Chapter 137: Conflict

Chapter 137: Conflict

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University lasted four years, three and a half to be exact, since everyone left school to pursue their dreams in the final semester.

In those three and a half years, Chu Yu spent half his time in the laboratory.

Back then, he was manically trying to break the seal on his body, where would he find the energy to think about other things?

He didn’t even have much contact with Lin Shimeng... who was Lin Shi now.

During his entire time in university, he had virtually never used his vertical eye to observe others.

Just like how no one expected him to be such an expert, he had never expected... that Niu Pengfei would be this powerful.


A youthful Xiantian!

Such a person was rare, even in the superior ancient sects.

Chu Yu had decided to go to school because he had no other choice. He could not cultivate!

However, Niu Pengfei was definitely not faced with the same situation.

Would that mean that this relatively low profile student was actually cultivating in the shadows?

Chu Yu frowned, finding it a little unbelievable.

Niu Pengfei did not look at Caixue, instead staring coldly at Chu Yu and repeated, "Chu Yu, do you know the error of your ways?"

At this point, Caixue’s body also exploded with a wave of aura. Chu Yu did not have to look to know what level that aura was at.

Xiantian cultivator!

Yet another Xiantian!

How was this possible?

Chu Yu was stunned.

As for the other students, most of them were completely stupefied.

They all stared at Niu Pengfei and Caixue, wide eyed.

They couldn’t even understand what was going on. Why was it that both of them were beginning to get aggressive?

More importantly, how could it be that they were both exuding such powerful and majestic auras?

It was almost like two large mountains were crushing down on them.

The two of them did not reveal the full extent of the aura, else, everyone bar Chu Yu woud be immobilized on the ground.

Niu Pengfei was slightly shocked, he squinted at Caixue, "You too?"

Caixue smiled icily, "Do you think everyone is like you? Willing to be a lackey?"

"You..." Niu Pengfei’s expression turned ugly as he glared at Caixue and said coldly, "Don’t meddle in this affair, it has nothing to do with you."

Niu Pengfei looked at Chu Yu, "Aren’t you very powerful? I thought even a Xiantian cultivator was not your match? Ah... don’t think that I didn’t know that you had the help of Lin Shimeng last time. If it wasn’t for her help, can trash like you even defeat a Xiantian cultivator? This time it is the same story, you choose to stand behind a girl. Can you have some guts and fight me like a man?"

Chu Yu looked at Niu Pengfei, completely stunned, not only did he open his vertical eye, he began to use the Pill Bending Technique.

The Pill Bending Technique was able to find traces of pills anywhere!

Chu Yu did not believe that Niu Pengfei was a talent.

Even though there were many talents in this world, Niu Pengfei was definitely not want of them.

Chu Yu would be more willing to accept the fact that Caixue was a talent and had been cultivating.

Using the Pill Bending Technique, Chu Yu found a large amount of superior pill residue.


Chu Yu was slightly shocked.

Niu Pengfei had actually taken a pill which launched him into Xiantian.

Where did he get it from?

"Why? Are you scared speechless?" Niu Pengfei could not resist but laugh arrogantly.

The other students paled, but they all looked at Niu Pengfei with hatred.

They did not really like Chu Yu, but no matter what, they were schoolmates.

Why would Niu Pengfei pick a fight with someone he had no feud with?

Chu Yu used his vertical eye to observe Niu Pengfei’s body. He was trying to analyze the pros and cons of such a pill.

Through his analysis, Chu Yu found out that Niu Pengfei had only attained the Small Circle of the Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian Realms

This would mean that the pill he took was not the type of pill which launched someone into Xiantian, whilst ensuring that the foundation was fully completed.

However, a pill like this would be considered a real treasure to many.

"Kneel down and talk to me!" Niu Pengfei began to get impatient with Chu Yu’s lack of words.

He gave a cold snort, a wave of energy rushing out from his body, crashing down on Chu Yu like a mountain.

If Chu Yu’s cultivation level was any lower, he would be locked to his spot.

Caixue snorted and waved her hand. A terrifying wave of energy rushed towards Niu Pengfei’s suppressive force.

Niu Pengfei stopped his attack and the energy disappeared instantly. Then, he smiled coldly and looked at Chu Yu condescendingly.

"You are indeed a boneless man standing in the shadows of ladies! What right does a trash like you have to let someone like Caixue like you for so many years?"

