Chapter 145: So it is you, Demonic Girl

Chapter 145: So it is you, Demonic Girl

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Fatty looked at Xu Xiaoxian’s contented expression dully. For some reason, he really wanted to beat this girl up.

She deserves a beating!

"Why, are you unwilling?" Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Fatty out of the corner of her eye. She laughed coldly, "Fatty, don’t regret this. I don’t accept people willy nilly! Especially those of foreign origins. If not for the fact that she is fiercely loyal towards you and unwilling to betray you even in the face of death, do you think I’ll give you such an offer?"

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Fatty, "Agree to it."

Fatty trusted Chu Yu a lot and nodded his agreement without hesitation, "Okay!"

He did not trust this little demonic girl, but he trusts Chu Yu.

Even though Chu Yu was quite an *ss, and they did not meet on good terms, he was someone true to his word and he took care of his own.

Mm, Chu Yu was not a bad person, except for the fact that he liked to make others take the rap for him.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Fatty. Someone startled by his prompt decision. She nodded contentedly and waved to Lilitha, "Come over here."

Lilitha glanced at Fatty, slightly afraid. Fatty nodded at her, "Rest assured, this lady is good!"

"..." Chu Yu felt that Fatty could lie through his teeth quite well.

This little demonic girl was a good person?

How low are the standards for a good person?

After which, Fatty and Chu Yu were brought to the entrance of the tomb by Xu Xiaoxian.

"This tomb is actually quite difficult to enter. Indeed it is the grave of my ancestor... mm, as his descendant, I don’t have a better method." Xu Xiaoxian mumbled to herself solemnly. Fatty, who was so adept at boasting, was stunned looking at her.

Xu Xiaoxian suddenly turned to Fatty, "Hey, you professional grave robber, you must have an idea. Tell us, how can we gain entry?"

"Ah? Me?"

When the little demonic girl called him, Fatty was not in the least bit excited, in fact, he was fearful.

Why does it seem that this little demonic girl knows everything?

One seemed to be completely transparent in front of her.

"Yes, why? Don’t tell me you don’t know this." Xu Xiaoxian’s mouth twitched, "Time is not on our side, we are not the only ones eyeing this, stop procrastinating, let’s get it then make our ove."

Fatty looked at Chu Yu. Chu Yu returned with a sympathetic gaze, telling him to think of an escape plan quickly.

Fatty sighed, then said, "We have basically confirmed that this grave is Houyi’s..."

"Don’t say the obvious, the key here is how to get in!" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes.

"Don’t interrupt!" Fatty rebutted as he glared at Xu Xiaoxian, "Let me finish!"

"Oh, please continue." Xu Xiaoxian did not seem offended, her expression calm.

Yet, Fatty stammered slightly, feeling that he had overreacted. Yet, he continued to play dumb as he continued to speak.

"According to legends, Houyi had been hurt romantically before..."

Fatty was now in a world which he was extremely familiar with and he rambled on.

Xu Xiaoxian was stunned.

Even Chu Yu wondered if it was possible for Fatty to be even more arrogant than he currently was, and for him to have a bigger head than he currently had.

According to Fatty, Houyi was someone with a flawed character, filled with paranoia.

This could be proven from the fact that he did not bequeath the red bow to someone else, choosing instead to bury it.

It must be said that even though Chu Yu had not heard such an opinion before, it seemed extremely logical."

"After saying so much, what link is there to how we are going to gain entry?" Xu Xiaoxian finally reacted, staring dangerously at Fatty.

"Simple, someone like this would never leave an entrance into his tomb." Fatty said flatly.

"..." Xu Xiaoxian’s mouth twitched, "Mm, I know my ancestor..."

Chu Yu couldn’t stand this any longer, he thought to himself, Miss, you can act a little, but don’t be too absorbed in the show.

Didn’t you hear what Fatty said? Houyi had no descendants!

He was someone who was hurt romantically and never married, how could he have descendants?

Fatty pretended like he did not hear that and continued, "Take this place for example, this looks like the door to the tomb, but in fact... anyone who attempts to enter through here is bound to die!"

"How do you know? According to the Book of Changes, this is the Door of Life!" Xu Xiaoxian rebutted, unsatisfied.

"Then why don’t you enter?" Fatty rebutted.

"I, I am not... Ay? Fatty, you’re getting more audacious eh?" Xu Xiaoxian glared at Fatty dangerously, "You even dare to chide me?"

Fatty grinned and chuckled, "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!’

Then he quickly added, "For such a cultivation wonder, he would never arrange his tomb according to the Book of Changes! In fact, the real entrance, should be over there!’

Fatty pointed to a small hill about 50 to 60 miles from the manor.

That hill was barren, even with all the spiritual energy saturating the Earth, not many plants grew on that hill.

It was almost naked, only capped with snow. It looked like an icy rock.

