Chapter 140: Problems everywhere

Chapter 140: Problems everywhere

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Even in the face of death, when Bai Guang spoke about Mars, he seemed to be extremely aloof and contented.

Chu Yu raised his foot and looked at Bai Guang condescendingly, "Mars is Mars, what is so dazzling about it? Why are you so proud? Where are you getting your sense of superiority from?"

Bai Guang was furious and embarrassed. It looked at Chu Yu with teary eyes, yet, his pupils filled with rage.

Chu Yu then chuckled, "Do you know, you’re extremely ugly and revolting, but your eyes are rather adorable."


Bai Guang spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had spent considerable time on Earth and naturally knew what adorable meant.

As a servant of a god and a King’s Realm life form, how could he be described as adorable?

How humiliating?

Chu Yu then continued interrogating it, whenever it was even slightly uncooperative, Chu Yu would kick it.

Bai Guang, who was seriously injured, gasped for breath.

Chu Yu had initially wanted to throw it off the cliff a few more times, but the white worm body disgusted him.

In the end, after getting enough information, Chu Yu beheaded it with a clean swipe of the blade.

Any King’s Realm Life form has a golden pill inside their body.

The energy contained within it was incredibly pure!

Chu Yu would never pass up such an opportunity. He kept the golden pill from Bai Guang’s body for use in his pill refining.

The beheaded Bai Guang did not die for a long time, its adorable eyes projecting beams of hatred, but they were of no threat.

"Chu Yu, you killed the messengers of the Butterfly Lord, and you dare to kill me... you will suffer retribution! You will not die a good death!"

Bai Guang’s voice was incredibly cold, with its last bit of energy, it laughed, "And that b*tch Lin Shimeng, she will also suffer..."

"F*ck your mother!" Chu Yu split Bai Guang’s brain in half and Bai Guang was dead.

Chu Yu had found out that the reason Bai Guang came looking for him was because of the seven men Chu Yu and Lin Shi had killed.

They were all messengers that the Butterfly Lord had chosen for this Earth.

The seven of them rose quickly, terming themselves as the seven heroes. Their first order of business upon entering China was to defeat all of those on the Heaven’s Pride Board.

The reason why many ancient sects chose to keep quiet was because they knew something about the background of these seven men.

The ancient sects did not dare to antagonize the messengers of Mars’s superior talent.

After the seven of them were chosen, their cultivation level was raised to Xiantian quickly, and then sent into China.

Bai Guang had wanted them to rise quickly and gain a foothold in China.

As the servant of the divine Butterfly Lord, Bai Guang had great hopes for these seven men.

He had expected that this would be an easy conquest. He never imagined that the seven of them would be schooled by Lin Shimeng.

They were annihilated...

It was incredibly depressing.

Even though Bai Guang brought along a large amount of superior pills when it came to Earth, it was no easy feat to cultivate these seven Xiantians in such a short time.

It was easy to describe the method to refine a pill that would launch someone straight into Xiantian.

However, actually refining such a pill was not as easy as it seemed.

Only a pill refined by a pill refining saint himself could allow an ordinary person to withstand the immense force from the medicine.

If the person’s cultivation was insufficient, they would not be able to refine pills of such quality, even if they had the saint’s legacy on hand.

The pills that Bai Guang brought required someone of great talent in order for it to be effective.

Furthermore, the success rate was not as high as previously thought.

In fact, he had initially selected 11 men!

However, only seven were successful, the other four... died from their inability to withstand the terrifying medicinal force.

Bai Guang had wanted to use these talents to do many things.

He even had a ten year plan for them.

Yet, Lin Shi had ruined them in a single blow!

Chai Yue met an even worse fate, he was killed immediately by Chu Yu...

Bai Guang was furious, it had wanted to take revenge then, but was delayed by other things.

Thus, that had dragged on till now.

Now that it had time, Bai Guang went to find Lin Shi, but after many days of searching, it could find no trace of Lin Shi.

Then, it’s eyes fell to Chu Yu. Since it couldn’t find Lin Shi, it could only find Chu Yu!

Weren’t they a couple?

They were also said to be childhood friends!

Once it had Chu Yu in its grasp, Lin Shi would naturally show herself.

Bai Guang had wanted to scare these two youths before recruiting them!

In Bai Guang’s opinion, Chu Yu and Lin Shi were no different from the Seven Heroes.

They were just tools!

The people on the Earth did not even have the right to be a servant!

He was the true servant of the Butterfly Lord!

He was the servant of a god!

Yet, he was severely injured by the people he had looked down upon!

He even laid down his life here.

Chu Yu left the place quickly, his heart heavy as he travelled.

Initially, Chu Yu was most worried about the Mirror World!

Lin Shi had told him many things about the Mirror World and this had caused Chu Yu to think that the people from the Mirror World were the biggest enemy.

However, after interacting with Bai Guang, Chu Yu understood that the Earth faced enemies both internally and externally!

