Chapter 114: Mirror World

Chapter 114: Mirror World

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Many of them felt enraged!

Of these seven people, five of them were foreigners!

Even though they were all of Chinese blood, they did not seem to care about their fellow men.

In challenging those on the Heaven’s Pride board, they showed no mercy, killing three instantly. Eight others were seriously injured to the point of being ruined.

The remaining few were all seriously injured. The best of them still had to be bedridden for months.

This was not just a challenge and sharing of techniques, this was completely inhumane towards those on the Heaven’s Pride Board.

To make things worse, one of the seven had said that in the 33 years since the world recovered, there was no one in China who was decent!

The only one who barely made it, Song Hong, was dead.

Other than him, they were all trash!

This statement angered too many people, and even included many of the talents in China’s ancient sects.

Some of the disciples of the ancient sects rose to challenge, but they were all smashed by him.

Then, he posted again on social media, "With countless ancient sects in the whole of china, is there no one who is my match?

What is the Heaven’s Pride Board? A children’s playground?"

"There is only one person left, a lady named Lin Shimeng. I heard that she is a beauty. I don’t know where you are hiding, but if you see me, please step out. If I like you, I’ll accept you as my servant."

The most active of the group said on social media.

On the 30th of October 2056, one week after everyone on the Heaven’s Pride Board had been defeated.

Lin Shimeng came out of isolation, and accepted the challenge!

"Chai Yue isit? See you at the Heaven Lake in the Northern Territories in three days, on the third of November! Also, bring all seven of you." Lin Shimeng replied on social media.

Lin Shimeng’s challenge had stunned many people.

Hundreds of them tried to persuade Lin Shimeng against fighting.

Any one of the seven were easily Xiantian Realm cultivators.

What was Lin Shimeng’s cultivation level previously?

Advanced Acupoint Charging Stages?

Too weak!

There is no way she is a match for them!

Furthermore, she wants to fight all seven of them... that is courting death!

She must be crazy!

"Goddess Lin, please don’t fall into the trap, ignore them!"

"They are just a group of people who don’t know their roots, don’t bother about them."

"You will always be a Heaven’s Pride and a goddess in our hearts, don’t go and fight!"

Lin Shimeng did not reply to these statements.

Very quickly, there was an announcement - this battle would be broadcast worldwide.

Turn back the clock by one day, on the night of the 29th, Lin Shimeng came out of isolation.

In the shortest amount of time possible, she tried to understand what was going on.

Then, she switched on her messenger and looked at the various messages. The first one she chose to see was Chu Yu’s.

"Brother Song says that there are treasures in the nooks."

Lin Shimeng looked at the sentence, stupefied. After a while, she took a deep breath and called Chu Yu.

"Shishi, you’re finally out, how was it? What cultivation level are you now?"

"Let me tell you, in the time that you’ve been in isolation, you’ve missed so many great shows..."

"Also, there have been a few idiot bananas [1] who are challenging everyone, please don’t bother about them."

Chu Yu did not even give a chance for Lin Shimeng to get angry and he rattled on for what seemed like ages.

Lin Shimeng listened quietly, her expression changing from anxious to happy multiple times.

Chu Yu spoke for almost 10 minutes and recounted all of the incidents that had happened.

He finally stopped.

"You’re done?"


"Then tell me, what treasures are there in the nooks?" Lin Shimeng’s tone was dangerous, like a small cat extending its sharp claws.

"Shishi, as for that, you have to listen to my explanation."

"Mm, I’m listening." Lin Shimeng wore a smile, but her tone was flat.

"Mm, you do know the situation then..."

"Mm, I do." Lin Shimeng replied flatly.

"You’re... not angry?" Chu Yu was cautious.

"I am not angry, you did that to protect me, why should I be angry? Wouldn’t that be very immature of me? You know that I am not willful." Lin Shimeng smiled lightly.

"Ok Shishi, I admit that I made a mistake this time, I didn’t think it through..."

"Ok la, I was just a little disappointed and thought that you should have come clean with me at the first possible opportunity. However, upon deeper thought, it really wasn’t suitable for you to tell me."

Lin Shimeng smiled, "But, aren’t you afraid I would fall for Song Hong?"

"I believe that our relationship can survive any trial!"

"Mm, no matter what, that will not change." Lin Shimeng replied seriously, then she said, "Chu Yu, do you know why I’ve been in isolation for so long?"

"I was wondering too, it shouldn’t need to take so long."

Lin Shimeng said, "I may have to leave... this place! Maybe it’ll be temporary, maybe... it’ll be for a long time."

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu was confused.

