Chapter 157: Doubt

Chapter 157: Doubt

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Steward Liu brought Chu Yu to the backyard.

The other doctors also followed to see what would unfold.

They did not believe that a youth like Chu Yu could cure Ms Liu.

If it was that easy, wouldn’t she have been cured long ago? How would he have a chance?

"Doesn’t this young man look like he doesn’t know a thing about medicine?" A jealous old doctor surmised that Chu Yu did not know anything about medicine just by how Chu Yu walked.

"I get the same feeling. Looking at him, he doesn’t seem to have learnt medicine."

"A true doctor has a different aura and demeanor."

It must be admitted that these old doctors were experienced.

Furthermore, there was a mystical sense between people of the same profession which allows them to tell when they are next to someone of the same profession.

They could sense something when interacting with each other, but when dealing with Chu Yu... they didn’t get the same feeling.

Very quickly, Steward Liu brought the group to the inner courtyard.


Even before they could enter, someone stopped them

Steward Liu nodded and bowed, smiling obsequiously, "Deacon Yutang, you’re on duty today?"

There was an internal deacon guarding the entrance to the inner courtyard. His name was Liu Yutang and was borne by a concubine from the Liu Clan. He was of the same generation as the princess Liu Yuyan.

As a child of a concubine, he could not compete with the heirs, but he was much higher up in the hierarchy when compared to others.

He was considered one of the more outstanding ones amongst his generation in the Liu Clan.

Else, there was no way he could be in such a position of power at such a young age.

Even though Steward Liu was his elder and much older than him, he still had to show him respect and treat him well.

Liu Yutang glanced at the crowd and frowned, "What is this? I thought we discussed this? Weren’t we going to let these doctors wait? Why aren’t you following the rules? Why have you brought them all here?"

Even though his voice was not loud, as cultivators, they heard every word clearly.

From the inner courtyard, there were many people of high standing looking towards the entrance.

Even though they did not seem unhappy with it, they immediately began to turn away, revealing their inner thoughts.

What was a group of people doing here?

Steward Liu was slightly embarrassed, but he still tried his luck, "Deacon Yutang, there is a young man here who says that he can cure missus of her illness. I brought him here giving him the benefit of the doubt, I hope that Deacon Yutang understands."

Liu Yutang frowned, "Do you believe whatever people say? How do you do your job as an Steward? Do you think this young man even knows medicine?"

Steward Liu smiled bitterly, "Aren’t we desperate already, even second prince is...."

"Second prince..."

Liu Yutang sighed and didn’t continue.

If the Second Prince was already this way, he could not criticize the best of the concubine line. Yet, he cursed in his heart, Why is Second Prince so unorthodox!

He would invite anyone who said that they knew medicine into his house.

There were many bogies doctors who came in, however, in order to preserve their reputation and drive them away, they still had to pay them a hardship fee.

Even though this was insignificant to the Purple Cloud Constabulary, it was frustrating!

"Come in." Liu Yutang sized Chu Yu up, then said flatly, "Young man, it is not so easy to earn the money of the Purple Cloud Constabulary. If you are not able enough, you should just go back right now."

There was a middle aged man in the courtyard, his aura imposing. He glanced at Chu Yu and said, "Now, it seems that everyone is pretending to be a doctor. Young man, I am not mocking you, but do you know medicine?"

This man was Cao Guohua, and was a famous pill master from the Moon City.

He had the right to make such a comment. Not only was he a famous pill master, he was a superior doctor with hundreds of years of experience.

He had cured countless people!

Even though he was only a Supreme Realm cultivator, there were many True Lords who had come to him for body calibration.

With his experience, he was able to tell that Chu Yu had no medicinal experience with a single glance.

"Haha, Brother Cao’s words are too strong. How do we know something is not going to work if we don’t try? I think that Ms Liu’s illness is not something that can be cured by orthodox methods. Else, how can it be that we are all unable to cure her?"

A young man who looked to be in his thirties but had eyes of an aged man, smiled and said.

"Old man Xie, you do not have to convince me. I am not saying that this young man cannot treat illnesses, all I am saying is that he has never learnt medicine!" Cao Guohua said flatly.

Everyone knew that these two men were the biggest loggerheads in Moon City.

They were adept in pill refining techniques and medicinal techniques.

In the eyes of others, they were of similar level and skill.

But in their own view, they always saw themselves as stronger than the other.

Xie Qingyun smiled, "Isn’t that what you mean?"

Cao Guohua laughed icily, "So what if it was? An uneducated, untrained man wants to cure illnesses? This is a complete joke!’