Niu Pengfei’s expression was twisted, his gaze on Chu Yu ferocious and mocking.

Chu Yu looked at Niu Pengfei, deep in thought. He had completely ignored Niu Pengfei’s words.

He was wondering, how did he manage to get to Xiantian?

Did such a terrifyingly powerful sect exist? How did they manage to refine such a pill after just 30 years of the world recovering.

Or is it that this pill... never originated from this world?

If Lin Shi could bring him various items from the Mirror World, could it be that... other Mirror World talents had already made the crossing?

For example... that demonic girl Xu Xiaoxian?

Or maybe... the mysterious black robed man who had smashed the Three Leaves Sect?

However, these were merely guesses.

In Chu Yu’s opinion, as the world recovers, the ancient sects would have more of such talents and capabilities.

He did not use his vertical eye to observe Caixue, but he did use the Pill Bender Technique.

Chu Yu was stunned, Caixue did not have any superior pill residue in her body!

This would mean that the girl who had chased him for four years was a true talent!

Chu Yu began to make sense of it after thinking about Caixue’s origins.

Even though the government was low profile and never interfered in the conflicts of the cultivation world, it did not mean they did not have the ability!

In actual fact, even before the world had recovered, the authorities had held a large amount of information about the cultivation world.

It had been this way since the ancient days, but this fact had always eluded the masses.

Chu Yu’s thoughts flashed by quickly.

Caixue looked at Niu Pengfei furiously. She really regretted asking Chu Yu to come over. She felt extremely guilty having to make Chu Yu go through such a humiliating experience.

"Chu Yu, let’s go!"

Caixue looked at Chu Yu apologetically.

Chu Yu finally recovered and smiled at Caixue. Then he looked to Niu Pengfei, "What did you just say?"

Everyone looked at Chu Yu, completely stunned. Was this guy faking it or was he really so brave? Can’t he tell that Niu Pengfei wants to harm him?

Niu Pengfei looked coldly at Chu Yu, "I said, you’re a boneless man hiding behind ladies! And, kneel down and admit your mistakes!"

"Do I have a feud with you?" Chu Yu asked solemnly.

"No, I just don’t like your face." Niu Pengfei said coldly.

"So I have no feud with you, and you just don’t like my face?" Chu Yu confirmed.

Niu Pengfei smiled coldly, "Yes, so what?"


Chu Yu jumped into action, he raised his palm and slapped Niu Pengfei.

Niu Pengfei roared, "You..."

Before he could finish, a crisp smack echoed out.


This sound had stunned everyone in the club.

Niu Pengfei clutched his face, visibly stupefied as he looked at Chu Yu.


Chu Yu frowned and looked at him, "I don’t care about why you want to harm me, and I don’t care who is backing you. We were classmates. You humiliated me, I slapped you, now we are even. Now let me give you some advice. Someone like you who entered Xiantian without having a good foundation is really not powerful."

Niu Pengfei’s eyes glimmered as he looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu continued, "Even a slightly stronger Invigorated Meridian martial artist would find it easy to defeat you. If I didn’t guess wrongly, you probably don’t even know a single sacred art?"

Caixue looked at Chu Yu in amazement.

This gave Chu Yu a headache, why would someone as great as Caixue like him?

Niu Pengfei’s eyes flashed with hate, fear spreading across his face.

He did not understand. That man had told him that once he entered Xiantian, there would be very few people his age who would be his match.

He didn’t have to do anything else, all he needed to do was transform his energy into an aura. That would be enough to choke someone!

If he directed his aura at someone, he could break their bones and inflict lethal damage!

So why is it that... Chu Yu is unaffected?

He really did not have any feud with Chu Yu, but the person backing him had told him to humiliate Chu Yu and not let Chu Yu be able to face his schoolmates ever again.

He then told Niu Pengfei to post it on social media and reveal the truth behind this piece of trash!

But this was too far from what he had expected. Chu Yu’s slap had shattered Niu Pengfei’s dreams.

He, who had entered Xiantian immediately, was being trashed!

His ego was being trampled on by others.

Niu Pengfei’s eyes turned red as he glared viciously at Chu Yu. He grit his teeth, "I’ll kill you!"

As he spoke, he began to move.

His speed was many times faster than the speed of sound. Few people in the crowd could see his actions clearly.

In the next moment, Niu Pengfei was sent flying.

Chu Yu’s icy voice could be heard, "If you don’t want to scram, I will help you and send you flying!"
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