Chapter 115: The Truth

Chapter 115: The Truth

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Lin Shi sighed, "My master told me that the Solar System is the best place for cultivation. Before long, the various clans from the Mirror World will cross over and head for the Solar System."

"This is going to be catastrophic for us!"

"I was born in the Solar System, which means I was born in the blessed land. I want to learn and understand the Mirror World. This would ensure that we understand our enemies better when they finally make the crossing."

"You are right!" Chu Yu was uncomfortable inside.

To be honest, he did not want to be separated from Shishi like that.

"6000 years ago, our ancestors fought valiantly and many people lay down their lives for this cause."

"They had given us 6000 years of breathing space, sealing our world for that time."

"This seal was made such that the higher one’s cultivation level, the harder it would be for him to enter!"

"My master told me that the breaking point was at the True Lord Realm. Only people at this realm and below can cross over."

"However, if those incredibly powerful forces tried again, they would reinforce the seal."

"This had been working for many years."

"There are still many of our kind in the Mirror World."

"When our ancestors left the Solar System aeons ago, a portion of them chose to move to other solar systems and are currently untraceable, the other portion... set up base in the Mirror World."

"After 6000 years, those people now identify themselves as citizens of the Mirror World."

"They have been completely brainwashed. As such, when we meet them in the future, we must be cautious, don’t treat them like our allies."

"When our world was sealed, many of those powers were greatly weakened, so for now, our world is safe."

"But my master says, soon..."

"For now, there are already many talents in the Mirror World getting ready for the crossover. They are eagerly trying to recruit people."

"Many of them are even saying that they want to come here to hunt, kill the aborigines who are roam this wasteland..."

Chu Yu became more and more solemn, he was fuming!

The center of the world should be a prosperous place!

It should have been like the Tang and Song Dynasties, where people came from every corner of the universe to engage each other!

Yet now, it was a wasteland despised by others. This thought was rather depressing.

However, he knew that his anger now was merely a manifestation of his helplessness.

He swore to himself that he would get stronger, quickly!

Then, they would see who would be the prey!

Lin Shimeng said seriously, "Based on my understanding, our world does not have the most resources, but we do have the most superior resources. Futhermore, our foundation is the deepest! No where else even come close."

"However, when those talents begin to coming in, we, the so called aborigines, will be oppressed. We will find it difficult to fight them; thus, the time we have is not much."

"I have asked my master how do we let others enter the Mirror World. My master told me that even though the Mirror World is the converging point for multiple universes, it has already gone dark and become a world of its own."

"As such, even though the Mirror World was built by the powerful individuals, even they cannot interfere."

"There is no route to enter the Mirror World. Entry is purely based on luck!"

"However, once entry is gained, one will be affirmed by the Mirror World. However, the resources required to return to our original world is way too much for us to handle right now."

"My master never thought that I came from the Solar System. She thinks I am from another universe."

"For 6000 years, the cultivators from the Solar System who have gained entry into the Mirror World are few and far between. Even if they have gained entry, the would hide their identities and keep a low profile."

"This time, in order to return, I had to beg my teacher repeatedly before I got a set of resources. However, when I return, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me to return..."

Lin Shimeng’s voice was pained.

Chu Yu was silent. He understood Lin Shimeng’s intent, but after this goodbye, it’ll be very long before they saw each other again.

Even though those talents in the Mirror World think that they can cross over soon, that time frame for a cultivator... could be between three to five years, or even three to five centuries.

For a powerful cultivator, the concept of time was foreign to them.

In comparison with 6000 years, another thousand years would just be another stroke of the hand.

"Then, Shishi, what is your current cultivation level?" Chu Yu asked solemnly.

"Elementary King’s Realm." Lin Shimeng did not hesitate to tell Chu Yu her real cultivation level.

"..." Chu Yu had expected Lin Shimeng to have attained Xiantian, but he did not expect that she would have attained King’s Realm in such a short time frame.

This was shocking!

"The resources there are too good, my Divine Lady Scripture can be fully utilised!"

"However, my cultivation level is nothing over there, it is barely noticeable."

"All of my seniors in the institution are at least Supreme Realm cultivators. Those in the best institutions are even in the True Lord realm..."

Lin Shimeng sighed, "To be honest, our talent is not necessarily worse than them, and our pace is not slow."

"But our world has been sealed for 6000 years and the resources... are too little!"

