Chapter 144: I will accept your girl

Chapter 144: I will accept your girl

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This demonic girl’s cultivation level was too high!

As a youthful Supreme Real cultivator, the power that she possessed was ridiculous.

She also had countless magical equipment on her.

Just think about it, how could someone who uses superior magical equipment as cutlery and is armed to the teeth not have other offensive and defensive treasures?

The story didn’t end there, she was also extremely crafty.

She was like a hacker in a game, her advantages were endless.

Those who were of inferior cultivation level could be killed by her in a single blow.

Those with similar cultivation levels would be smashed by her sheer arsenal of magical weapons.

Even those who were of superior cultivation level, like the Green Lion Lord, were unable to escape her deathly grasp.

This kind of girl was too scary. Even if she was extremely beautiful, Chu Yu only thought of one thing when seeing her -

Run, quickly!

"Ay, hold up."

Xu Xiaoxian, who was standing in the room on the highest floor of the palace halted Chu Yu in his steps.

Even though there was some distance separating them, it was insignificant for a cultivator.

Chu Yu did not turn back, he waved his hand and said, "I’m sorry for barging into your property, we will scram right this moment!’

Then, he used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Fatty, "Bring Lilitha out of here, quickly!"

"Stop right there!’

Xu Xiaoxian stood at the window, her gaze fixed on Chu Yu. Her eyes revealed her suspicion.

"Turn around."

Xu Xiaoxian commanded.

Chu Yu did not say anything, he picked up his pace and attempted to leave.

At the same time, he lamented to himself, What is this girl doing here? Why is she so difficult to shake off?


Xu Xiaoxian leapt out of the window and landed right in front of Chu Yu, grinning.

"Aiyoyo, we meet again!"

Hearing Xu Xiaoxian’s statement had caused Chu Yu’s heart to jump. For some reason, he could not even bring himself to deny it.

In this world, there couldn’t be more than five people who could recognize him, yet... this demonic girl had to be one of them.

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian expressionlessly.

Xu Xiaoxian waved her hands and the black robed youth spread her wings and flew back into the manor.

By the side, Fatty hugged Lilitha and looked at Chu Yu speechlessly.

His gaze of suspicion swept back and forth between Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu.

His expression gradually changed from one of confusion to one of revelation and he began to nod.

It was as if he finally solved the mystery.

Fatty was quite impressed!

He had initially thought that it was rather impressive that he was able to get himself such a hot blonde chick overseas. But he never expected that Chu Yu... actually had a chinese chick hidden in such a superior manor in Canada!

Even though her appearance was slightly ordinary, it did not really match the rest of her body.

How long were her legs?

They were even longer than Lilitha’s!

How great was her complexion?

Her skin was Snow White and glimmered in the light!

Her slender figure was full and slim in all the right places.

The more he looked at her, the more he felt that, with the exception of her ordinary appearance, she was an exemplary girl!

Fatty was quite stunned.

It was clear that the two of them knew each other.

What had impressed him was that Chu Yu was currently taking on the appearance of another person!

This face was something he had given Chu Yu himself... it was a face that had never been seen in public before!

Yet, she could recognize him.

Who would believe it if they said they didn’t have an intimate relationship?

As such, Fatty’s hands subconsciously began to rub Lilitha’s thighs. He kept hinting to himself, My Lilitha is still a little better! Lilitha is pretty!

His slightly perverted expression made Xu Xiaoxian want to kill him. Even though Fatty didn’t say anything, it was not difficult to guess what he was thinking.

"You... you, get out!"

Xu Xiaoxian pointed at Fatty and exclaimed, "Report back here in two hours! Damned Fatty, don’t think that I don’t know who you are, if you dare to escape... I will hunt you and your family down!"

Fatty was instantly stunned!

Then he looked at Chu Yu... lost.

He thought to himself, Who the f*ck is this?

Where is this demon from?

Chu Yu waved his hand lethargically, "Go on, go on..."

At this point, Fatty asked weakly, "Do you really need such a long time? Two hours?"

Xu Xiaoxian smiled coldly and flicked her hand, sending Fatty and Lilitha flying out.

"None of your business!’

Xu Xiaoxian’s icy voice could be heard.

Fatty was not injured and he landed a few kilometers out. The shock on his face grew as he picked up Lilitha, turned, and left without a second word.

The moment Xu Xiaoxian recognized Chu Yu, she knew who that perverted Fatty was.

Fan Jian!

It couldn’t be anyone else!

There was no other reason why the two of them were here... it had to be Houyi’s grave!

"Indeed, seeing your expression of admittance makes me feel like you still have some masculinity."