"There?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Fatty in disbelief, "That kind of place would have an entrance to a tomb? Who are you bluffing?"

At this point, they suddenly saw more than 10 figures appear atop that small hill!

It was almost as if they had appeared out of thin air and fell from the sky!

They appeared very suddenly and quickly surrounded a single spot. They linked their hands and a wave of invisible energy radiated outwards. This energy could be felt many miles away.

Xu Xiaoxian squinted, then as if she saw someone familiar, she immediately disappeared into the manor.

Very quickly, a blonde western chick came out.

Fatty was stunned, "Lilitha... what are you doing here?"

Chu Yu was slightly stunned, but he felt that there was something inherently different. In the next moment, he realized that this Lilitha... should be Xu Xiaoxian.

Indeed, "Lilitha" glanced at Fatty and said flatly, "Don’t talk rubbish."

Fatty immediately shut up.

Even though the voice and tone were the same, he knew that this was not his Lilitha.

He looked at Chu Yu in shock and thought to himself, There’s actually someone else with such a skill?

"Let’s go, we can’t let those people get there first!’ Xu Xiaoxian immediately dashed towards that hill.

Her speed was too fast!

She was a Supreme Realm cultivator, and her abilities were augmented by her countless superior magical equipment.

Not only did this make Xu Xiaoxian a human treasure vault, it also gave her unimaginable power.

For example, her current speed would be unattainable by her peers.

Yet, this was child’s play for her!

What had stunned Fatty and Chu Yu was that this girl did not even greet them before attacking.

Her speed was too fast, and her entrance too sudden!

It was even more sudden than the appearance of that group.

As such, this attack immediately contacted!


With a thunderous echo, the entire group was sent flying.

They all spat out mouthfuls of blood in mid air, clearly injured.

"Go to hell!"

A thunderous bellow echoed out from afar.

A black figure shot over like a bolt of lightning.

Chu Yu squinted, he looked at the man clad in a black robe and immediately thought of one man... the backer of the Green Lion Lord.

Then he remembered that Xu Xiaoxian had just changed her appearance from a princess in pink to a slender legged foreign beauty.

That definitely meant that she saw someone familiar!

Before Chu Yu could think of anything else, the two of them began fighting.

They traded dozens blows like lightning bolts.

All of a sudden, the black robed youth stopped and looked at Xu Xiaoxian icily, "Who are you? Why do you give me a sense of familiarity?"

"Who are you?" Xu Xiaoxian spoke in extremely fluent english, with an American accent.

The black robed youth’s eyes glowed icily and looked at the two Easterners, Fatty and Chu Yu. He said coldly, "You’re also here for Houyi’s grave?"

Fatty did not say anything, he was of the lowest cultivation level. Even though the black robed youth wasn’t directly suppressing him, he already felt breathless.

Chu Yu had the Tiger Courage Technique to ignore the suppressive powers of powerful cultivators. He said flatly, "I have already claimed this entire mountain, all of you intruders can take your leave. I do not know about any grave."

"Go to hell!’

The black robed youth attacked, slapping Chu Yu.

Even though there was immense distance between the two men, the air in front of Chu Yu immediately formed an arm from energy and slapped Chu Yu’s face.

The opponent’s attack was too fast, even though Chu Yu had the Racing Sacred Art to aid him, he could not avoid the attack completely.


The slap impacted Chu Yu’s shoulder.

The sound of one cracking echoed out.

Chu Yu moaned and felt an intense pain at his shoulder plate, the bone was likely fractured.

Only then did the energy from his vertical eye form a shield and envelope Chu Yu.

Clearly, when faced with a vastly superior opponent, even the protective energy from his vertical eye... was helpless!

Unless he could activate it first!

Else, he would still be injured and be in danger of losing his life.

Chu Yu spat out a mouthful of blood. He did not look in the direction of the black robed youth. Instead, he looked in another direction and used the Racing Sacred Art to sprint over there.

In the next moment, Chu Yu’s figure had vanished into thin air.

"Not good!’

The black robed youth bellowed and slapped at the area where Chu Yu had disappeared to.

Sand and rocks were sent flying into the air!

At the same time, a terrifying wave of energy crashed towards the black robed youth.


The black robed youth was almost driven mad as he made a hasty retreat.

However, he was still submerged by this wave of energy. Four stone monuments sprung out from thin air and surrounded him.

The black robed youth spat out yet another mouthful of blood.

At this point, Fatty also disappeared at the same spot after bounding a few steps!

Xu Xiaoxian, who had taken on Lilitha’s appearance was shocked. In a moment of haste, mandarin flew out of her mouth, "You jerks!’

The black robed youth was stunned as he looked suspiciously at Xu Xiaoxian. Then, he grit his teeth, "Xu, you little demon girl... it’s you!’
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