The enemies were far more than just the Mirror World.

Many ancient legacies resided on the other planets in the solar system.

These places were unsealed far earlier than the Earth!

This would mean that they have had more time to cultivate than the cultivators on Earth.

Even though the solar system was the promised land, the heart was still the Earth!

This was where all the life forms flocked to!

Not only did people outside of the solar system want to enter, life forms from the other stars within the solar system also wanted to enter the Earth!

During the many years that the Earth was sealed, many life forms in the solar system had attempted to invade.

However, all of them failed!

It was no use trying to enter an Earth which was still sealed.

The stronger the cultivator, the less likely he was to be able to enter.

Finally, the Earth was unsealed and the world changed. All of the powers who found out the news could not wait to send their expedition teams to the Earth and find the monuments from the ancient times.

They wanted to gain a foothold here!

"When friends come, we treat them well, if enemies come... we kill them!"

Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with an evil aura.

Even he did not realize that he was vastly different from how he was just half a year ago.

When he returned to Yan Jing, he called Caixue and found out that she was still waiting for him at the teahouse.

Chu Yu could feel that Caixue’s feelings for him were not strong.

Her liking for him might stem from the fact that forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

Caixue had wanted to see him for other reasons.

When he returned to the teahouse, Chu Yu ignored those who were spying on him in the dark.

They were a group of scum. Like flies, it would be impossible to kill them all, as long as they didn’t fly in front of him, he would ignore them.

"You killed him?" Caixue looked at Chu Yu worriedly, "You should know his origins then."

Chu Yu nodded, "Mars."

Caixue sighed, "Indeed."

Then, she asked Chu Yu, "Why did he come to find us?"

"The Seven Heroes were the servants of that disgusting worm." Chu Yu replied

"Disgusting worm? You’re saying..." Caixue frowned at Chu Yu

"Yup, that guy who claims to be god’s servant is a pinworm from the depths of the land. It is the type that..." Chu Yu gestured and described, in vivid detail, the King’s Realm pinworm.

"Urgh, you don’t have to be so detailed..." Caixue paled, "How disgusting!"

After some time, she looked at Chu Yu, still sitting and waiting opposite her. Caixue tried to regain her breath, "Chu Yu, are you trying to gross me out?"

"Why would I?" Chu Yu said innocently and explained, "This is the first time I am seeing such a lifeform, do you know, its eyes are pretty adorable."

"Urgh... don’t say anymore." Caixue was extremely grossed out, how could such a revolting worm be adorable?

She looked at Chu Yu, "Okay, let’s stop here, was Niu Pengfei its servant too?"

Chu Yu shook his head, "No, Niu Pengfei’s is backed by someone else."

"This world is really changing. Even we, born in this era, are finding this incredible." Caixue looked at Chu Yu and whispered, "Have you thought of joining a super power?"

"Hm?" Chu Yu’s eyebrows danced, Was this girl here to recruit him?

Caixue looked at Chu Yu seriously, "In today’s climate, there is only one safe place, that is the government."

"Oh?" Chu Yu looked at her.

"Many people think that the government is very weak. They think that with the entrance of the ancient sects, the balance of power would be broken soon." Caixue sipped her tea, her fingers knocking lightly on the table, "But in actuality, such an opinion is seriously misguided!"

"I had never thought that the government was weak, they still control society." Chu Yu said.

"The number of people who are as clear minded as you are few and far between."

Caixue was honest, "In actuality, the moment the world had changed, the government had already gathered a large amount of resources. Since the early days, we had already gathered unimaginable resources. As such, even though we have kept a low profile, we are not weak"

Chu Yu looked at Caixue, "So? Are you trying to recruit me on behalf of the government?"

"No, you are mistaken, I am a disciple of the Shang Qing Sect!" This was the first time Caixue had told an outsider about her sect.

She smiled at Chu Yu, "Tai Qing, Shang Qing and Yu Qing are the three strongest sects in the current world. They have kept a good relationship with the government all this while. Other than Xiao Zhen... the government is also protected by the three Qing sects!

Caixue looked at Chu Yu, "If you were alone, then it would be okay not to join a sect. In this day and age, as long as you have a superior manual and good talent, the presence of a master is inconsequential."


"However..." Caixue sighed, "We still have friends, family. And our clan!"

"If you join the Shang Qing Sect, then your parents and even your clan can join the Shang Qing sect... and even get protection from the three Qings!".

Caixue looked at Chu Yu, "Isn’t your sister in Tai Qing? Saintess Chu Xi! Hehe, she is a powerful lady. However, if you join Shang Qing, then the Chu Clan would not have to worry ever again."

"Ah, so you are representing your sect." Chu Yu smiled.

"I am serious." Caixue looked into Chu Yu’s eyes, "This is an invitation from me and my sect. Even if you reject us, there would be no issue."

Chu Yu nodded, "Please let me think about it."
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