Chapter 148: Three Stage Test

Chapter 148: Three Stage Test

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Xu Xiaoxian looked cautiously at the black robed youth, then at Chu Yu, her eyes bouncing around and no one knew what she was thinking.

Then, she automatically revealed her true appearance.

Long haired, slender waist, bangs, and an adorable pair of eyes!

She was extremely tall, her skin was white, tender and glimmering. Her bosom was full and her waist was slim. She had long pencil thin legs, way more perfect than the foreigner Lilitha!

She wore a light yellow dress. Her features looked like they were from a painting and she looked like a goddess.

Fatty was completely stunned by her, wasn’t this the ordinary looking girl in the pink princess dress?

He looked at Chu Yu, lost, but saw that Chu Yu was still calm.

Faking it!

Must be faking it!

Fatty thought to himself.

Could there possibly be such a perfect girl in this world?

Legend has it that there were four beauties in the ancient world which made flowers ashamed to bloom in the face of their beauty, and fishes stayed in the depths, ashamed by their unattractiveness.

Fatty had never known what kind of beauty that was, until he saw Xu Xiaoxian’s real appearance. All of a sudden, he realized that she was the most gorgeous lady ever to set foot on this planet.

"All of a sudden, I feel like I want to start a relationship..."

Fatty murmured to himself.

The black robed youth looked at Fatty sympathetically, he had thought so previously too.

However, even though Xu Xiaoxian was one of the prettiest ladies in the entire universe, he would keep his distance. He would do so even if she was the PRETTIEST lady in the universe.

The golden armored youth had no reaction to Xu Xiaoxian’s beauty. He said flatly, "Let’s go."

The group of them, under the leadership of the golden armored youth, approached a barren mountain.

This mountain was thousands of meters high. It was bald and ancient, no trees were growing on it.

Looking at it, it looked like a huge tomb!

At the bottom of the barren hill, the golden armored youth bowed and reported, "Master, I have brought them over."

At this moment, a limestone door appeared in front of them.

An ancient aura could be felt immediately, this place was millions of years old.

The limestone door opened silently. Inside was chaos and one could not see anything, almost as if it separated two worlds.

"Go on in." The golden armored youth said.

Chu Yu did not hesitate, since he was here, what was there to think about?

Fatty followed closely behind, his legs shivering.

Xu Xiaoxian and the black robed youth also made their way through the door.

The golden armored youth did not follow, he just stood guard outside.

After the few of them entered, the door vanished.

After Chu Yu entered, he was faced with a huge palace complex.

A topless, long haired, bulky man had a foreign animal hide wrapped around his waist. The hide radiated a wave of suppressive aura that made it difficult for people to breathe.

This man sat atop the throne!

He was filled with explosive power, capable of catching the stars and moons with ease.

His eyes were bright, almost like they were shining stars in the night sky.

He looked at the four people in the palace and said solemnly, "Commoners, approach."

Chu Yu and the others walked forward and bowed deeply, "We request an audience with Senior Yi!"

"Requesting an audience with Master Yi!" Fatty was also extremely respectful.

"Requesting an audience with Ancestor Yi." Xu Xiaoxian and the black robed youth bowed with respect too.

"Please, rise."

The man said flatly.

After which, his gaze fell on Chu Yu and the others, "I already know what you are here for."

The four of them were silent, awaiting Yi’s next statement.

"It is indeed a pity that a treasure like the red bow is kept here." Yi said flatly, "However, my most precious inheritance cannot be given away lightly. "

Fatty looked at Xu Xiaoxian and the black robed youth. He wanted to say something, but held his tongue.

In the face of a god, he did not dare to speak freely.

Yi looked at Xu Xiaoxian, then at the black robed youth, "You too are from the outside world, but do you know that you are actually descendants of this world?"


Xu Xiaoxian and the black robed youth stiffened, completely stunned and lost.

Yi said, "Your bodies flow with the blood of ancestors, and you are definitely descendants of China."

"How... how is this possible?" The black robed youth was surprised. He murmured, "I should be the prince of the stars in the Orion constellation... how can I be a descendant of China?"

Xu Xiaoxian also frowned, deep in thought. She too was in disbelief, but she didn’t say anything.

"As such, even though you are from different camps, you also have the right to get my inheritance, and have the right to wield the red bow to rid the world of evil."

Even though Yi was peerless, he seemed to be rather approachable.

Furthermore, he was quite different from the golden armored youth outside.

The golden armored youth did not have any aura of life or death. If not for the fact that he revealed traces of emotion occasionally, he could really be passed off as a robot.

But Yi was different!