"That’s right, in the field of medicine... mistakes cannot be tolerated, this concerns a human life"

"If a group of powerful pill masters and famous doctors don’t know what’s wrong, how can someone with no experience cure her? Who’s going to believe that?"

"This is a complete joke."

All of the 20-30 powerful men did not think that Chu Yu could do it.

Due to their standing and hierarchy, they were a lot more direct than the old man from before. They had no qualms about speaking their mind in front of Chu Yu.

Liu Yutang cupped his fist and bowed, "Please be patient, there is no point for us to discuss if this young man can do it. Why not we give him a chance?"

Everyone in the courtyard was waiting for a chance to treat Liu Yuyan.

They actually had no confidence of treating Liu Yuyan’s unique illness.

If Liu Yutang had introduced a doctor or pill master of similar standing, they would not be willing.

There was a sense of order in every profession.

Everyone thought the same way, I may even be stronger than you, why should you go first?

However, looking at Chu Yu, they thought that they were looking at a joke!

As such, when Liu Yutang finished, everyone willingly agreed to let Chu Yu have a go.

"I would like to see how someone who has never learnt medicine before cures illnesses." Cao Guohua smiled hypocritically, "Maybe I can learn something."


Xie Qingyun chuckled, "Mm, maybe you can learn a lot!’

Everyone was tickled seeing these loggerheads bring their enmity to the Star City. What was interesting was that wherever Cao Guohua went, Xie Qingyun would go too.

The competitions between the two top pill refiners and doctors were countless and widespread.

All these years, both had their fair share of i cities and defeats. This time, with both of them taking a back seat and using purely their sense of observation, people wondered who would come out on top.

Most people bet on Cao Guohua.

However, there were a few who believed in miracles.

At this point, an aged man walked out from the house. Winkles filled his entire face.

He wore a bleached white robe and drooped his head as he walked out, depressed.

Everyone went silent upon seeing him.

After the old man walked out, he glanced at the crowd. Ignoring what had happened here, he sighed and walked out, back hunched.

"My god, even master Lu Yu couldn’t find anything wrong?"

"Ay, if even master Lu Yu can’t find the cause, what chance do we have..."

"Master Lu is a famous doctor and he has worked countless miracles, even reviving people on the brink of death. To think that even he can’t find out the cause behind Ms Liu’s illness..."

After Master Lu left, all of them could not help but sigh.

Afterwhich, their gazes fell on a calm Chu Yu and they couldn't help but chastise him in their hearts.

How could this young man still be so confident... after what he just saw?

Doesn't he know that if Master Lu can't cure it, virtually no one can?

Or did he not know who Master Lu is?

F*ck him, does he even know how to treat? What a disgrace!

"Okay, young man, it’s your turn." Liu Yutang looked at Chu Yu and said solemnly before he brought him into the hall.

There was an extraordinarily beautiful girl laying there, her eyes closed, as if she was sleeping.

What was weird was that her face was flushed and her breathing was normal, one would not know that there was something wrong with her.

Inside the hall, many stern faces surrounded the girl.

There was a lady in her thirties, tears forming at the edges of her eyes. When Chu Yu entered, she was murmuring to herself, "My poor child, why are you unfortunate? What happened to you?"

This beautiful middle aged Larry was Liu Yuyan’s mother.

Liu Yuyan’s father, Liu Fenghui, the leader of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, was also in the room.

He was one of the most powerful people in the entire Song Country. Yet, today, he stood silently at the foot of his daughter’s bed, his brows furrowed.

The others in the room were all high ranking officials in the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

On an ordinary day, the world was at their beck and call. Today, they looked on worriedly.

Seeing Liu Yutang once again bring someone in, the few of them did not react.

Only Liu Yuyan’s mother briefly sized Chu Yu up. She frowned slightly, wondering, how could someone so young be a doctor?

Liu Yutang approached and got straight to the point. He bowed to the group and said, "There is a young man here who was brought in by Steward Liu. He claims to be able to treat missus’ illness."

Liu Yutang’s words had effectively thrown him under the bus.

Even though with his current position, and Liu Yuyan’s state, even if Chu Yu could not cure her, Liu Yutang would not be blamed, he had no intention of taking any of the responsibility for this.

Deep down, he did not believe that Chu Yu could cure missus.

"Please excuse yourselves." Chu Yu looked at everyone in the room and said flatly.

He did not want them to know the power of his vertical eye. If they found out, there would be many questions asked, even if he had cured her. Then, what if the Purple Cloud Constabulary blamed him?

This was a joke, but Chu Yu definitely did not want the secret of his vertical eyes exposed.

However, the moment he finished speaking, the entire room fell silent.

The people who did not really bother about him, all stared intently at him.

Their gazes were sharp.
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