Chapter 156: If you have the ability, step up

Chapter 156: If you have the ability, step up

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"For a power like them, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a doctor right?" Chu Yu poured a glass of beer for the old man and asked.

"Of course it isn’t, didn’t I say? There are countless powers in the Star City, and almost all of them have tried their hands at it, but it was to no avail. I heard that they even hired great doctors from outside the Star City. The reward is still out there, but who would dare to try for it if they didn’t have the ability?"

The old man gurgled his wine and smacked his lips. Then he sighed, "This is really unfortunate, a talented girl became this way after only one expedition. Cultivation is all for longevity, but with all the cultivation, we end up losing our lives. So what the f*ck are we cultivating for? Why not be like me, cultivate enough to live for a few hundred years and enjoy life and beer everyday?"


Chu Yu was speechless as he glanced at the old man and said, "Everyone has different goals in life."

"Goals..." the old man smiled, "Goals are for youths, what goals can an old man like me have?"

Chu Yu continued chatting with this old man and realized that even though this man was not particularly powerful and seemed not to have large ambitions, he knew quite a bit.

He also told Chu Yu many things about the Mirror Worldz

After saying goodbye to this old man, Chu Yu headed for the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

Since he was in this world and had no way of returning for now, Chu Yu decided to assimilate into this world.

At the very least, when these cultivators attack the solar system, he can understand them.

The ancestors have said repeatedly, When you understand yourself and your enemy, you will never fight a losing battle!

With this thought, Chu Yu arrived at the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary occupied a large area and it looked like a small city to Chu Yu’s Earthly eyes.


The infrastructure here was ancient, and the pillars were intricately carved, giving off a majestic aura.

The main door was over 20m high and unimaginably huge. Many purple clouds were carved on the door.

The main door was closed, but a smaller door was open. Even though it was called a small door, it was over three meters high.

When Chu Yu reached the door, he was stopped by a guard.

"May I ask, who are you looking for?"

The guard sized Chu Yu up, his tone distant but courteous.

He was the guard for the Purple Cloud Constabulary and this gave him a high standing.

Even leaders of smaller clans were polite to him.

"May I know if this is the Purple Cloud Constabulary?" Chu Yu smiled.

"That's right." The guard nodded.

"Then that's correct, I am here to save your princess." Chu Yu said with a serious expression, his tone relaxed.

"Hmm?" The guard frowned slightly and sized Chu Yu up again.

Even though the Purple Cloud Constabulary was powerful, there were still people who tried to take advantage of them.

Some time ago, a scammer had come by. He looked legit and was a Supreme Realm cultivator. He touted himself as a powerful doctor.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary were also in desperate need of doctors and were cheated of a large amount of resources. Then, that man had disappeared.

As for the Second Prince, he had been scammed many more times.


In order to save this princess, the entire Purple Cloud Constabulary had paid a huge price.

The guard looked at Chu Yu, "You know medicine?"


Chu Yu, at this time, did not look like someone skilled in medicine.

He was young, had long hair and wore a long sleeved grey shirt. All in all, he looked rather young and radiant.

However, it was difficult to believe that such a young man would know some powerful medicinal techniques.

He probably doesn't even know medicinal techniques?

Chu Yu smiled faintly, "Of course."

That confidence shook the guard slightly. He didn't know whether to trust this young man, but he could not find a reason to doubt him.

As someone inside the Purple Cloud Constabulary, he definitely knew the cost they had to pay as they attempted to cure the princess of her illness.

Didn't the Second Prince just go searching for a doctor?

There have also been a large number of doctors coming by recently.


However, Chu Yu didn't look a single bit like a doctor, he just looked like a kid.


But... what if this guy could do it?

As he thought about it, the guard asked Chu Yu to wait outside before going into report.

After about seven to eight minutes, the guard hurriedly brought out a middle aged man.

From the man’s dressing, Chu Yu surmised that this man was not of a particularly high standing.


Indeed, this man’s name was Liu Zhangyun and he was an external administrator.


His attitude was not bad and he was polite in his actions and words, no one could fault him on it.

"May I ask, how long have you practiced?" Liu Zhangyun invited Chu Yu in and tried to find out more about him.

"Not long." Chu Yu said vaguely.

Liu Zhangyun’s expression did not change, but his suspicion grew. He thought to himself, This boy is so young, does he know how to treat illnesses? Could he be a scammer?

