Chapter 143: Meeting Xu Xiaoxian again

Chapter 143: Meeting Xu Xiaoxian again

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The man was a hulking white man. His gaze was cold and he exuded a dangerous aura.

Fatty stiffened slightly and looked at the white man, "who are you?"

The white’s initially solemn expression instantly turned into rage!

Damn it, he had waited for this chance for three years!

Three years!

This was not a short time, and he had sacrificed much in order to get his revenge!

The girls that he had in his life were all chased away by him. Then, he went begging to a master to accept him. He spent the next three years being a lackey before finally attaining his cultivation today.

In the end, that damned Fatty that had given him such a beating three years ago... had already forgotten him!

This was intolerable!

The westerner raged, "Do you remember, three years ago..."

"Oh? Oh!"

Fatty had a sudden revelation and pointed that westerner, "You’re that idiot?"

He had used english. The westerner’s face flushed and he glared at Fatty, "You have already been surrounded and yet you still dare to insult me?"

"Surrounded? Just you all?" Fatty could not help but burst out into laughter.

A bunch of people with firearms wanted to harm two cultivators?

What a joke!

Even Fatty was unafraid of such firearms, much less to say Chu Yu.

They may only be slightly hurt if they stood there unmoving whilst they were pummeled by cannons.

As for this pervert next to him... he could probably successfully evade a nuclear bomb?

"Fire! Kill him!’

The westerner raged and the sound of gunshots rung out as they all fired at Fatty.

Chu Yu was also not spared either.

Chu Yu did not even move. He stood there calmly, the energy in his body projecting outwards into a shield.

When the bullets hit, they could not penetrate the shield and fell to the ground like raindrops.

Fatty’s body sprung to life and he began to grab at those bullets. Then, with an icy smile, he launched them back.

Screams could be heard and seven to eight bodies crumpled to the ground.

Those who were lucky enough to survive were all seriously injured.

Fatty looked at them in contempt, "You come here looking for revenge with such little power? Is your brain damaged?"

The leader’s face paled further. He tried to stand firm, but his legs were beginning to get wobbly.

He looked at Fatty and grit his teeth, "How did you become so strong in just three years?"

At the same time, he looked to Chu Yu, who was standing to the side. His eyes flashed with fear, that guy seemed to be even stronger. He stood there, allowing the bullets to fly towards him, yet none of them even got close to his body.

But... so what?

He would not have appeared here if he only had such little preparation.

Without even considering anything else, the owner of the manor was not someone you would want to antagonize.

Anyone who tried to be funny on his property would be torn to shreds.

Being backed by a powerhouse was really different. Even though there was a fight raging out here, the manor was still calm and quiet.

The westerner suppressed his fear and looked to Fatty, "Don’t be too contented, your girl is in my hands! That little b*tch cost me a lot three years ago. Today, she also caused me great losses. When I get back, I will get a hundred men to beat her to death!"

Fatty’s eyes were filled with rage as he glared at the westerner and said icily, "Go to hell!’

"Hahaha!’ The westerner laughed, then retrieved his Walkie Talkie and commanded, "Bring that b*tch over!’

Very quickly, an attack helicopter flew over from afar.

When it flew over the crowd, they could all clearly see that Lilitha was being controlled by someone at the cabin door.


Fatty shouted, "Are you alright?"

Lilitha shook her head and shouted, "Go quickly! They..."

Before she could finish, someone kicked her from behind.

Lilitha fell from the helicopter head first.

Even as an Acupoint Charging martial artist, Lilitha would have her head smashed if she dropped to the ground from that height.

Fatty raged as he sprinted over in an attempt to save Lilitha.

At this point, two snipers peeked out from within the helicopter and fired at Fatty.

The large recoil even cause the helicopter to shudder.

A figure was even faster than Fatty!

Almost like a bolt of lightning, it grabbed Lilitha, then appeared next to Fatty. With a single kick to his butt, he sent Fatty flying.

He was too fast.

He had kept Fatty out of harm's way, kicking him away before the snipers could hit him.

Else, the two bullets would have hit Fatty in mid air and caused him some hurt.

Shortly after, Chu Yu placed Lilitha, who had fainted from the shock, in the arms of the shivering Fatty, then picked up a palm sized rock and threw it at the helicopter.

That stone was like a shooting star!

Almost like a cannonball!

With unimaginable pace, it rocketed towards the attack helicopter in mid air.


A loud boom echoed out!

