Chapter 128: Beheading the Green Lion Lord.

Chapter 128: Beheading the Green Lion Lord.

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Xu Xiaoxian did not reveal herself, and she ignored the Green Lion Lord. She chose to use the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu, "Jerk, this sealing effect will only last 10 minutes, do what you have to do!"

"And yourself?" Chu Yu asked.

"I am a helpless lady, don’t place your hope on me!" Xu Xiaoxian turned and ran.

Even though the magical formation was sealed from the inside, as the controller, even though she could not escape, she could provide herself quite a bit of roaming space.

"Xu Xiaoxian you little b*tch!" Chu Yu couldn’t help but bellow.

In the next moment, he retrieved the Spirit Stunning Bow and attacked the Green Lion Lord!


The shine of blood appeared on the Green Lion Lord’s hind leg and it roared in pain.

Now that its power was being suppressed, it could not bring its full power to bear.

Even though it was rather adept at magical formations, it could avoid most of the damage but it could not be like Chu Yu and see through all of the illusions.

It would still be hurt by the terrifying attacking powers of the magical formation.

In a few moments, the Green Lion Lord became the Red Lion Lord - blood flowing from multiple wounds!

Even though it was extremely strong in battle, it was being suppressed to the King’s Realm. However, because of its strong foundation, it did not lose out when in battle with Chu Yu.

It too had quite an arsenal of magical equipment.

It roared as it controlled its magical equipment to do battle with Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s battle power was equally terrifying. Even though he had not entered Xiantian, he was just a sliver away.

However, he did know quite a few of the sacred arts!

Chu Yu looked at the Green Lion Lord bleeding profusely, and tried to use the only sacred art that he knew now.

Gluttonous Sacred Art!

He opened his mouth and sucked. All of the Green Lion Lord’s blood formed a line and entered Chu Yu’s mouth.

Chu Yu’s energy levels immediately rose.

The blood of a life form close to the True Lord Realm contained boundless spiritual energy!

This was way better than the spiritual stone!

The Green Lion Lord was not just angry, but filled with shock and horror.

"You.... what is this demonic technique?"

An aged demon was asking a human what demonic technique he was using.

How ironic.

Yet, to the Green Lion Lord, this was not at all funny, instead, a strong fear began to stem from deep inside its heart.

This human did not seem extremely powerful, but he was like a demon.

Despite his low cultivation level, his battle prowess was incredibly scary. Despite not being a cultivator, he had grasped the sacred art and had an arsenal of magical equipment.

This sacred art had made it think of one of the terrifying beasts of the ancient world, the glutton!

It could eat a thousand items!

At this point, an ancient blade appeared in Chu Yu’s hands. The light it radiated was extremely strong as it chopped down at the Green Lion Lord’s head.

The murderous aura radiated by the blade gave the Green Lion Lord the feeling of an apocalypse.

It roared and tried to move its body.


This blade... immediately sliced off one of its forelegs.

It was too sharp!

It was almost like cutting through tofu.

The Green Lion Lord let out an earth shaking howl, blood spewing like a geyser from its open wound.

Chu Yu used the Gluttonous sacred art, opened his mouth, and sucked up all of the blood.

He became like a demon god.

Even Xu Xiaoxian, who was watching by the side was stunned, was this guy a demon? How was he so vicious?

However, she did not miss this golden opportunity. She retrieved a magical equipment, a palm sized bronze mirror, and shone it at the Green Lion Lord.


The bronze mirror let out a hum and a ray of light shot out towards the Green Lion Lord, penetrating its body.

The Green Lion Lord almost fainted from the pain as it swiped viciously in Xu Xiaoxian’s direction!


An earth shattering sound echoed out.

Xu Xiaoxian’s body was thrown into the air, a stream of blood trcikling down the corner of her mouth.

Even though the magical formation had suppressed the Green Lion Lord’s level, she still could not escape.

This was why she needed a helper, she could not defeat this terrifying life form on her own.

The Green Lion Lord was crumbling and it roared, "My backers... will never let you off!"

Chu Yu leapt into the air and chopped at the head of the Green Lion Lord through the gaps in the magical formation’s energy flow.


The Green Lion Lord’s huge head fell to the Earth.

Xu Xiaoxian immediately rushed to the foreleg of the Green Lion Lord that Chu Yu chopped off. Somehow, she managed to find a key, then... she turned and ran!

The entire magical formation crumbled instantly!

All the energy and suppression... disappeared in this instant!

All of the life forms and small demons in this new city built by the Green Lion Lord were dead.

Xu Xiaoxian’s contented voice could be heard from the distance, "Brother Chu Yu, I have helped you take revenge, remember that you owe me one!"

Then, she ran off into the distance.

As for the Crane Saint’s legacy on Chu Yu, it was not as important to her as what lay in the mysterious JingPo area!

There were too many people who knew about that mysterious dimension!

However, she was the only one who knew Chu Yu was Song Hong.

She had to get to the more important things first!

Xu Xiaoxian ran off.

Even though the head of the Green Lion Lord had been chopped off, it did not die.

From its body, a nascent soul in the form of a small lion shot out and ran off into the distance!

The Green Lion Lord’s eyes glared at Chu Yu, "I see you’re the little b*stard from the Chu Clan, you are dead, my nascent soul..."

As it spoke, its nascent soul, which had already run quite a distance, was suddenly sucked away by a magical equipment. It let out a pitiful scream.

