Chapter 109: Sacred Technique and Sacred Art

Chapter 109: Sacred Technique and Sacred Art

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Everybody looked towards him.

This young man was the genius that the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had cultivated in order to keep up with the technological world.

Since they decided to enter society, they had to assimilate, and this was the choice of most of the powers.

Regardless of size.

The young man stood up and said, "I had just pinged a coordinate of a suspicious account, and it came from somewhere in the North. That coordinate is similar to where Yang Xiaofeng had sent out his message. I believe that this is the camp of the Three Leaves Sect!"

Everyone’s eyes glimmered. They all seemed to understand that this young man had found a statement by a disciple of the Three Leaves Sect.

"Is there a problem?" One of the Elders asked.

"Elders, please take a look!"

As the youth spoke, he projected the statement from Chu Yu’s sub account.

Amongst all the words, the phrase Purplish Golden Abacus had been bolded and highlighted in red font, making it very jarring!

At that time, all of the elders were enraged, terrifying energies emanating from their bodies.

Wu Shengfei clenched his fists, his expression ferocious. He grit his teeth, "Three Leaves Sect... you’ve gone too far! Do you really think that the Wu Clan of Qing Hai doesn’t have anyone else?"

Purplish Golden Abacus!

Few people outside knew of this magical weapon.

However, the core of the Wu Clan... especially those present here today, could not possibly find this foreign!

This was one of the most precious and high grade equipment in the entire Wu Clan of Qing Hai’s inventory!

The Purplish Golden Abacus had a total of 91 counting beads!

Each one was made from a rare metal!

If it was broken down, it would have a terrifying power!

All 91 beads could be used as a weapon!

If someone reset everything and activated the inscriptions on it, it would become a magical formation locked by the abacus.

It would trap any life form inside it. The only way to escape was to solve the problem on it.

However, if there was a mistake, the Purplish Golden Abacus would launch a lethal attack!

Everyone present knew about this magical equipment.

Furthermore, they knew that such a magical equipment was extremely rare!

It was likely to be one of a kind!

Before the Supreme Realm Elders of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had died, they had mentioned the words Three and sneak attack.

An unknown disciple of the Three Leaves Sect had mentioned the Purplish Golden Abacus in a post filled with envy.

If not for the fact that the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had such a technologically savvy expert, they would have never found such a piece of unassuming news on social media.

The more inconspicuous it was, the more they trusted it!

Firstly, it was the fact that the Purplish Golden Abacus was one of a kind. Secondly, no one outside of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai’s core group knew about this.

Furthermore, who would go to such extremes?

The Chu Clan!

But even if they knew about the Purplish Golden Abacus and the deaths of the elders from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai and wanted to slander the Three Leaves Sect and trigger a war, could they enter the belly of the Three Leaves Sect?

It simply wasn’t possible that the gates to an ancient sect would be open to anybody.

As a result, they believed in the calculations of their technological genius!

Wu Shengfei’s expression was cold, "Gather our best people and head north!"

"Also... Wu Xu, go with them!"

He looked at the technological expert, "Can you pinpoint the exact location where the posts were sent?"

"Definitely." The youth, Wu Xu, nodded.

"Good!" Wu Shengfei said coldly, "When you are there, do a final investigation... if it really was the work of the Three Leaves Sect, then... kill them all!"

Investigating this was incredibly easy.

All they needed to do was capture a few Three Leaves Sect disciples and interrogate them.

"Yes sir!" Everyone echoed their replies.

Having found the perpetrators, they could finally direct all their pent up hate in that direction.

So what if the Three Leaves Sect was strong?

The Wu Clan of Qing Hai was not weak either!

You dare to bully us? Attack and kill our Supreme Realm elders?

We will make you pay the price!

"After this, make a trip to check out the ancient monument that Elder Huihuang and the rest were exploring."

Wu Shengfei said, "This time... the ancestor and I will make the trip personally!"


After Chu Yu entered through that ball of energy, he was stunned.

F*ck me, did I fall into a spiritual fluid pond?

It was filled to bursting with spiritual energy!

Even without using his heart technique, the vast spiritual energy adhered to his body!

Even when Chu Yu had dived into the spirit pond back at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars, he did not get this feeling!

Spiritual formation? Spiritual formation!

Chu Yu finally understood what kind of a place this was!

This is a place for speedy cultivation, with endless resources to help in the breakthrough process.

No matter how poor the talent, a day spent cultivating in here would be equal to many years cultivating outside... maybe even decades!

Previously, he had only heard that the cultivation of the disciples of large sects were propped up by a lot of resources.

Only having seen the Spiritual Formation did he know the true meaning... the legendary... endless resources!

He believed that most of the heirs of the superior sects used something like that to advance faster.

Chu Yu had read about a formation like this in the annals.

However, it was not called the Spiritual Formation, instead it was known as the Spiritual Concentration Formation!

It was said that a day of cultivation inside it would match a decade of cultivation in the outside world.

That particular annal was written by one of the ancestors of the Chu Clan who had written about a multitude of such occurrences.

Chu Yu had read the annals like storybooks.

Only now did he realize that such places do exist.

The Chu Clan was really just a small fry.

However, it will soon become a real power!

Chu Yu could not help but laugh!

Come, let us use this spiritual energy!

He sat down and threw open his chest - taking a deep breath!

His Killing Days Heart Technique began to activate. All 1000+ of his Acupoints all became tiny whirlpools in an instant.

The two meridians that he had broken through boomed constantly like a thunderbird!

The spiritual energy gushed into the two meridians!