"Oh yes, I have brought over some medicines and teachings from the Mirror World. I will hand them over to you personally when we meet at the Heaven Lake.

"Also, I plan to teach those idiots a lesson before I leave. They don’t know anything, they only know how to fight aimlessly!"

"Based on your cultivation level, you can definitely whip them..." Chu Yu smiled.

"I just want to let them know that they are really weak!"

Lin Shimeng said faintly, "After I leave, I hope you will concentrate on your cultivation. Don’t partake in those things that do not concern you. Our enemy is not within."

"I understand." Chu Yu agreed, but he felt helpless.

Now that he knew of the existence of the Mirror World, he knew part of the truth of the catastrophic robbery which took place 6000 years ago.

However, the issue remained... most people on this earth didn’t know!

They were still day dreaming!

Fighting to be in control!

Even if this was revealed, it would not do anything much... other than incite mass pandemonium.

It was just as if we had learnt of the apocalypse suddenly. Other than fear and pandemonium, what else could we do?

After switching off his messenger, Chu Yu could not find peace. Previously, he had been excited about understanding the art of pill refining. However, now, he was solemn.

He did not think that the catastrophe 6000 years ago had happened this way.

As the home of cultivation and the center of the universe, it had been robbed in such vicious fashion.

Countless powers salivated at the thought of attacking and occupying this place.

Come of their ancestors had laid down their lives in the defence of this place! They had fought valiantly to repel the invasion!

Finally, that group of ancestors had used the remnants of their energy to seal the entire Solar System.

They used their lives to protect their homeland!

Maybe back then those powerful ancestors had already known that their defences would be broken through one day.

But they had already done their best!

Perhaps, one of these days, those powerful beings would return if they still lived in the ancient monuments and continue defending this land with their lands.

However, were we as descendants going to be bystanders and not try to help?

Maybe even become prey and punching bags for the talents in the Mirror World?


Definitely not!

I will never agree to that!

Chu Yu’s eyes became red with fury and he took a deep breath to try to calm himself down.


Now that he had broken through all 12 of his true meridians, he still had another eight meridians to go.

Chu Yu prepared to break through the rest in the fastest time and enter the Xiantian Realm!

First, he had to breakthrough the Conception Meridian and the Governor Meridian!

In the ancient stories, it was said that breaking through these meridians will make one a martial art expert.

That was the truth.

However, the people who could really breakthrough these two meridians were rare!

Some of the most talented were born with these two meridians flowing smoothly.

As a result, they reaped much greater rewards and progressed much faster than anyone else.

There were even those who were invincible in their teens!

Even without considering the little metal ball in his forehead, Chu Yu had the saint’s superclass for foundation cultivation as well as the support of the Killing Days Heart Technique.

In the foundation stages, such conditions were most superior.

There was no reason why he would not be able to match those talents!

It was three days to the battle between Lin Shimeng and Chai Yue

Chu Yu calmed himself down and began cultivating.

November the third, 2056, the Northern Heaven Lake was filled with people!

Many people rushed over upon hearing the news that Lin Shimeng had accepted the challenge.

Previously, many were content with watching the broadcast. However, this time, they wanted to watch the battle with their own eyes.

As such, when Chu Yu arrived, the place was already packed full of people.

It was early November, and the cold north had already begun to snow.

However, due to the difference in the physiques of people, most of the people wore thin clothes but did not feel cold.

When the live broadcast begun, social media was abuzz about this uneven fight.

Almost everyone felt that Lin Shimeng was too irrational.

How could she be so brash?

If the disciples of China’s ancient sects do not dare to make a peep, why do you accept the challenge?

This was akin to using an egg to smash a rock, suicidal!

It was no exaggeration to say that even Lin Shimeng’s most loyal fans did not believe in her.

They all thought that if Chai Yue was vicious enough, Lin Shimeng was bound to die!

Lin Shimeng arrived, accompanied by the confusion, pity, and sighs of the crowd.

She wore a body hugging white dress which showed off her slender hips. Her snow white skin glimmered!

She wore a pair of crystal high heels. Her 1.8m tall body was perfect, neither too fat nor too thin, she was the embodiment of perfection.

Her presence caused the crowd to pale.

Her long flowing hair rested on her shoulders and her exquisite face broke out in a smile.

The chilly air did not seem to affect her. Without any hesitation, she began scaling the mountain.

Her presence caused a huge stir.
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