When he sat there, both the blood aura from his body, and his lively eyes and expressions, were no different from a living human being!

Fatty had done some research into this, incredibly shocked.

It was like seeing a god!

This was not an illustrated deity, not something you saw only in legends and stories, this was an actual, living god.

Chu Yu clasped his fist and said, "Senior Yi, Junior here has something to say."

"Do you want to say that, the two of them... are outsiders?"

Yi’s face broke out in a deep sound as he used the Voice Transmission Technique to ask Chu Yu.

"No matter where they are from, as long as they have the same blood flowing through them, you will be fighting side by side."

Chu Yu stiffened and did not say anything else.

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu and humphed inside, You little brat, you must be thinking of ratting me out! You just wait and see, once I leave this place, I will deal with you!

Afterwhich, Yi did not say anything else, instead using a powerful sacred art to send them into isolated realms.

At the same time, he told the four of them the same thing.

"There are three stages, intelligence, strength and courage. Different results will give you a different inheritance. Since you have made it here, your paths and mine do cross, but the result, depends on yourself."

Chu Yu’s senses piqued, in the next moment, to his surprise, he found himself in a strange space.

Here, the mountains were high and rivers flowed. Ancient trees reached to the sky and the entire space was saturated with spiritual energy!

One did not even need to be cultivating for large amounts of spiritual energy to come gushing in.

Chu Yu used his Killing Days Heart Technique, opening up all his acupoints and meridians, sucking in the spiritual energy from the surroundings manically.

"What kind of test is this?"

Chu Yu was stunned.

He could feel the energy in his body increasing rapidly, and this was no hallucination.

This was real.

Even though Yi had said that there would be three tests, testing their wit, strength and courage, which one of the three was the current one?

Chu Yu scratched his head, lost.

As he was thinking about it, a few figures emerged from the thick forest.

These men were all wearing attire foreign to Chu Yu, and their aura was powerful.

One of them was laughing loudly, "Haha, Brother Fang Zheng is powerful, at this rate, you will be able to reach the Supreme Realm in no time. By that time, we can go hunting in the village of cultivation. It is said that for each descendant of a sinner we kill, we can gain more profound Dao. Hahaha, this is a great opportunity, we can continue to cultivate through killing!’

Chu Yu’s eyes immediately lit up.

What place was this?

Go to the village of cultivation to massacre the descendants of sinners?

Killing can give someone more profound Dao.

Kill to cultivate?

What kind of logic was that? Was it still something a normal person would say?

How do they treat people like them?

Like pigs, dogs, cows, and lambs?

They weren’t even fit to be called beasts!

Chu Yu felt a strong wave of anger in his heart, but his expression was still calm. He suppressed all of his aura, ensuring that there would be no leaks.

At the same time, he guessed what kind of place this was.

These group of men kept talking about the village of cultivation, meaning that they weren't from the Solar System.

Could they be from the Mirror World?

That didn’t seem quite likely.

Chu Yu was aghast.

Didn’t Lin Shi say that entrance into the Mirror World required great luck and opportunity?

How could a single test by Yi send him into the mirror world?

The few men also spotted Chu Yu standing there, looking lost.

The man who was just speaking had a flash of iciness in his eyes. He pointed at Chu Yu, "Who are you? How dare you eavesdrop on us?"

Then, without waiting for a reply, he bellowed, "You appeared here so sinisterly, you are definitely up to no good, kneel and beg for forgiveness!’

Was this guy’s brain damaged?

"I have been standing here all this while, you were the ones who barged through. Isn’t such a reaction overboard?"

Chu Yu’s expression was solemn. The man’s words had already angered him.

Yet now, he was trying to force Chu Yu to do something without reason. This made Chu Yu feel like this man deserves death.

"You dare to resist?"

As he spoke, he tried to slap Chu Yu.

This slap was almost like a huge mountain crashing down on Chu Yu’s head.

The air began to form an air wave and crashed towards Chu Yu, smashing all the ancient trees in the way to smithereens!

This was a King’s Realm cultivator!

When facing Chu Yu, he did not even use any of the sacred arts.

He wanted to use his single slap to kill Chu Yu!

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and dodged the slap with lightning reflexes. Then, without hesitation, he pulled out the replica Divine Punisher Blade.

He chopped down viciously at this man’s hand.

A ray of light flashed past!

The replica Divine Punisher Blade radiated immense light, causing many of the opponents to close their eyes unconsciously.

If they had tried to force open their eyes, even as King’s Realm cultivators, the light could blind them permanently!


The hand of this King’s Realm cultivator was chopped off by Chu Yu’s replica Divine Punisher Blade.

He let out an earth shaking howl!

"My hand!"
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