If the Three Leaves Sect Leader knew that Chu Yu would be like this after he entered, she would be shocked to death!

After she faints, she may even mouth: How powerful!

Even a Supreme Realm cultivator would not suck spiritual energy at the rate Chu Yu was.

The Killing Days Heart Technique was too strong!

How could any technique collected by the metal ball be bad?

If someone was cultivating here, they would be sipping the spiritual energy out of a teaspoon, but Chu Yu was gulping it down!

In an instant, Chu Yu could feel that the energy in his body had reached a maximum!

The Superclass began to activate and the Lung Meridian began to vibrate!

Boundless energy began crashing towards Chu Yu’s Lung Meridian like a raging river!

A loud boom!

Almost like the universe had crashed!

The Lung Meridian was broken through.

A huge wave of energy, boundless like the raging river, flowed through the entire meridian.


Chu Yu could feel his respiratory system become incredibly strong!

The immense power from his lungs meant that he did not need his nose or mouth to breathe. The pores on his body... could take in sufficient air.

After the Lung Meridian was broken through, Chu Yu managed to gain something that was virtually impossible for an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist to gain... the sacred art!

To be accurate, he was not at the level of the sacred art, but he was close.

Perhaps it could be called, "Sacred Technique".

Breath Suspending Technique!

The technique would level up together with one’s cultivation level. Its final form was the Turtle Resting Technique.

The Turtle Resting Technique was a very famous technique amongst all of the sacred arts in the universe.

It had begun from the Turtles. Once they had reached a high cultivation level, they could not eat, not drink and not breathe, living in a state of fake death for tens of thousands of years!

This was the reason behind the turtle’s longevity.

As for Chu Yu, this was an unexpected surprise.

It was rather accidental.

He had not expected that he would be able to understand the sacred art at the Invigorated Meridian Realm. For such techniques, once they were understood, they would be forever imprinted in one’s mind.

The Killing Days Heart Technique and the Superclass continued to do their work.

"Spleen Meridian, Large Intestine Meridian, Small Intestine Meridian, Bladder Meridian, Kidney Meridian, Pericardium Meridian, Triple Foci Meridian, Gallbladder Meridian, Stomach Meridian... were all broken through by Chu Yu in less than six hours!

Chu Yu’s talent was undeniable, and the Killing Days Heart Technique was a Divine Level Technique, one of the best in the entire universe, and the Superclass was the technique of a saint... this made Chu Yu’s foundation terrifyingly solid.

However, no matter how talented, he could not have possibly attained the small circle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm in such a short time.

Chu Yu’s surprises did not stop there. When he broke through the Gallbladder Meridian and the Stomach Meridian, he received another two sacred techniques.

The Tiger Courage Technique and the Fasting Technique!

Once one got the sacred art or the sacred technique, one would immediately know its use.

It was almost an invisible finger was pointing you in that direction.

The Tiger Courage Technique allowed Chu Yu to ignore the suppressive power of people of higher cultivation levels.

This meant that Chu Yu could ignore the suppressive powers of King’s Realm and Supreme Realm cultivators.

He could fight them head on!

Whether he could defeat them was another question, but at least he could fight them!

Of course, if he met with cultivators in the True Lord Realm, the elementary Tiger Courage Technique was insufficient, he needed to keep upgrading himself.

When he broke through his Stomach Meridian, he learnt the Fasting Technique.

From this moment on, Chu Yu could live, even without food or water.

Through the changing of his internal energies, he could achieve a balance.

After Chu Yu broke through all 12 of his true meridians, the energy in his body was like a sea!

Each of the 12 true meridians flowed with boundless energy, like 12 raging rivers.

When he used his techniques, his body echoed with a thunderous sound, waves of energy giving Chu Yu the ability to move mountains.

The feeling was indescribable!

Chu Yu felt like he could raise a mountain and smash someone with it!

When he entered the small circle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm, the amalgamation of his powers allowed him to learn another Sacred Technique!

No, this time, it was a sacred art!

When he attained the small circle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm, Chu Yu learnt a sacred art!

Gluttonous Sacred Art!

He could raise his cultivation level by consuming items with spiritual energy.

When the Gluttonous Sacred Art was mastered, he could eat the air and earth!

He could swallow the Milky Way!

In the moment that Chu Yu unlocked that sacred art, his entire aura changed!

It was as if he was a human black hole, able to swallow anything!

In that instant, boundless spiritual energy gushed into Chu Yu’s body.

That rate was many times faster than before!

Chu Yu was nearly overwhelmed by it!

F*ck me!

Chu Yu was scared stiff.

Most people would be over the moon when they learnt a sacred art, but this was almost going to take his life!

His vertical eye sprung open and became a whirlpool. In less than five minutes... it had absorbed all of the spiritual energy in this place!

Even the door to the Spiritual Concentration Formation... was not let off!

The pocket dimension in this small room crumbled instantly.

All of the energy was sucked up by the vertical eye.

Chu Yu could clearly feel an unimaginably strong wave of energy in his forehead.

Very quickly, it returned to normal.

He looked at the empty room, stunned.

Then, he looked at the watch on his wrist.

Twelve Midnight, it had only been half a day since he entered.

"Let me cultivate for three days?" Chu Yu’s mouth twitched and he rolled his eyes.

He activated the Breath Suspending Technique and opened the door carefully. This was a forbidden place and people were barred from entering.

As such, Chu Yu used the Breath Suspending Technique and silently... left the camp of the Three Leaves Sect. He ran all the way back to the Chu Clan

This was called giving up the small advantage in order to achieve the greater goal.

Student Yang Xiaofeng, goodbye.
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