Chapter 135: Racing

Chapter 135: Racing

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The 5th day of the first month.

The entire China was still engulfed in the Lunar New Year spirit.

Even the most powerful sects were taking a break to celebrate the New Year.

The Chu Clan was no exception.

After so many tumultuous events, the Chu Clan had settled down significantly.

Not only did tough times make someone grow, they made a clan grow too.

Throughout the entire Lunar New Year, Chu Yu was in isolation.

He was only left with one final meridian not broken through.

All of his other meridians gushed with boundless energy. They glowed purplish golden and they were like a raging river, the limitless energy running deep and powerfully.

He was in no rush to breakthrough his final meridian, he was trying his best to harness this energy.

Even though energy was formless, it was supporting life.

Without energy, one could not do anything.

With boundless energy, one could smash through mountains!

The power of cultivators lay in their boundless energy. Furthermore, they were extremely good at controlling their power.

Chu Yu used a Heart Technique to cycle the energy through his body.

Finally, Chu Yu reaped the rewards!

He had a better understanding about the use and control of flowing energy.

He was almost there!

Chu Yu harnessed all the energy in his body. All of his thousand acupoints were like a volcano, spewing energy outwards. Each of his meridians boomed like thunder.

In an instant... all of the shackles on his final meridian were gushed open.


All of Chu Yu’s meridians and acupoints had been completely broken through.

The energy combined again and again, growing consistently!

This was truly the Great Circle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

Chu Yu’s body radiated with a faint light.

He looked like a god as he sat there!

This breakthrough was not as simple as adding one to his power. He transitioned from a mere increase in power to an improvement in the very makeup of his body!

Chu Yu used the Killing Days Heart Technique to feel the changes to his body.

The powerful energy in his body, in the moment he entered Xiantian, had been upgraded into an even greater energy!

If his initial energy was metal, after entering Xiantian, it had become steel!

This feeling was extraordinary.

After controlling the energy in his body for over a day, he had officially entered the Xiantian Realm.

He was now a cultivator!

Then, he learnt two scared arts.


Learning the sacred art was just like having a god helping you, one could learn it instantly!

When one learnt a sacred art during the course of breaking through, one did not have to put any effort into learning it or training with it.

It became instinctual, like the ability to drink milk when we are born.

No one needed to teach us, and we didn’t need to learn.

Realizing a sacred art was the same concept.

Chu Yu stood up and tried using the Racing Sacred Art to get out of his isolation location.

All the energy in his body rushed to his legs in an instant, then... he was gone!

This speed was too fast!

It was so much faster than a normal Xiantian cultivator!

Furthermore, Chu Yu’s body had a faint purple gas originating from his vertical eye.

This purple gas permeated Chu Yu’s entire body!

When he used the energy in his body, the purple gas combined with the energy in his body.

The originally formless and invisible energy was given a faint purple color!

The additional power from this energy was relatively terrifying!

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and arrived at the old camp of the Three Leaves Sect.

This place was now completely ruined.

The Three Leaves Sect had already left the place and disappeared.

There was no news of them, they could have returned to their pocket dimension or shifted to a place that no one knew about.

Chu Yu’s eyes did not have a celebratory glow, instead, he felt a wave of emotions rising.

For a sect like the Three Leaves Sect, how strong must their backing be?

Yet, because of a series of mistakes, they took the wrong path and ended up like this.

In comparison, an underworld clan like the Chu Clan needs to be more careful, each move of theirs was akin to stepping on thin ice.

Even so, no one dared to guarantee the future.

Chu Yu stood here, pondering.

After a moment of silence, he turned and left.

When he returned to the clan, he chatted with his parents before returning to his room.

He opened his messenger and found a pile of messages waiting for him.

Chu Yu’s messenger had always blocked strangers.

As such anyone who could contact him was a friend or family.

Many of these messages were messages of care and concern.

However, two messages caught his attention.

The first was from Fatty Fan Jian.

"Boss, when are we going to dig out the Red Bow? I received news that a few of the talents from large sects had also received news about this. We must act quickly, else, others may get there first."

Chu Yu’s eyebrows danced. He had quite an interest in this bow. However, with all that had been happening, he did not have the time or energy to pay attention to it.

Even though he had not forgotten about it, if not for Fatty’s reminder, Chu Yu would likely not have thought about it.

Chu Yu thought about it, then replied,"Soon!"