"I know some things, some... things that have to do with the apocalypse 6000 years ago." Lin Shimeng said.

Chu Yu was silent, his attention fully on her.

"The world that we live in, mm, our entire universe, has a border and an end, in theory at least!

Chu Yu was astounded, the universe was supposed to be endless.

The word universe meant limitless!

Both space and time were embodied in the word universe!

That was the meaning of universe!

Timeless and limitless!

Even according to the hypothesis of modern science, there was no way of finding the ends of the universe.

The universe extended to billions of light years away.

Lin Shimeng said, "The concept of the universe, and what we know now... is inherently different. Do you still remember what is said in the Buddhist Scriptures?"

"One needs to return to their roots?" Chu Yu asked.


Lin Shimeng smiled and said, "The world actually has a universe which is timeless and limitless. In order to travel within the universe, say, to a place light years away..."

"Even a saint, which can travel thousands of miles a minute will need a long time on the road."

"As such, the best way is to travel using the network of black holes."

Bending space and the black hole theory were not foreign to Chu Yu.

Even before the earth had recovered, some scientists had suggested this, but the technology at that time was insufficient for experimentation.

However, such a theory had already been proven. Even quantum mechanics were all real and proven.

The knowledge of humans were limitless. These ideas had been brought up in the ancient times and had even been used by many of the powerful cultivators.

"The universe we live in, according to some, is the center."

Lin Shimeng’s voice was clear, "To be exact, it is the central region."

"And our entire solar system is the center... of the central region!"

"This isn’t the physical meaning of center, but rather the "cultivation" center!"

"This land is special and magical. The sanctuaries here are much simpler than in other places!"

"That means that people are many times more likely to succeed here!"

"However, it is very difficult to enter this region. One require major costs and sacrifice, and success is not a given."

"In order to enter our solar system, this center, is even more difficult!"

"6000 years ago, countless powerful individuals paid a huge price and tried to cross over and break through the walls of the central region. They failed, but not completely!"

"Someone managed to breakthrough and leave a passageway."

"Else, our world would not have been robbed like that."

"The universes are not separated as what we previously thought, in fact, there are points of overlap!"

"As such, until now, the billions of light years of space that we have explored could contain countless other universes. Some of these are far away, others are right next to us."

"However, because they are in a different plane, we cannot sense their existence."

"Under normal circumstances, this overlap does not have any effect."

"However, at the point where the most number of universes intersect, this place is called the Mirror Dimension!"

"It can link multiple universes!"

"When those powerful individuals retreated, they opened up a new world in the Mirror Dimension. They built a society there, recuperating and hiding, awaiting their next opportunity."

"That world is called the Mirror World."

As Lin Shimeng spoke, Chu Yu became more and more solemn.

This was an ancient event, over 6000 years ago. The people who knew about this were rare.

"When I was in isolation training with the Divine Lady Scripture, I accidentally connected with a door to the Mirror World. As such, I was lured into it."

As Lin Shimeng spoke, she sighed softly.

Her experiences during this time was almost like a dream!

It was hard to believe, even now when she thought about it, it still seemed dreamlike.

In the Mirror World, almost all of the universal sects had Heaven’s Pride cultivators. Anyone of them could stun anyone on this earth.

"That world is much more complicated than the one we live in! There are a lot more races although more than half take on a human form."

"The leader of the Mirror World is the sect that was formed by the powerful individual who attacked the solar system back in the day. The rest are those who had joined from the various universes, as well as their descendants."

Lin Shimeng had joined a San Liu school inside the Mirror World. The techniques that she had learnt could not be found anywhere on this earth!

"Those Heaven’s Prides are too scary. I did not feel a sense of belonging there. I am not scared of you laughing at me..."

Lin Shimeng sighed, "Even the ordinary slaves in the San Liu school were much stronger than me!"

Chu Yu listened silently as Lin Shimeng recounted her extraordinary experiences. Even though he was smart, it took time for him to digest all the information.

"There, due to my physique, I went to find a master. She does not know where I come from, but she is good to me."

"I can’t even begin to guess her cultivation level, but she must be at least a Divine Lord. She is well respected in the institution. Ever since I became her disciple, my life has become a lot easier."

Lin Shimeng laughed lightly, "Oh ya, my master changed my name. She thinks that I should be called Lin Shi, without the meng, because dreams... are things for the ordinary people. I also think Lin Shi is better, what do you think?"

"Mm, I’ve always called you Shishi instead of Mengmeng, because I had foresight." Chu Yu joked as he tried to liven the mood.

He had a premonition of what was about to happen.

[1] banana is a derogatory term used to describe an Asian who has completely forgotten his roots.
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