This rock had impacted the helicopter’s fuel tank.

There was an explosion, and a ball of fire formed in the air.

The pilot and crew were enveloped by the flames.

All but one were instantly killed!

The only survivor jumped out of the helicopter in a flash. He did not even hesitate when jumping out of a helicopter in the sky.

However, in the moment he jumped out, another rock flew towards him.


This man’s body exuded a majestic wave of aura, he was actually a martial artists in the advanced stages of the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

He had tried to use his energy to smash the rock!

However, he never imagined that this rock was thrown by a Xiantian cultivator.


His brain exploded in mid air.

It formed a cloud of blood in the air.

The, the headless body crashed to the ground.

On the ground, the leader could no longer suppress his fear. His knees wobbled as he knelt on the ground.

A horrible stench emanated from his body.

He was so frightened he lost control of his bladder.

Fatty also paled.

He had initially thought that with the powers of an Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artist, Lilitha would be safe from most people. He never expected that she would still be abducted and this caused him immense rage.

As a man, if he could not even protect his lady, he would not be doing his job.

At this moment, Lilitha regained consciousness, she had thought that death was certain.

She wanted to cry to relieve all the stress she was feeling.

But she didn’t, instead her voice trembled, "Jian... put me down and run, there’s a time bomb on me!’

"This bunch of idiots!" Fatty raged, but he did not leave.

The timer was on Lilitha’s waist. Fatty realized that there was less than three seconds to the explosion...

Lilitha had no intention to harm him, even she did not know the time left on the bomb.

Fatty screamed and tore the bomb from Lilitha’s waist and threw it away with all his might.

After throwing it, he was stunned, he had thrown it straight at the manor!

"F*ck me!’

Fatty could not help but curse, but by the time he could react, it was too late.

At this point, a black figure flew out from one of the windows of the manor.

Then, with unprecedented speed, the figure kicked the bomb away.

Everything happened in a flash, the speed was so fast that most people could not even react.

In the next moment -


An earth shaking explosion echoed out, the time bomb had exploded.

The shock wave was stunning, even space seemed to twist around it.

Fatty’s expression was steely as he stared at the westerner kneeling on the ground. His eyes flashed with an icy, murderous glow.

He really wanted to end the life of this b*stard!

At this point, the figure who had flew out of the manor flew straight at Fatty.

Yes, it flew.

This figure was clad in a black robe which did not even reveal his eyes. There were wings on his back, each one over two meters long. The feathers on the wings were jet black, and had an icy glow.

The figure approached and attacked Fatty without a second word.

"Misunderstanding..." Fatty retreated whilst hugging Lilitha.

Yet, he was still hit by the black robed birdman. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Fatty’s cultivation was not weak, but he seemed extremely fragile in the face of this opponent.

"Hey, black robed birdman, isn't that a little too much?"

Chu Yu sprinted over, attacking the black robed birdman as he spoke.


A thunderous sound echoed out.

The black robed birdman retreated a few hundred meters, then spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at Chu Yu in awe, "Who are you?"

Chu Yu was stunned to hear a youthful lady voice. And she spoke mandarin.

"Miss, there's no need to be this vicious right?" Chu Yu said.

"Vicious?" The lady enveloped in the black robes replied coldly, "He nearly destroyed this palace!"

"It wasn't intentional." Chu Yu replied.

"Easy for you to say!" The lady’s voice was filled with rage, "Also, what are you doing bringing so many people here? Scram now!"

She knew that she was no match for this man dressed as an executive, but she had to look confident.

Chu Yu’s expression went cold, "Who are you asking to scram?"

"Asking you to scram, is there a problem?" A lady dressed in a pink dress appeared at the highest window of the palace. Her long hair stretched down to her waist but otherwise, her face was rather ordinary. She stood there, staring at Chu Yu coldly.

Chu Yu found this voice familiar. When he raised his head to take a look, he felt butterflies in his stomach...

How coincidental?

The youth in the pink dress was the little demonic girl who had tried to harm him at BoHai... Xu Xiaoxian!

Furthermore, even though she was adept at the Human Form Changing Technique, she still chose to go with that ordinary appearance.

On the other hand, Chu Yu had taken on the look of an executive and completely became another person.

However, Chu Yu knew that this gal knew the Human Form Changing Technique and that outranked the technique he used, Facebook. This meant that she could probably recognize him.

How unlucky!

Chu Yu thought to himself as he turned and left.
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