Chapter 13: Xie Clan

Chapter 13: Xie Clan

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The middle aged matriarch was not a quintessential b*tch with long hair and no foresight. As the wife of Xie Xiaotian, she was from a reputable underworld clan.

She had immense elegance and excellent temperament.

Her son was the only person in the world who could cause her to be this flustered.

Having been slapped, tears were forming on the edges of her eyes. She was humiliated and did not speak.

Xie Xiaotian looked to his sides and said solemnly, "Bring the missus to the room to rest."

Two girls stepped forward and supported the matriarch out of the hall.

Xie Xiaotian looked at the Xie Lu, as well as the Third Elder and some others before saying, "Come with me, all of you."

In the other room, Xie Xiaotian sat there with the Third Elder. The others stood around, not daring to make a sound.

A pin drop silence descended upon the room.

After a moment of silence, Xie Xiaotian nodded at Xie Lu, "Speak."

"Yes sir." Xie Lu nodded obediently, and began to narrate the story that resulted in the hatred between Xie Tianyu and Chu Yu.

"Lin Shimeng was born into a large underworld clan. She had trained in a technique known as the Sutra of Internal Reflection..."

Xie Xiaotian did not like to interrupt others, but he was shocked by this revelation. He took a deep breath and looked at Xie Lu, "Sutra of Internal Reflection?"

Xie Lu nodded and whispered, "I'm not too sure what is so mystical about that cultivation method, I've never heard of it before."

"Of course you've never heard of it before... This is a legacy method passed down from thousands of years ago, meant specially to cultivate the internal organs." Xie Xiaotian murmured.

"I'm sorry master, I, I had no idea that this was so important..." Xie Lu’s expression betrayed her fear.

Even though they have assimilated into society, many of these ancient underworld clans and gangs retained many of their ancient practices.

For example, their greetings as well as their... distinctive hierarchical concepts!

Xie Lu was a talent that Xie Xiaotian cultivated from young. Other than the fact that she had average looks, she was relatively stellar in almost every other aspect.

By placing her at Xie Tianyu’s side, she could serve two purposes. Firstly, she could aid him and secondly, she could gather intel on him for Xie Xiaotian.

Xie Lu had performed well all this while, and Xie Xiaotian regarded her highly. Yet, to Xie Lu, she regarded Xie Xiaotian with awe and deference.

"I don’t blame you." Xie Xiaotian encouraged, "Please continue"

Having heard the words Sutra of Internal Reflection, Xie Xiaotian finally understood why Xie Tianyu wanted to kill Chu Yu.

Yet, he had no idea how Xie Tianyu knew about this Sutra.

Cultivation techniques at the level of the Sutra of Internal Reflection were closely guarded secrets. They would not even be shared between husband and wife!

Lin Shimeng’s tutors would have never allowed it to happen.

There were rules guarding the spread of cultivation techniques. For the clans and sects of the underworld, their cultivation techniques were even more closely guarded secrets.

Yet, if he was able to get together with Lin Shimeng, there was a chance that Xie Tianyu could have gotten his hands on the technique.

Xie Lu nodded, then continued, "At various high end receptions, Lin Shimeng and Chu Yu gave off the vibe that they were a couple. Yet, they have been this way since their childhood. Anyone who dared mock Chu Yu would be ruthlessly subdued by Lin Shimeng. Even if she couldn’t beat them, she would not give up. As a result, if Chu Yu did not die, there was no chance for anyone else to get close to her."

Xie Xiaotian nodded, then scrunched his eyebrows, deep in thought. He sighed, "This child... is still too young!"

Third Elder nodded slightly in agreement, sighing as well.

Xie Lu looked at Xie Xiaotian in confusion.

Xie Xiaotian laughed bitterly, "How could someone who would inherit the Sutra of Internal Reflection get close to uncultivable trash like Chu Yu? Even if they are childhood friends, they would still be... impossible!"

Third Elder replied, "There is a 90% probability that Chu Yu... is being used as a shield. Alternatively, he knew that he was being used, and was doing it for Ms Lin willingly."

Xie Lu was clever. She understood what was being said immediately, her expression showing that she was deep in thought.

After which she replied, "The reason why young master sent people to kill Chu Yu today... is because Lin Shimeng told him that if he tried to harm Chu Yu again, she would not let him off."

The Third Elder sighed, "Even if Lin Shimeng was just using Chu Yu has her shield, they would have some emotional connection. Then again, it could be this attitude of hers that triggered Tianyu."

Xie Xiaotian nodded in agreement, he knew his son best.

Xie Xiaotian looked towards Xie Lu, "Please, continue."

"Ok." Xie Lu nodded, "Young master felt that Chu Yu was an obstacle to him, and prepared to dispose of Chu Yu secretly, choosing to work with the Black Tiger Gang of Qi Lu. He had plans to keep himself out of the picture, but yet the leader of the Black Tiger Gang, Fang Hu, was not easy to deal with. In giving orders to his subordinates, he had exposed Young Master’s involvement. If not for that, tonight’s incidents may have been avoided."

