Chapter 142: Long Legged Foreign Chick

Chapter 142: Long Legged Foreign Chick

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As Fatty spoke, he squinted, "You can doubt my character, but you can’t doubt my professionalism!"

"You have character?" Chu Yu was suspicious.

Fatty looked speechlessly at Chu Yu. He knew that saying anything would be useless.

He finished the rest of the journey in silence.

The plane landed smoothly at Canada’s Vancouver International Airport.

When Chu Yu and Fatty disembarked and cleared customs smoothly, there was already someone waiting for them outside the airport.

Chu Yu glanced at Fatty and Fatty returned with a look of content.

He had to admit Fatty had quite a bit of connections.

Firstly, he was able to make flawless fake passports. Then, despite being in a completely foreign country, he was able to find someone to receive them.

Furthermore, it was a blonde, green eyed, long legged beauty. Even though it was a chilly day, this lady wore an extremely short skirt which revealed her slender figure.

Everyone passer by was captivated by her beauty.

"Hello Lilith, it had been quite some time." Fatty spoke in fluent english and hugged the blonde.

"Hello Jian." Yet, this blonde spoke in fluent mandarin.

Her accent was very pure and had an eastern flair.


Chu Yu glanced at Fan Jian and thought that this foreign chick had a good eye.

Fatty’s mouth twitched and he corrected, Lilith, call me Fan Jian!"

Chu Yu smiled and shook his head. He immediately thought of something else, this foreign chick and Fan Jian’s relationship... didn’t seem ordinary

Based on Fatty’s lack of trust, he would never tell his name to an outsider.

Even if it was to a foreigner, he would maintain a certain level of doubt and suspicion.

The entire world had become a global village. With the presence of the internet, there were little secrets.

Indeed, the long legged foreign chick Lilitha drove them to a villa and flashed a loving smile at Fan Jian, who was sitting in the shotgun seat. Her eyes revealed her desire.

"Jian, we are home!"

Fatty smiled, then glanced at Chu Yu, who was sitting in the back.

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched.

Fan Jian said, "Erm... boss, just wait for me in the living room and watch TV, I’ll be done in a moment!"

Chu Yu glanced at Fan Jian, "Ten minutes?"

"..." Fatty rolled his eyes, "That’s not even enough for warm up!"

Then, he left Chu Yu in the living room and headed upstairs with Lilitha.

When the two of them arrived upstairs, they closed the doors and began to kiss passionately.

Then, Lilitha pressed the wall and a magical formation rose, soundproofing the entire room.

Chu Yu, who had never liked to listen in on such intimate moments anyway, felt the energy from the magical formation. His eyes jumped and he thought to himself, She is indeed a cultivator too.


After about half an hour, Lilitha was sweating profusely as she lay on top of Fatty. She said softly, "Jian, you are as strong as ever!"

Fatty let out a wretched smiled and slapped Lilitha on her naked buttocks, "See, am I not aroused?"

Lilitha said sweetly, "Then... one more time?"

"Little girl, you definitely need me to clean you up, tell me, when I am not around, did you cheat on me?"

As Fatty spoke, he spun and put Lilitha below him.

"Yes..." Lilitha panted and writhed, her hands working their way down his body, "Quickly... in the time you weren’t around... mm, I cheated on you with... countles..."

Her words were cut off by her passionate moans.

Another half an hour passed.

The two of them lay side by side, leaning on the headboard.

Lilitha drew circles on Fatty’s chest with her finger and whispered, "Jian, can the person you brought along... be trusted?"

"Him? He is very reliable. But let me tell you, don’t try to seduce him or you would die a horrible death." Fatty tried to scare her, "He seems cultured, but he is a pervert, and he loves to harm women..."

"Wa, does he like BDSM?" Lilitha’s eyes lit up.

Fatty slapped her ample bosom harshly and said furiously, "Did I not satisfy you enough?"

Lilitha smiled widely and said, "Do you know? I love seeing you when you are jealous, you look particularly handsome!"

Fatty’s mouth twitched and he replied, "Seriously though, even I have to call this man boss. Please show him some respect. Whether we succeed this time or not, depends on him!"

"Oh please, rest assured, I am your little girl, I will always listen to you!" Lilitha replied in extremely fluent mandarin.

Fatty stroked her smooth skin contentedly and replied, "That’s good, tell me about the situation over there."

Lilitha immediately began to describe it.

She was not an ordinary pretty girl, even though she was not extremely powerful, her ability to gather intel was great.

At the same time, Lilitha was one of the best hackers around!

Chu Yu and Fatty’s passports were all made by her.

Hacking into the servers of the clans and sects was child’s play for her.

Lilitha and Fatty’s relationship started three years ago.

