Chapter 154: Golden Life Form

Chapter 154: Golden Life Form

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That string radiated with a strong suppressive aura.

It was a superior magical equipment!

Chu Yu did not hesitate. He opened his mouth, used the Gluttonous Sacred Art, and took a deep breath...

Much of the power from the white string was absorbed into Chu Yu’s mouth in an instant.

This Sacred Art was too terrifying!

And strange!

People who knew this sacred art were few and far between.

For the plump elder, this sacred art was foreign to him.

He was stunned, he could clearly feel that his magical equipment was significantly weakened.

This was a Supreme Realm magical equipment. It had never failed to capture cultivators of the Supreme Realm and below.

However, this young man was not even in the King’s Realm. What demonic technique did he use to cause the string to lose its effectiveness?


As he felt the string weakening, the plump elder panicked at this strange feeling.

He wanted to retrieve the string.

However, it was too late, the string was not even half as powerful as before.

Furthermore, it had already arrived next to Chu Yu and it began to wrap itself around him.

Chu Yu extended his arm, grabbed the string, then began to use the Gluttonous Sacred Art.

He could feel his body filling up to capacity with energy. However, the Killing Days Heart Technique allowed him to store this energy whilst expelling all the excess through the pores in his body.

Even so, Chu Yu could feel his body expanding like an inflated balloon, the energy in his body multiplying.

He immediately used the Racing Sacred Art to disappear from the area like a phantom.

The plump elder was furious. Even though that string was no superior magical equipment, he had used it to great effect.

Even though he did not have a spiritual connection with the equipment, he did have some connection with it.

Now that the string’s energy had been sucked away, the plump elder felt a feeling of loss, almost as if he had lost something he loved.

He chased Chu Yu manically, then raised his hand and slapped at where Chu Yu was running towards.

All of a sudden, a hundred meter wide transparent palm formed in the air.

It raised itself up then smacked down on the mountain at an unimaginable speed.

After a huge boom echoed out, all the trees were shattered and the mountain crumpled.

A unfathomably deep crack appeared in the Earth.

Countless life forms living on this mountain were instantly smashed into pulp.

The plump elder’s eyes gaze were fixated on some point in the distance.

Chu Yu’s figure had appeared there for a brief moment. Then, he vanished.


The plump elder screamed into the heavens.

His rage was insatiable. Not only did he not manage to get any advantage from this, he had lost one of his treasured magical equipment.

All of a sudden, a figure burst out from underground.

The figure was glowing golden, almost like a golden statue. The light from its body was extremely glaring.

It was almost as if it had flown out from underground - its leap was immense!

It was also of astonishing height.

Then, it raised its fist and slapped the plump elder.


The plump elder let out a thunderous howl!


He also matched it with a slap.

From afar, it looked like a ball flying towards his opponent.


A dull sound echoed out.

The plump elder screamed in pain.

This scream was bone chilling.

The skinny elder following closely behind was frightened out of his wits. Without hesitation, he turned and ran!

His figure became like a bolt of lightning as he sprinted away.

The plump elder looked like a shooting star as his figure flew through the sky. His body formed a parabola in mid air and he landed on a mountain many miles away.

He caused a huge crater in that mountain and a plume of smoke could be seen.

Chu Yu saw this scene unfold from a distance. He was stunned, speechless, this was too scary!

This golden life form was like a death god, terrifying enough to frighten even the bravest souls.

The twins, the middle aged man and the flirtatious girl were all scared out of their skin.

They reacted slightly slower than the skinny elder, but not that much slower. All of them turned and ran!

This golden life form was way too scary. It roared in fury at the retreating crowd. Then, with a shake of its body, the countless golden hairs on it’s body became arrowheads and flew towards the group.

The twins were slightly slower and the golden arrowheads pummeled their bodies.

The twins were almost like a single person, they reacted the same way even when injured.

They screamed in unison.

Then, they fell from mid air and smashed into the dense forest, their fates unknown.

The flirtatious girl saw the scene, then activated an ancient amulet without hesitation.

That amulet exploded with chaotic energy and made her vanish into thin air.

The middle aged man and the skinny elder continued to run for their lives.

Their speed was much faster than their usual.

The golden lifeform did not give chase. It floated in mid air and eyed the group before leaving.

Chu Yu suppressed his aura and hid in the mountains. He even shut off his breathing, exchanging oxygen from within his body.

That golden lifeform did not stay around and quickly disappeared into a mountain.

