of the entire Wu Clan of Qing Hai!

Wu Shengfei!

He was a powerful cultivator who had entered the Supreme Realm many years ago!

At that time, the world had yet to recover.

The leader of the local Wu Clan was seated below, his head hanging, his expression pained.

"Wu PIng, tell us again what Wu Huihuang elder told you when you last spoke."

A young man stood up from the back, his eyes red, his voice choking, "At that time, when I finally managed to reach elder Huihuang, his voice was weak and he said... said..."

The young disciple of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai, Wu Ping, teared and said, "That I should tell the ancestors that there is great opportunity at the ancient monument. There was a terrifying monster, but Elder Huihuang and the others managed to kill it after sustaining serious injuries."

"But the damned... Three... Three... sneaked attacked..." These were Elder Huihuang’s last words.

Wu Shengfei nodded, his expression pained and his voice raspy.

He said solemnly, "Elder Huihuang wanted you to inform the ancestors and not us, that could only mean one thing."

He looked around, "That ancient monument has some incredible loot!"

Everyone present nodded silently in agreement.

The ancestors of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai were over thousands of years old!

Anything that required their activation was no trivial matter.

Wu Shengfei stood up and paced slowly, murmuring, "But the damned three... sneaked attack? What does that mean?"

One of the relatively youthful members of the committee stood up and said, "Could it be the Three Leaves Sect?"

"Three Leaves Sect... Three... sneaked attack."

Everyone present began to contemplate.

"They wouldn’t dare?" One of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai elders stood up. He looked to be in his 80s, but his hair was still black and his aura was overpowering.

He was a cultivator in the advanced stages of the Supreme Realm!

"If our elders were all uninjured, they definitely would not dare. But what if they were all seriously injured? Don’t forget, it is only human to be greedy. The Three Leaves Sect is also relatively strong."

Some of the other elders said off to the side.

At this point, everyone looked to Wu Shengfei. After all, he was the leader.

Wu Shengfei said solemnly, "How about this, aren’t the Three Leaves Sect attacking the Chu Clan tomorrow? Let’s send some people over to take a look..."

"Leader..." The previous leader whispered, "If it was really them, they would not dare to use it right now..."

They didn’t know that all the identification papers that linked the elders to the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had been destroyed by Chu Yu.

Those magical equipment were items without owners to the Three Leaves Sect.

However, Chu Yu’s set up was more intricate than that. Even if the Wu Clan of Qing Hai leader’s words came true and they didn’t use it, Chu Yu would still put their sights onto the Three Leaves Sect!

At this point, one of the youths sitting in the outermost area spoke up, "Reporting to the leader and the elders, I have some new findings!"
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