At that time, Fatty was living the high life and traveling everywhere.

Europe, America, China, as long as there was news of an ancient monument, he would be there.

Because of his many tricks and ability to disguise himself, he had never really been disadvantaged.

When he had arrived in Vancouver, Canada then, he had coincidentally seen Lilitha cornered by a gang of men.

Her blonde hair, green eyes, ample bosom and slender legs appealed to Fatty immediately.

As such, a very movie like scene unfolded.

Fatty rescued the beauty. Instead of going on about how she would be his servant in the next life, the lady had just given him her body.

Lilitha was not an easy girl, but after seeing Fatty’s immense battle power, she felt that it would be much safer with someone like that protecting her.

However, what had shocked Fatty was that the blonde, who he had thought would be extremely liberal, was still a virgin!

Even though Fatty looked like a playboy, he was very much rooted in traditional values. The red spots on the white hotel sheets had immediately melted his heart.

As such, Lilitha had become Fatty’s lady, and Fatty had taught her many cultivation techniques.

It was all too easy for someone from the Thief Sect to find a few manuals suitable for ladies.

Even though Lilitha did not have much backing and resources, she had decent talent and managed to attain Acupoint Charging Stage Six in a short span of three years.

In this world, she would be considered an average exponent, and she would no longer be defenceless when faced with such a sticky situation.

As such, Lilitha had already treated Fatty as her biggest pillar of support.

However, she was sensible and had never gone to China to find Fatty. Even though she wanted to do so on many occasions, she was careful never to give Fatty and trouble.

Fatty’s love for this lady had also grown and he trusted her immensely.

Many people had thought that Houyi’s grave would definitely be in China.

There were many legends on this, and they surmised that the grave was in various locations throughout China.

In fact, Houyi’s real grave was far away, in the Western World!

As a powerful cultivator, Houyi was almost like a deity back in the day.

The highest peaks and the deepest, widest oceans were no obstacle for him.

Fatty was not particularly impatient about exploring the monument as the grave was overseas.

He had come on an expedition two years ago but found that he could not enter based on his current power.

He couldn’t even open the door to the tomb, much less get the Red Bow.

According to Lilitha, there was increasing interest towards the tomb.

"In the recent months, there have been about three to four groups of people circling the area. I do not dare to get close, so I observe them using my CCTV."

Lilitha continued, "But those people were extremely powerful. They could sense that someone was watching them even through the CCTV and they smashed them all."

Fatty nodded. The recent developments that Lilitha just told him about were the reasons why he was getting ready to enter the tomb.

Chu Yu waited for almost two hours before Lilitha and Fatty sauntered back downstairs, their faces glowing.

"Sorry boss, that was a long wait." Fatty said contentedly.

Chu Yu replied flatly, "It must be tiring sitting upstairs for an hour and 50 minutes doing nothing huh?"


Lilitha, who was fluent in mandarin, could not resist but laugh. She found ‘Jian’s’ boss extremely interesting.

Fatty merely twitched his mouth in exasperation, refusing to answer such a ridiculous question.

"Boss, Lilitha said that there were a few groups of people eyeing that area, we must think of a way in that will not alert the others." Fatty took a seat opposite Chu Yu and began the serious discussion.

Chu Yu nodded, then began to work out the relevant details with Fatty.

One day later.

Chu Yu and Fatty had rented a car and got to the location of the tomb.

Chu Yu was surprised to see that this was a huge manor!

Inside the manor was a palace, and it was surrounded by trees and mowed lawns.

It could be seen that there was someone living here, and they were maintaining the place well.

"It is a manor?" Chu Yu glanced at Fatty.

"Ordinary people would never expect that there would be such a priceless ancient tomb just beneath this manor." Fatty replied.

Following Fatty’s instructions, the two of them snuck into the manor and got around to the back.

"It is over there." Fatty pointed to a piece of land in the middle of two ancient trees, "It is there, dig down six feet and you will find the entrance to the tomb. I have dug it before, but the energy from it was too terrifying, there is a magical array meant to kill..."

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and looked in that direction.

His vertical eye shot out an invisible ray of light which penetrated the ground.

Very quickly, Chu Yu frowned, his expression solemn.

There was an extremely vicious and powerful ball of energy in that area.

However, it was strange because an ordinary person could pass through it safely without even sensing the presence of that energy.

However, any cultivator with internal energy surpassing Acupoint Charging Stage Three or Four... would be blended into paste in an instant if they tried to enter!

"This place is interesting..."

Chu Yu thought to himself.

Then, just at this moment, a large group of people burst out and surrounded them. They lowered their weapons at the two men.

The leader smiled cunningly at fatty, "You damned yellow skinned monkey... do you remember me?"
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