Xu Xiaoxian’s laughter could be heard from a distance, "Lion puppy, you are really stupid... your nascent soul can be used to refine a whole cauldron of superior medicine! I can’t thank you enough. Brother Chu Yu, you owe me another one now ya? Remember to repay me!"

Then, she disappeared with a look of content.


The head of the Green Lion Lord spat out a mouthful of blood.

It let out a desperate roar of hatred.

Now that its nascent soul had been captured, it was not going to meet a good end.

The Green Lion Lord stared at Chu Yu with hatred. If not for the fact that its nascent soul had been in a hurry to escape, after the magical formation had crumbled, it still had a chance at killing this damned human. Even if it couldn’t kill him, it could inflict some serious damage.

Yet, it had given up the opportunity.

"Argh, how I hate this!"

Chu Yu held the replica Divine Punisher Blade in his hand and asked the Green Lion Lord, "Who are your backers?"

"Who? Hahaha, you little Chu Clan b*stard, they will scare you to death!" The Green Lion Lord laughed coldly,"They come from another world! There is no one on Earth who can stop them, after you kill me, you don’t have to be too contented with yourself, I will be waiting for you there!"

"Ok, don’t have to tell me all these meaningless rubbish." Chu Yu waved it off and looked at the Green Lion Lord, "What did that little demonic girl take from you?"

"Why must I tell you?" Even though the Green Lion Lord was left with its head, it was still extremely stubborn.

"Are you stupid?" Chu Yu looked at the huge head of the Green Lion Lord with disgust, "Do you think I set up the magical formation? That’s right, I am from the Chu Clan, and I came here to kill you!"

The Green Lion Lord looked coldly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu did not move and continued coldly, "But I want to kill you because you killed my relatives! Since you did it, is there anything wrong with me coming to find you for revenge?"

"None at all..." The Green Lion Lord mellowed down.

"However, that little demonic girl set up the magical formation. I do not even know her, but she took your things, showing that she clearly set you up!"

Chu yu looked at the eyes of the Green Lion Lord and laughed coldly, "Since you’re going to die, do you still want to keep this secret and see that little demonic girl steal what was yours?"


The Green Lion Lord opened its mouth and roared.

"What are you roaring at? Save your energy, you’re about to die..." Chu Yu chastised.

The Green Lion Lord looked conflicted. It would have never expected that after surviving for a thousand years, it would be killed by two little bummers.

"Promise me one thing." The Green Lion Lord’s head said.

"Tell me what it is first, then I'll see if I can do it."

"You are not to eat my flesh, bury me whole, deep in the earth so that no one can ever find me!" The Green Lion Lord looked at Chu Yu, "Swear, as long as you do, I'll tell you the secret!"

Chu Yu looked at the mountainous body and choked back his saliva. He said unwillingly, "Flesh is something you don't bring with you when you come, and don't take with you when you go, what leaves is your soul..."

"Do you promise!"

The Green Lion Lord was going crazy, and it was about to crumble.

"Damn it, okay okay okay, I promise you!" Chu Yu said regretfully. It made the Green Lion Lord want to kill him.

"You can't eat that leg either!" The Green Lion Lord bellowed.

"Okay I won't eat it... damn it." Chu Yu pursed his lips as he thought to himself what a pity it was.


"Okay, I swear, but if your story doesn't meet my expectations, this promise will not hold." Chu Yu said flatly.

The Green Lion Lord grit its teeth, "Remember your promise, you're a cultivator! If you go back on your word, you will be struck by lightning!"

After which, it told Chu Yu that in a place not far from JingPo lake, there is a mysterious dimension that began to reveal itself after the world was unsealed.

"In the ancient days, there was once a branch of a super influential sect which set up camp there. There is a large amount of medicine there, and unimaginable superior metal."

"That place is filled with danger. If I wasn't injured after exploring that place, would you all even have a chance?"

The Green Lion Lord’s tone was filled with frustration.

"You're hurt? I couldn't tell." Chu Yu asked.

"Rubbish, of course scum like you can't tell!" The Green Lion Lord raged.

"Yet your head got chopped off by me?" Chu Yu replied flatly.

The Green Lion Lord laughed coldly, "Without the magical formation of that little demonic girl, I would have killed you in a single slap!"

"Okay enough, stop bragging, go straight to the point, or I will eat your body." Chu Yu replied.

"You..." the Green Lion Lord was frustrated. This kid had a mouth foul enough to anger a person to death.

It then continued to tell Chu Yu more about the mysterious dimension before laughing.

"That little demonic girl doesn't know that I actually have another key, now, I am going to destroy it."

The Green Lion Lord looked at Chu Yu, "Even if you eat my body, I will never give it to you!"

As it spoke, a palm sized key flew out from its brain. The Green Lion Lord used its last bit of energy to strike at the key!


Chu Yu offered up the Immortal Crane Furnace in that instant.

This saint’s magical equipment did its job at this critical juncture.

It immediately kept the key.


The Green Lion Lord’s final attack struck thin air, the subsequent explosion mirroring that of a bomb.

"Damn it!"

The Green Lion Lord kept roaring as it stared wide eyed and frustratingly at the air.

Chu Yu leapt into the air, the replica Divine Punisher Blade in his hand driving deep into the Green Lion Lord’s head.

"You... remember this, you will not live long... they... are coming!"

After saying this, the Green Lion Lord rolled over and died.
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