Chapter 155: The Purple Cloud Constabulary

Chapter 155: The Purple Cloud Constabulary

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He had finally made his way out of this mountain range after half a year.

When he was inside the mountains, Chu Yu kept whining and cursing about when he could find a way out.

However, when he finally got out, he was reluctant to leave.


Whilst in the forest, his cultivation level and battle prowess increased tremendously and he became more mature.

He was growing from a boy into a real man.

Chu Yu looked at the sprawling city thousands of miles away. Then, he looked at the six Hallucination Wolves with a conflicted expression.

The people that he had met in the mountain range were all salivating when they saw the Hallucination Wolves.

It was evident that they were extremely valued by cultivators.

Based on his current cultivation level, it was highly unlikely that he could... keep them.

The city was vastly different from the dense forest, there would definitely be hidden powers there.

Finally, CHu Yu sighed and bent over. Then he rubbed the head of Third Flower, who had grown considerably, and whispered, "You all cannot follow me into the city."

As Chu Yu spoke, he pointed to the city, "That place is many times scarier than the mountains. If the cultivators there spot you, they will never let you go."


Third Flower let out a soft howl.

The other Hallucination Wolves were also reluctant to see him leave.

For the past half a year, the six Hallucination Wolves had taken Chu Yu to be their parent, and... alpha!

As such, they were reluctant to leave.

Chu Yu was also reluctant, but he forced a smile, "We have an old saying, there is always going to be a time for goodbyes. You all belong in this forest. Now that you all are stronger, you can hunt more powerful prey. However, always be careful and alert. Also, do not split up until you all are powerful enough. You are only strong because you are a pack."

He knew that they understood what he said.

When he finished, he steeled his nerves and waved, "Go, go, maybe we'll meet again when I return in the future. But when that day comes, you all better recognize me. If you all become stronger and want to bite me, I will be deeply hurt."

Third Flower walked over silently and rubbed its head against Chu Yu’s body. It’s animalistic eyes revealed a human reluctance.

The other Hallucination Wolves also came over and rubbed their heads on Chu Yu’s body.

Chu Yu patted them and jokingly chided, "You bunch of wolves, get out of here, become stronger and gain the ability to kill a True Lord. When that day comes, I will bring all of you out. If anyone antagonizes me, I’ll just shout, First Flower, bite him!"

First Flower howled, its tone filled with reluctance.

In the end, Third Flower stared at Chu Yu before turning and jogged a few hundred meters away.

The others all stared deeply at Chu Yu one more time before following behind Third Flower.

Once they left Chu Yu, Third Flower was their leader.

After running out a few hundred meters, Third Flower turned around to look at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu waved, "Go, go!’

Third Flower sprinted back whilst the others held their ground.

It ran to Chu Yu’s side, stood up on its hind legs, then grabbed Chu Yu’s shoulders with its front paws. Then, it leaned in.

Chu Yu felt a cold feeling on his neck and felt an ache in his heart. Yet, he mocked, "You softie, you’re crying?"


Third Flower let out a long howl then left Chu Yu quickly, turning and running. Almost like a phantom, it disappeared into the dense forest.

The others stayed in their spot and looked at Chu Yu for a long time, a sense of longing in their eyes.

After a long time, they began to move and vanish.

Many say that animals are actually more compassionate than humans, and they know loyalty and thankfulness.

That is the truth.

Chu Yu had raised these Hallucination Wolves, and they treated him as their parent, their mentor, their alpha!

Even though they were separated now, they would never forget this.

No matter how long they were separated for, Chu Yu would still be their leader when they met again.

Chu Yu took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. Then, he turned his attention to that magnificent city and thought to himself, My starting point in the Mirror World would be here!

In moments, Chu Yu had neared the city.

When he approached, he could feel a sense of awe.

Chu Yu had never seen such a city previously. When he had gotten the saint’s legacy, the complex that he saw was considered rather majestic.


Yet, it was a far cry from this city.


The city he had seen was squarish, with each side over 500km long.


However, he couldn’t even tell if this huge city was squarish, but Chu Yu could tell that this side of the city was over 1500km in length!

This was gigantic!

For someone from Earth, Chu Yu found it difficult to believe that there would be such a huge city.

Yan Jing was considered a large city, but it too was a far cry from this.

There was no comparison.

The city wall was thousands of yards high and there was a gate every 30 miles.

The city gates looked insignificant in comparison to the city walls, but it was humongous for a person.

All of the city gates were open.


Every now and then, lifeforms of various species would make their way in and out of the city.

There were people with cat faces and human bodies, and human faces with dog bodies...

There were also some who took on their animal forms here.

The people here were used to seeing such animals and didn’t pay much attention to those lifeforms.