The Third Elder replied flatly, "The risk is shared equally, self-preservation is still the priority. The Northern Chu Clan is not a faction that the his Black Tiger Gang can trifle with."

Xie Xiaotian nodded in agreement, "The Black Tiger Gang... is still useful."

Xie Lu continued to narrate the two events of today, after which, a sense of quiet came over the room.

After a long pause, the Third Elder spoke slowly, "If that is the case, Chu Yu has a pet with the power of Acupoint Charging Stage Seven by his side? Was that the same bird that killed five of our men today? So, was this the bird that... protected him on Mount Tai?"

Xie Lu nodded, "It seems that way, for now."

Xie Xiaotian looked at Xie Lu, "You’re saying that Chu Yu is still unable to engage in cultivation?"

Xie Lu nodded again, "Based on the information that we have on hand, there is nothing to prove that Chu Yu was faking it all along."

Xie Lu looked at Xie Xiaotian, "It is possible for someone to act like a ruined mess for a couple of years, but, 16 years... it’s very difficult in my opinion."

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement.

A youth in the room spoke, "Exactly, furthermore, during these 16 years, he was not hiding out in a secluded area. Everyone observing him would agree with the assessment that he was ruined."

Xie Lu continued, "Actually, his actions today tell us that he is someone with a bad temper. He does not bear grudges, but he also does not pick his battles. To be honest... I think that there is no reason to fear him, he is reckless but brainless."

The Third Elder nodded in agreement, "Exactly, if it were our guys, I’m afraid... we would not do things this way."

Xie Xiaotian said flatly, "Find a chance, kill him off, don’t leave any evidence behind."

Only he could have given such an order, after all, Tianyu was his son.

"If my guess is correct, this bird was recently acquired. Else, judging by his character, he would have flaunted it a long time ago." Xie Lu added.

Xie Xiaotian nodded in agreement, "Anything else?"

Xie Lu was just about to shake her head when she remembered, "Oh right, I forgot something. Ms Yue followed Chu Yu..."

"Hmm?" Xie Xiaotian’s eyebrows scrunched up in an instant.

This was the first time the whole night that Xie Xiaotian was this serious. Even with Tianyu injured and his cultivation advancement stymied, he was not as stern.

"Xiao Yue left?" The Third Elder stood up, his face filled with surprise.

Xie Lu felt as if she had made another mistake. At her level, the information she could access was extremely limited.

Many news within the Xie Clan were classified, and only elders and above were privy to such information.

For example, Xiao Yue, in the eyes of Xie Lu, was merely a pretty girl from an influential clan. Even though Xie Tianyu respected Xiao Yue, he had never made a fuss over it.

Xie Lu could not understand why Xiao Yue’s departure caused the two leaders to lose their composure.

"Yes, yes exactly. Chu Yu said that Xiao Yue was sick, and that he could cure her, so Xiao Yue left with him." Xie Lu added.

"That simple?" everyone present was shocked speechless.

"Damn it!" Xie Xiaotian’s face turned ugly in an instant. He grit his teeth, "What if... the Northern Chu Clan also knows about her identity?"

The Third Elder shook his head, "That shouldn’t be the case..."

Xie Xiaotian crossed his hands behind his back and paced back and forth, as if deciding on the next course of action.

After a while, Xie Xiaotian looked to the Third Elder, "Tomorrow, prepare a substantial gift. We shall go... to apologise to Chu Yu! Afterwards, we must invite Xiao Yue back!"

Third Elder nodded in agreement, "This is the only course of action as things are."

Xie Lu and the others in the room looked stunned, their tongues twisted.

The leader of the Xie Clan, as well as the Third Elder... were going to apologise to someone from a different clan caste?

All in order to get back a girl who seemed to be of importance to them?

Xiao Yue... what exactly is her true identity?

However, if Xie Xiaotian and the Third Elder did not elaborate, they did not dare to probe. Yet, this had already set off many questions in their minds.

The incidents of tonight may have already spread to the entire Yan Jing city, maybe even the entire mainland.

If both the leader and the Third Elder of the Xie Clan were to apologise to Chu Yu with gifts... how was the Xie Clan ever going to be able to find a foothold in society after this?

They could not bring themselves to believe that their leaders had not considered these consequences. This made their decision all the more puzzling, and harder to stomach.

Just at this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Xie Xiaotian frowned slightly and whispered, "Come in."

A young gentleman opened the door and reported, "Sir, there has been trouble, the Black Tiger Gang of Qi Lu... the leader Fang Hu has been killed, and the entire Black Tiger Gang, from top to bottom, has been murdered!"

"What!" shock overcoming Xie Xiaotian.

Everyone in the room was also shocked to the point of speechlessness.
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