Fatty replied a few seconds later, "Aiya damn it... boss are you finally out? Don’t say soon... give me a definite date!"

Chu Yu replied, "I have to settle something, once I am done I will go and find you."

"Okay then, Happy New Year boss!" Fatty replied, slightly impatient.

Chu Yu looked at the other message and sunk into deep thought.

"Old friend, I didn’t expect that you would hide so well. Having been friends for so long, I had no idea that you were such a powerful guy. On the 10th day of the New Year, we will have a gathering at Yan Jing, will you join us?"

The person who sent this message was known as Cai Xue.

Cai Xue and Chu Yu had an incident before.

Cai Xue was Chu Yu’s classmate, and she was the prettiest girl in the school. She was tall, had white skin and long legs, basically the quintessential asian beauty.

In the first year of university, many of Chu Yu’s classmates were awed by her beauty and wanted to court her.

Of the entire class, Chu Yu was the only guy who never expressed any romantic interest towards Cai Xue.

As for the outside world, people of the same level, as well as those of higher level, all tried to court Cai Xue.

This girl was not arrogant, and she was even slightly naive. It didn’t take long for her to gel the entire class together.

Cai Xue was also extremely talented. She could make music, draw, read, sing, dance, there was nothing she wasn’t good at.

After he knew her for some time, he realized that she had a ton of hobbies too.

Rock climbing, hiking, flying aircraft...

Food, Travel, Diving...

She was adept at most of the things people knew about... as well as things unknown to many!

Exactly, she didn’t just know, she was fantastic at it!

Not only that, she was great in her studies too!

When she got into Yan Jing University, she had topped the entire nation!

She was great at physics, chemistry, mathematics...

That’s right, she even published papers and won all sorts of accolades in the various fields.

Her beauty would have been more than sufficient to seal her attractiveness.

Not only was she beautiful, but talented. This caused many to fall head over heels for her.

After she entered university, she quickly joined the Student’s Council. Planning events was no trouble for her.

As they knew more about this all rounded girl, her suitors began to despair.

There were even rumors that Cai Xue came from a powerful family.

Of course, these rumors were born out of thin air.

Cai Xue had never said so herself.

Such an exemplary girl should have had nothing to do with Chu Yu.

To be honest, Chu Yu was quite exemplary himself too, he was handsome and smart.

However, apart from that, Chu Yu... was an idiot in the other fields.

He never participated in any of the activities.

Even though he maintained good relationships with his classmates, he did not contact them often with the exception of a couple of them.

When in school, Chu Yu gave people the impression that he was extremely soft spoken.

However, what surprised everyone was that shortly after matriculation, the extremely talented Cai Xue began to pursue Chu Yu.

She didn’t do it secretly, she was openly expressing her love to Chu Yu.

This made the hearts of many of her suitors shatter, how could this happen?

This was even more surprising than elder Xiao Zhen releasing the magnetic seal!

However, the most shocking event was yet to happen.

Chu Yu rejected her!

Back then, no one believed that this was true.

Cai Xue’s failure in finding her love did not cause her to cower. Instead, she pursued Chu Yu even more vigorously.

This entire incident caused a huge commotion in the school.

No one could understand why Chu Yu would reject such a great girl repeatedly.

All the way until graduation, Chu Yu never accepted her love.

And Cai Xue had pursued him this way for four years!

During the graduation banquet, she drank a lot and cried in front of everybody.

Many of Chu Yu’s classmates could not take it any longer and chastised Chu Yu.

However, they were stopped by Cai Xue.

Many of the girls scolded Cai Xue for being so dumb, why be so obsessed with one guy?

Were there no guys left in the world?

They parted ways on rather bad terms after the graduation banquet.

Only after the scandal between Chu Yu and Lin Shimeng was released did everyone realize what was happening.

However, that did not ameliorate the anger people felt towards Chu Yu.

If you already had someone in mind, why didn’t you tell Cai Xue? Why did you let such a talented girl pursue you for four years?

After graduation, Chu Yu had virtually broken off all contact with his classmates, including Cai Xue.

Now that almost half a year had passed, Cai Xue’s sudden invitation for him to join the gathering made Chu Yu hesitate.

He knew that his classmates still resented him.

As such, deep down, Chu Yu did not want to go.

However, at this point, Chu Yu’s phone rang.

Seeing the name Cai Xue on the screen, Chu Yu smiled bitterly.
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