Chu Yu waited for some time before he revealed himself and left carefully.

He came to where the plump elder had fallen. Even though he knew the result, the scene was still chilling.

This mountain was formed by rocks. Those rocks were extremely hard, many times harder than granite.

However, now, a huge crater had formed in it!

How vicious!


That golden lifeform looked like a primate, but Chu Yu did not know what it wears exactly.

He also didn’t dare to use his vertical eye to observe it.

The crater was so deep it was impossible to see the bottom.Chu Yu could enter easily.

He had no idea if the plump elder was alive, but there was no sign of life inside.

Chu Yu hesitated for a moment, then decided to enter and check it out.

As he walked, Chu Yu’s awe grew stronger. After walking for over 70m, he was still not at the end.

The rocks inside were harder than those on the outside.

Yet, it was smashed by a flying body...

How strong was the slap from the golden lifeform?

When will I be able to have such power?

Chu Yu thought to himself.


After walking for over 130m, Chu Yu finally saw the plump elder crumpled on the ground.

What shocked Chu Yu was that he wasn’t dead.

Over here, Chu Yu used his vertical eye to observe his surroundings without inhibition.

Chu Yu felt pain in his entire body just by looking at him.

The plump elder’s organs were all smashed to smithereens by the golden lifeform and virtually all his energy had vanished.

In his Cinnabar Field was a stain of blood, but there was still a strong energy source there.

But that... was the nascent soul of a Supreme Realm cultivator!

That was their second life!

It was a true source!

Yet, it was reduced to blood now.

Clearly, there was no way this plump elder was going to survive.

However, the plump elder had not died just yet, his breathing weak.

CHu Yu walked over, glanced at the plump elder, frowned and sighed.

This was the cruelty of the cultivation world. Even though one could cultivate a nascent soul and enter the Supreme Realm, control the weather and wield powerful sacred arts, one still could not withstand the slap from a True Lord.

Feeling someone closing, that plump elder’s thread thin eyes opened slightly.

His survival instinct kicked in and he moaned softly, "Save me..."

"Haha." Chu Yu chuckled coldly.

"It’s you..." The plump elder’s eyes filled with despair and said weakly, "Send me on my way... quickly!"


"Tell me about this world." Chu Yu said flatly.

He stood there. Even though the cave was dark, darkness did not affect the senses of cultivators.

"What else... is there to say?" The plump elder said, "Anyone with the opportunity to enter the Mirror World hopes... that one day, they can enter the Village of Cultivation... to hunt."

Chu Yu’s heart raged, but he did not react.

There was no need to react to the words of a dying man.

"What does hunt mean?" Chu Yu wanted to verify some facts.

"All of the lifeforms... in the Village of Cultivation... have a trace of Dao Charm. The stronger the lifeform... the stronger the Dao Charm. Every lifeform... killed, will allow you to gain... more!’

The plump elder sighed between breaths, "A pity..."

"Pity my *ss!" Chu Yu rolled his eyes and spat: "Don’t you feel guilty killing others to improve yourself?"

"Guilty..." the plump elder’s voice was hoarse, but he smiled, "Hahaha... what is there to be guilty about? For a cultivator, cultivation is reality, and what we want... is Dao! What is reality? Killing the masses and becoming a hero... that's reality! What is Dao? Dao is reason, this reason is not that of others’... but your own!"

He spoke in broken sentences. By the time he finished, he was completely weakened.

Chu Yu retrieved the Divine Punisher Blade and beheaded the plump elder, ending his life.

Afterwhich, "That is your reality, and your Dao, not mine."

He managed to retrieve a large amount of superior medicine, pills and forging metals from the plump elder. He also managed to get some decent magical equipment.

The best one was a jade bottle.

It was a Supreme Realm magical equipment. After trying it out, Chu Yu found that there were more than a thousand acres of space inside the bottle.

It could hold life inside it, and it could also directly absorb spirits.

The jade bottle came with its own magical formation, after a lifeform was captured, it would be sealed inside.

"Not bad not bad!" Chu Yu smiled as he kept these.

Then he said flatly, "This is also not my Dao, but, it would be a sin not to claim the spoils of battle."

Then, Chu Yu turned and left.

He spent the next two days finding the six Hallucination Wolves.

After finding them, he continued on his way,

After half a month, Chu Yu finally got out of this huge mountain.

In front of him was a thousand mile plain. On the horizon was a huge ancient city that rose from the ground and exuded a majestic aura.
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