Xu Xiaoxian rested her chin on her hands as they sat in the posh living room. Her wide eyes blinked sporadically as she looked at Chu Yu.

"Your current innocence and purity makes me feel like you have some femininity."

Chu Yu slouched on the sofa and looked at Xu Xiaoxian. Of course, that was if he didn’t cross his legs.

"Okay then, let’s not talk about the useless things." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu. "The red bow is one of the treasures that I am most attracted to in this world!’

"Mm, me too." Chu Yu lied, his face serious. He did not even have any idea what was so good about the red bow.

"Bullsh*t!" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu condescendingly, "Do you even know what it can be used for?"

No." Chu Yu was honest, he had already found out a little trick to defeating this little demonic girl.

Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes and her lips twitched, "Ignorant!"

Then, she told Chu Yu about what it could do.

No matter what, they were on the same side once and there was some friendship between them.

The story of Houyi shooting the suns was in many legends.

In actual fact, Houyi was a powerful cultivator with the best archery skills.

It was difficult to determine if he could actually shoot down the sun, but at his near-saint cultivation level, shooting down and ordinary star was no exaggeration.

His red bow had also naturally become a superior attacking magical weapon!

In those prosperous days, there were many of such superior attacking magical weapons.

There was the Divine Punisher Blade, the Divine Slayer Blade, the Divine Trapper Blade and the Supreme Divine Blade. There were also the Three Tipped Double Edged Blade; the Monkey God Bat; the Vajra Pestle and Sword; the Nine Toothed Rake...

These magical weapons were all close ranged melee weapons.

Of course, as a superior magical equipment, they had the ability to extend their range.

However, in the end, they were still melee weapons.

The red bow, the strongest bow in history, was the only true ranged attacking magical weapon.

In the hands of the best cultivators, its range could extend to billions of miles. Shooting down a star... would not be a hallucination.

The bow’s unique ability allowed it to have greater speed and agility than its melee counterparts.

It made it near impossible to defend!

For example, the real Divine Punisher Blade, in the hands of the top cultivators could attack targets thousands of miles away.

But the time needed for the blade to rise and fall... was far slower than the time needed to fire an arrow from the red bow!

These were completely unknown to Chu Yu.

However, after Xu Xiaoxian finished her description, he nodded approvingly, "Indeed!"

"What are you indeed-ing about?"

Xu Xiaoxian was furious, how did she not find out that this guy was so shameless?

"Let's just base it on our own luck." Chu Yu changed the subject and said flatly.

He was clear that when talking to this girl, he could not just let her lead him along.

"Don't give me that." Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes. "To be honest, i bought this place over three months ago and became its owner because I wanted that bow. Now you're telling me to base it off luck... chey, what right do you have?"

"You put in so much effort to kill the Green Lion Lord, I’m sure it's about the Jingpo secret dimension?" Chu Yu changed the topic again.

"Jingpo secret dimension?" Xu Xiaoxian blinked and looked at Chu Yu, "That damned lion, he was still hiding something from me. Damn it, if I had known I would not have use it's nascent soul so early."

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

Xu Xiaoxian took a deep breath and looked at Chu Yu, smiling, "Tell me, what do you propose?"

"When we are inside Houyi’s tomb, we will base it off our own luck and we cannot harm each other!" Chu Yu warned solemnly.

He refused to trust that this little demonic girl would not have a trick up her sleeve.

"How... how about this." Xu Xiaoxian looked to Chu Yu, "To be frank, I can't promise you anything. But I can assure you that if you get Houyi’s red bow, I am willing to use a similar magical equipment to trade it with you! Mm, an attacking magical equipment!"

"Are you so desperate for this bow?" Chu Yu looked at her.

Xu Xiaoxian sighed and whispered, "Let me tell you the truth, Houyi... is actually one of my ancestors. If not for the fact that the world is recovering and war may be upon us, I would also not be willing to disturb the ancestor this way."

Xu Xiaoxian looked sincere. Coupled with her sense of hurt and pain made her rather trustworthy.

However, Chu Yu did not buy it.

"Don't talk about useless things, when we are there... we will discuss it again." Chu Yu looked at her and said, "If you're interested in the Jingpo secret dimension, this time... be more obedient."

"When was I ever naughty?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu innocently and adorably. Her fringe and long hair did make her look rather adorable.

But Chu Yu was not buying that either!

Maybe if she reverted to her original looks.

After two hours, Fatty brought Lilitha back to the manor.

He was worried about Lilitha’s safety and did not feel assured leaving her alone.

He had a strange feeling that this manor was the safest place.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Fatty gladly, "Mm, little Fatty, you're not too bad. As a reward, I will accept your girl!"
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