But how many scammers would dare to mess with the Purple Cloud Constabulary?


Furthermore, taking superior medicines and payment before beginning treatment... was now forbidden!

They had access to the medicines, but they had to refine them in the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

The old scammer had said that he had his own place outside and that was the only place he was comfortable with refining the medicine. In the end, he had stolen a large amount of superior medicine.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary had no intention of letting history repeat itself.

If this kid has no abilities, when the time comes and he realizes he has nothing to gain, he will probably just tuck his tail between his legs and run.

Afterwhich, Liu Zhangyun brought Chu Yu to a guest room then bid his goodbye.


He said that there were many doctors waiting to treat the princess and it would be a few days before it was his turn.

"What? Are you kidding me? We have to queue to treat her?" Chu Yu stared widely, "What if a fake doctor misdiagnoses her, won't you all regret?"

"Little kid, why are you so thoughtless in your words? Who are you calling a fake doctor?" A man walked out from an adjacent guest room.

He looked genuine. He was in his sixties and was dressed in branded clothes. His forehead flashed with condescension.

He looked at Chu Yu, "Anyone who can come here to treat Ms Liu is a famous and powerful doctor! I don't recognize you, tell me, who is your master and what clan are you from?"

Chu Yu glanced at him and said flatly, "Why? What's the point of flaunting your reputation? If reputation was of any use, why is it that the entire Star City has no one who can treat Ms Liu?"

"You... why do you speak so thoughtlessly?" This famous doctor was furious.

Chu Yu smiled and nodded, "People with no abilities only boast, people who have abilities will step forward and call it as it is! That is initiative!"


In his fury, this famous doctor turned and returned to his house, slamming the door behind him.

He was a famous pill master and he came from the Moon City about 30000 miles away,

In the Moon City, he was quite famous, and he was invited to come over to see if he was able to treat princess Liu Yuyan.

He was initially confident. He felt that just because people in the Star City failed doesn't mean that the people of the Moon City will too.

Only after he arrived did he realize that there were famous doctors in abundance in the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

There were also some powerful Pill Masters and some doctors with hundreds of years of experience.

This had been a setback to him. When he saw Chu Yu, he wondered to himself, Even if this boy started learning medicine in the womb, how much could he learn? How dare he boast here.

He couldn't help but mock, yet he was angered by the response he got.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He opened the door and stepped out. He looked at Chu Yu and smiled coldly, "Young man, just like you said, people with no abilities boast, people with ability call it as it is, and that is initiative. I agree with what you said. Now, I want to know how good you are. Do you dare to compete with me?"

Chu Yu looked at this old man and could not hold back his laughter, "Old man, how old are you? Why are you so naive? So immature? I didn't come here to compete. I came here to cute Ms Liu Yuyan."

"Ha..." the old man chuckled as he looked at Chu Yu condescendingly, "You sound like you really can cure her."

Chu Yu smiled faintly, "Old man, that's not nice, you sound like you are hoping I can't cure Ms Liu Yuyan."

"No, that's not my intention!" This old man tried to explain hurriedly. He saw the displeasure on the administrators face and felt even more furious.

Yet, he had to explain himself, "Adminstrator Liu, I really did not mean that."

Administrator Liu waved his hand in exasperation, "Old man, such a clash of egos is unnecessary. This young man is right, anyone who can cure missus is the best doctor!"

The old man was slightly embarrassed and humiliated, then he said, "Since he is so go, why don’t you take him to treat missus?"

Administrator Liu glanced at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded.

At this time, many of the doors in the courtyard opened and over a dozen doctors came out.

They had heard the commotion and came out to see what was happening.

However, they were all siding with the old man. Afterall, Chu Yu’s words were slightly overboard. What did he mean by misdiagnosed by a fake doctor? Did that mean that all the great doctors and pill masters who couldn’t cure Ms Liu... were all bogus?

However, some of those who were more shrewd remained expressionless as they looked on.

They looked at Chu Yu thoughtfully.

One of them said, "Actions speak louder than words, why not just let him go take a look?"

Administrator Liu took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and decided to take a gamble!

This was still rather insignificant.

If it failed, at most, he would be scolded for poor judgement.

And that would be it.

But, if it was successful?

He could only imagine the scale of his contribution!

He would live a life of luxury!
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