Chu Yu followed the crowd in, and no one paid much attention to an insignificant cultivator like him.


The moment he entered the city, the neighing of a horse could be heard above him.

Chu Yu unconsciously looked up. He saw four magnificent horses above him. They were snow white and impeccably groomed. They even flowed faintly, making them look like heavenly horses.

They drew a brown carriage. The carriage was enormous, over a hundred yards in length and over 30 yards high.

A faint wave of suppression could be felt from the carriage.

The white horse dragged the brown carriage through the air as they flew out of the city and into the distance.

"Those are from the Purple Cloud Constabulary!" Someone murmured

"Four heavenly horses drawing the carriage... the person inside must be ranked highly inside the Purple Cloud Constabulary." Someone raised their head and looked at the carriage in envy.

"Don’t you all know? The person going out is the second prince of the Purple Cloud Constabulary. If my guess is correct, he should be out to find medicine for his sister." Someone with a bull’s head and a human body said.

Someone in the crowd sighed.

"The princess from the Purple Cloud Constabulary is really unlucky. She was so lucky to be born into such a superior family, but she contracted such a weird disease, one that no one in the Star City can treat. The Second Prince is so nice to his sister. He keeps going out to find medicine for her, but to no avail..."

"Haha, news that the Star CIty is looking for doctors is everywhere, but what use is it? No one can treat it!’

"Exactly, if it could be treated, it would have been a long time ago..."

A group of various lifeforms stood at the city gates as they engaged each other whilst looking in the direction where the carriage disappeared.

Chu Yu stood there, listening quietly. He remembered a few key phrases, Purple Cloud Constabulary, Princess, Looking for medication.

He looked to an elderly man beside him and asked, "Sir, do you know what they are talking about?"

The elderly man was skinny and wrinkled. He wore a green robed and had a head full of grey hair. His eyes also revealed his age.

Without using his vertical eye, Chu Yu could feel that this elderly man was no of high cultivation level. Furthermore, he was not young.

For an ordinary person, they would tend to know more with age.

Indeed, the elderly man glanced at Chu Yu and smiled, "This is a long story, but I am a little thirsty right now."

"..." Chu Yu looked at this elderly man, annoyed at his shamelessness!

After 20 minutes, Chu Yu and this old man were seated in a small bar with two flasks of beer and some snacks.


The old man downed the beer and became more involved in the story as he narrated.

He looked at Chu Yu, "When we talk about the Purple Cloud Constabulary, we must speak of another place... the Purple Cloud School!’


Chu Yu’s eyes lit up when he remembered that Shishi had also entered a school.

His interest in the story grew.

"The Purple Cloud School is not a big deal in the entire Mirror World. However, in the Song Country, spanning millions of miles, it is one of the best!’


Through the shameless old man’s accounts, Chu Yu gained a deeper understanding of this world.

Even though the Mirror World was large and encompassed many universes, each universe contained thousands of galaxies.


It was like a congregation point created by the heavens!

In comparison, the Song Country, spanning only millions of miles, was insignificant.

However, to Chu Yu, any kingdom spanning over a million miles was too much.


"As such, the Purple Cloud Constabulary is held in high regard in the Song Country."

"The princess of the Purple Cloud Constabulary is Liu Yuyan. She was a bright star since her youth and possesses great talent. At the age of 21, last year to be exact, she was already in the Supreme Realm and was a true Heaven’s Pride.

However, late last year, she went into isolation in an isolated mountain range. She nearly lost her life there, and when she returned, she became feeble and weak.

At this point, the elderly man observed his surroundings cautiously and whispered, "It is rumored that she got possessed!’

"Po... possessed?"


Chu Yu’s mouth twitch as he looked at the elderly man in disbelief.

This man’s cultivation level was not high, but he was still a Xiantian cultivator.

For a Xiantian cultivator to suggest that someone was possessed made Chu Yu speechless.

The old man looked at Chu Yu, "you don’t believe me?"

Before Chu Yu could reply, he continued, "Actually, I don’t blame you. When I first heard the news, I couldn’t believe it myself! How could a powerful Supreme Realm cultivator be possessed?"

The old man raised his flask and gulped down his beer, "But, this is the truth! All of the powerful hidden individuals in the Purple Cloud Constabulary cannot solve her problem. There is an abundance of powerful cultivators in the Star City, and there is no lack of great pill masters, but... no one can solve this problem."

Chu Yu asked, slightly confused, "Does anyone know the cause?"

"If they could tell, they wouldn’t say that she is possessed. The issue is that no one knows!’ The old man sighed, "Since the, the Second Prince of the Purple Cloud Constabulary has been requesting for help from elsewhere..."
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